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Friday, November 11, 2011

Driver Injured By Thrown Bottle

Curtis Jones of Rt. 44 North, Coudersport, driving northbound, was injured Wednesday on Route 44 in Eulalia Township when a passing motorist threw a Monster energy drink striking him in the head.

Troopers ask that anyone who may have any information on this 4:25 pm assault contact them at 814-274-8690. Trooper Kocher is the investigator.


Anonymous said...

No way... what are the chances of something like that happening... I hope your alright but that might be a freak thing you best go buy a lottery ticket...

Anonymous said...

Almost as bad as the time that I was peed on by a female (passenger) that stuck her ass out the window and "let it go". The vehicle was ahead of me on the 4-lane.

I.C. Clearly said...

I don't know what his problem is....I hollered "duck" and he shouldn't have been in front of the sign in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Curt. It was just 50 years ago that your parents dropped you on your head. The damage was already done.

Anonymous said...

from the water hauler in williamsport

Perry Mason said...

Isn't it battery since the can actually hit him? Assault is just the threat of it.

baterboo said...

It is not funny, I was walking & a car went by & I was hit by a flying stone in my chest & just about knocked the wind out of me!

Patty Tronetti-Jones said...

This will probably never be seen because this post is so far in the old events but I figured I'd post in case anyone does see this.

Curtis is my husband and this report makes it sound like a random accident.

It was not an accident. He and another man were moving a backhoe with him following the backhoe with another large farm truck. They occasionally have to move equipment from one location to another. The person who did this pulled up behind them and was acting like a jerk beeping the horn and flipping him off.

When Curtis did not pull right over to let him pass he pulled along side him to pass him and threw the full can into the cab of the truck and hit him in the face with it. He did not "toss" it in - he whipped it!

First of all, you are in Potter County where it is common to see farm equipment being moved and as it's a farming community you should learn to deal with it like an adult.

Secondly, older employees work there and something like that could have really hurt someone. Also, there are younger employees that are not as level headed as my husband.

There are just so many scenarios that could have happened... like my kids being in the truck with him or him wrecking. They really are lucky that it wasn't worse.... My biggest concern is that there are such angry people out there acting on impulse.

Whoever posted about Curtis being dropped on his head 50 years ago.... that was funny so thanks for the laugh :-)

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is get your facts right before posting on a website...