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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Foamy White Substance Dumped On Barden Brook Road Shoulder

State Police at Kane are investigating a complaint of Scattering of Rubbish that occurred overnight Tuesday into Wednesday on Barden Brook Road in Ceres Township, McKean County.

Troopers said Ronald Bunting of Richwood, NJ, told them that individual(s) deposited a white foamy substance on the shoulder and embankment of the roadway on his property before fleeing the scene in an unknown direction.


Anonymous said...

so what was the white foamy stuff?

Anonymous said...

It has to be from a well site..... Get ready for all of this to happen quite frequently from now on. It's expensive to put the effluent into a certified waste treatment plant, lots easier to just pull over in the middle of nowhere and pump it out on someone else's property. Soon the state will have stripped municipalities from having any say over drilling controls, and it will be okay for these drillers to dump their waste anywhere they want. They lined the politicians' pockets with more cash than anyone around here has, bought themselves a govenor, a senator (Scarnati, who WROTE the freakin bill), and everyone else they needed to buy, then THEY were running the show.

Keep voting for guys like Corbett, pretty soon the drillers and gas companies will be in charge of everything, and telling US what the rules are, not the right way, but the opposite of it.

Marcellus Worker (formerly) said...

Drillers? Really? You think heavily industrialized and globalized energy corporations send a couple people out to rural areas to indiscriminately dump white foamy substances on the side of the road? For serious? This business does some really egregious stuff (we own your governor and the Republicans in your legislature, in fact), but it ain't an amateur operation. We screw professionally.

Personally, I've left a white foamy substance on the side of the road, and I work in the energy business!, only because I was trying to not break the seal and failed after a night on the town.

Michael said...

Seriously? That must be the most wildly dangerous, uninformed, ignorant conjecture i have ever heard. You derived all that from white and foamy? That tells you that a Marcellus Shale worker dumped hundreds of gallons of hazardous waste onto this guys property?!? It isn't like dumping a water out the window, these things come in big trucks and hold a lot of stuff. It isn't gas companies that scare me, it is ignorant fear mongers like you that truly scare me, Hypocrites with no common sense. I am so tired of this anti natural gas one had a problem using natural gas until they discovered it here. It is just ignorant to not care about how something gets to your heat vents until it effects you!!

Anonymous said...

why does it always come back to the rig workers?? no one said anything bout them or even what it was so until ya no don't go blaming someone or a company

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, I can tell you aint no genius, we've been mining GAS around here as long as oil!!!!!
Go back to Texass or Louisianna or wherever you're from. And apparently the rest of you Einstiens DIDN'T see the video on this site where the guy with the tanker truck was videoed pumping fluid from his truck on Rt 15?
Get your head out of your butt if you think that by saving a few hundred bucks some of these outfits won't dump heavily industrialized and globalized energy corporationscrap next to the road.
As for you 2:28.....
"...heavily industrialized and globalized energy corporations.."
What a joke!!!!!!!!!!
Is that what the Latino-looking guys working here are? Globalized???
I got news for you drillers... the people arouind here aint as big of hicks as you think. You mess with us long enough and piss us off, we will take 'local control'. Try us.

Anonymous said...

lol no we won't take any control of anything after the vote came in the other day.... welcome frackers dump away....