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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Governor Corbett wishes you a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Governor Tom Corbett calls for action on his education reform plan during a rally at the First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School attended by several hundred students, teachers and supporters.

This Past Week in our State Capitol...

Governor Corbett called for action on his education reform plan. Addressing rallies in the Capitol Rotunda and at the First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School, the Governor reaffirmed his belief that students are owed the opportunity to succeed regardless of their zip code.

On the legislative front, the House passed HB 1950, a strong Marcellus Shale package which promotes job growth, protects the environment, and includes a responsible impact fee. The package now moves to the Senate for their consideration.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

My idea of a happy holiday weekend in re: Corbett would be the weekend spent reading his resignation speech. That, or seeing a frack pond being built on his country estate 500 feet from his house, because his township could not craft a zoning ordinance due to HIS pet legislation..

Anonymous said...

The kids faces say it all.....

Anonymous said...

... safe and happy holiday ...

because the gloom and doom as tax increases are around the corner you suckers

Anonymous said...

Corbett's administration isn't causing tax increases they are coming from the federal level! Sh*t flows down hill! If the do nothing democrats get their way you wil be paying 50 cents on the dollar in taxesreal soon!

Anonymous said...

1) You will never be able to cut enough from the federal gov't to balance the budget and reduce the trillion dollar a year budget deficit. There HAS to be a combination of cuts plus revenue.

The failure of the super committee is not in finding cuts, it's in raising revenue. And THAT failure falls entirely on the GoP.

2) Gov't cuts that cause additional unemployment are actually a drag on the economy, therefor, cuts in gov't spending must be extremely carefully considered. Cuts to oil and farm subsidies, which are almost universally supported, have been repeatedly blocked by the GoP in congress.

3) Unemployment is the primary driver in every state's fiscal difficulties. The GoP's refusal to work together or even develop realistic jobs incentives is well documented. When tax cuts or deregulation are the ONLY proposals, history stands directly in opposition to that theory.

Back on topic, in re education reform...Corbett's plan centers around voucher programs and charter schools. We need only look to our neighbors in Ohio to see how that's working out. And lawsuits abound in Ohio because their Charter school and voucher program has shown to be little more than a tax payer subsidized privately controlled for-profit school system in which local control over their own education priorities is not allowed and taxpayers are prevented to see where their tax dollars are being spent in their own education systems. Most importantly, there has been no significant noticeable improvement in quality of education delivered.

I challenge anyone who thinks privatizing any government function has ever resulted in service improvement or savings to taxpayers.

The Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 MUST be allowed to expire. The abuse of farm and oil industry subsidies must be ended. That revenue is desperately needed. Investment in infrastructure improvements WILL be the most stimulative job creating thing the government can possibly do at this time. Even if we had to borrow 1/2 a trillion dollars to do it, the benefits would be almost immediate.

We've had 4 years of cuts with negligible improvement in the employment picture. The public (gov't) sector has already been cut by 500,000 since 2008. We're adding jobs in the private sector but at too slow a pace to make up for the public sector jobs that have been cut.

Remember, every single job that's cut, be it public or private sector, is another citizen drawing unemployment, using medicaid, SCHIP, Food Stamps and not paying state and local taxes.

We can't CUT our way out of this situation. The nation NEEDS additional revenue.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the democrats raise taxes (or as you like to put it additional revenue)in the first two years when they had total control of the congress and house?Obama has sent more jobs and money overseas than any president in history! Not to mention the most debt in the history of the country!There has been over 20 million people put on welfare as of 2009! Now is this the all change you democrats want?

Anonymous said...

yup and imagine all you hicks vated for him

Anonymous said...

i didn`t vate for him.

Anonymous said...

I would vate for him if he said please.