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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Groups Protest Corbett Drilling Bill Usurping Local Regulation Of Drilling Activities

Who Is Stripping What Was Left of Community Rights from PA Municipalities?
Community groups point to governor and PA State representatives

"There is no inalienable right to local self-government,” former PA
Attorney General Tom Corbett asserted in a 2008 legal brief filed with
Commonwealth Court, in which he was trying to overturn a local law
banning corporations from dumping urban sewage sludge on farm land.

Following Corbett’s lead, yesterday a PA House Committee voted to pass
HB 1950, a bill that completely strips local governments of the
ability to create ordinances that fit the desires of their residents.
Every indication is that the only reason for state mandated
restrictions is that the drilling industry might find individual
municipal decisions too restrictive.

"We clearly need a separation of corporation and state. What began as
a drilling problem is now a democracy problem," said Wanda Guthrie, a
Westmoreland County resident. "Many municipalities are working
diligently and thoughtfully to draft ordinances that will protect
their communities through careful zoning and municipal codes.

Each PA
community is unique - a state-mandated one-size-fits-all
solution is
not the answer. Our state government should honor and protect Pennsylvanian’s rights to decide acceptable risk for their own
community, rather than showing favoritism to an industry. This is not
just any industry- it's heavy industry that comes with environmental
and health consequences."

In response to residents’ growing concern about drilling, an
increasing number of municipalities are either banning this heavy
industry within their boundaries or enacting community rights
ordinances. For a complete list of bans and moratoria go to:

Community groups from across south western PA are calling on residents and local government officials to contact state legislators and the governor to oppose HB 1950, which will soon be moving to the floor of the House.

As stated in Article I, section 27 of the PA Constitution: the people
have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the
natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.

Pennsylvania government has a trusteeship responsibility to protect
that environment on behalf of future generations.


Allegheny County - Marcellus Protest
Beaver County - Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee
Butler County - Marcellus Outreach Butler
Westmoreland County
Murrysville Marcellus Community Group, Upper Burrell Group,
Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens Group


Anonymous said...

This just goes to show that oil and gas is big money in p.a. Corbet and his other goons will do what ever it takes to rape our land at any cost. It doesnt matter what the little guy thinks,they will just pass these bulls--t bills anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Once again a bunch of clueless tree huggers!
Your taxes already pay for multiple agencys at the state and federal level to oversee and regulate this industry.
Our local government doesn't have the experts,the manpower,or the money to undertake such a task.
Although,I am sure there are many self proclaimed experts in these groups,just who is going to go out and inspect all these locations to make sure that the local regulations are upheld?Better yet.. who is going to foot the bill?Could be.. we can get all of you to do it for free??? Oh,I know,get the drillers to pay for it.You want them to pay for everything else!

Anonymous said...

well you won't have to go far to check on them. If local ordinances are void, that includes the weight limit on local roads. But I'm sure they will fix them when they are done and have left. Ha Ha Ha Ha. They are our friends and will help us in every way. (Sarcasim)

Anonymous said...

Like i said before this is a very good thing ! The people that run the township/borough that i live would do anything to put a dollar in their pocket!

Anonymous said...

Thats right, you local folks' are wayyyyy too stupid to decide for yourselves what you want going on in your communities!!!!
Let's let Uncle Tom (aka-One Term Tom)decide it for us. He already said that local municipalities DON'T have the right to self govern. Just shut yer pieholes, small towns, bend over and let Tommy Boy drive the truck right up yer valley!!!!
If it's supposed to hurt, I'm sure he'll let you know!!
I love how the Repubs are anti government intrusion into our lives, UNTIL its something they hold near and dear (like BIG contributions from the drillers), then the GUMMINT knows whats best for us.
I would call him a hypocrite if I was allowed to decide for myself what to do/say/think, but apparently the governor (and writer of 4:32) are deciding for me these days.

Anonymous said...

Sound like communism to me!!!

Anonymous said...

hey 4:32, when you begin your post with an insult, how do you expect people to take you seriously? This bill will limit local communities from being able to protect themselves. The further removed regulation is, the more diluted or absent it becomes. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the extraction interests? Money isn't the only thing in life, and people want assurances things are done right. There's nothing wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with hugging a tree occasionally. Try doing it.

Anonymous said...

... and you thought putting the big city regs on country woodburning stoves was bad??? Just wait.