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Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Not Over Yet, Final Legislation Pending!!

Posted below is the letter I sent to all PA Senators before consideration of Senate Bill 1100. The House and Senate will have to meet and merge their two bills into a single piece of legislation. Contact your Senators and Representatives now and tell them what you think. Don't wait until it's too late.

Dear Senators,

I am extremely concerned about the passage of any legislation to usurp from local townships and boroughs in Pennsylvania, the control of drilling activities by zoning.

Local citizens of this Commonwealth must maintain these controls in their own neighborhoods.

Pennsylvania citizens should not have to depend on legislation from Harrisburg to protect them from risks and hazards to their health & welfare with no recourse but to move to another state.

Pennsylvania is not Texas, If that's what the Governor wants for Pennsylvania, he should move, not
the rest of us.

The residents are in an uproar over this proposed legislation. Taxing this industry is a must, but giving away the farm in the process is not in our best interests.

PA reacted to the midnight pay raises by booting out most of the perpetrators of that legislation. This legislation will create an uproar larger than the raises, with your jobs at risk.

Voters elect you, not corporations, and even if they have funds for fancy tv ads and the like, I doubt that the populace who actually have to cast votes for your representation will be influenced.

Please do your job and protect Pennsylvania residents from having this industrialization crammed into out side yards.

James Jones
Roulette, PA


Mommy and Daddy said...

Do you forget that some of us actually want new industry? We're tired of watching our children leave, our citizens unemployed and our store fronts empty? And don't give me the "I love the environment" crap. If that was the case, you would have cared about it way before hand, you would have had minute by minute updates about the bp spill, you would have had petitions from Houston being circulated, you would drive an electric car, ect. ect. This is all about what you will or will not deal with in your back yard. NIMBY is a said excuse to start being an environmental activist.

Anonymous said...

So you are of the opinion that Towns and cities can pass ordinances to prohibit exploration within their boundaries without the thought that this can eliminate potential lease and royalty payments to the constituents.

Most people don't have an issue with Towns legislating natural gas. It is just like every other issue, you get one or two radicals that make it where state governments have to step in order to as all of the anti-gas people state "protect the people"

You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Kudos and dildines to James Jones for this letter. So much hypocrisy by the so-called conservatives who want to take away the power of the local governments to determine their own fate and represent their own people. So make that double kudos and double dildines to James Jones for this letter!

Anonymous said...

Two way street here. You say if we don't like what's going on that provides jobs to move. Well, if you want a job, why don't you move.

Anonymous said...

Right on Jim! Who does the Govenor think he is? Funny you should mention tv ads. I just saw that Pat Toomey ad, paid for by a petroleum company. You know they can have their fancy ads. We have something they can't buy and thats our vote.

Anonymous said...

Good letter Jim !!! I agree 100%.I am so tired of all the political bull-crap. It's all to do with money and how to line their pockets.
I don't to hear about all the jobs it is bringing in and who wants these jobs and etc. If you want these kinds of jobs go outside of Pa and get one. There are plenty of jobs here-but the days of $20.00 per hour and up or gone. When they brought in "NAFTA" the good old U.S.A. lost those kinds of jobs. Th are plenty of jobs right here but no one wants then -they don't pay enough I agree. That is why we have immigrants living here because they will do the work.
But we do need to let our Pa reps know that what they are doing is not our way of life ,they are not being fair and that our health is a great risk.
Than-you Jim for writing this letter and you said it all very well.

Anonymous said...

This bill was written by Scarnati, who also voted for the midnight raises, then tried to get Rapp and Causer to vote 'yes' too, but Marty chased off Scarnati's boy Todd whatshisname. Scarnati seems to have trouble remembering he lives here and eats here and craps here, so why he wants to take local control away is beyond me. I say we throw the bum Scarnati out and start new in this area!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim for writing this letter!
A REALLY BIG THANK YOU for giving the public a venue to express their thoughts and opinions related to the Marcellus Shale issues.

I feel local zoning is a moot issue here in Potter, where
development has already occurred above flood zones,close to homes and in sensitive areas that have the potential to impact public water sources.

If our county or local municipalities where interested in zoning to manage the risks and negative impacts,they would have taken steps by now.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Zoning was really never needed here until the drillers moved in. While there have been some wells drilled in the area, they are only testing. The massive onslaught of planned drilling will devastate this area. We need to preserve our right to enact zoning to protect from drilling next to our homes, frack water ponds and compressor stations in our back yards, and generally turning God's Country into an industrial zone. You aint seen nothin yet!!

Anonymous said...

Jim, most towns that are attempting to regulate the industry through zoning are going through (costly) litigation.
The way to protect our municipalities is to follow Pittsburgh's (less costly and highly successful) example and BAN hydraulic fracturing.
We need some of our county and municipal officials to take off their blinders,to stop seeing the Marcellus boom the way they want to see it, favoring the short term economic benefits while ignoring the long term damage to the environment and all of the (well documented) public health and safety risks. Not only risks to the residents of Potter but also to the hunters that come here, they consume the game that have access to the toxic fluids stored in open pits at the well sites.
The financial benefits to lease holders,area motels, education council and industry employees is not worth risking the irreplaceable water resources while causing the degradation to the environment.

Anonymous said...

Where's the news? I thought this was a news website, but I came here and now it's an anti drilling site.

Anonymous said...

11:31:00 PM
You can read much about the Marcellus fairy tail in the Potter Leader.

Solomon's words for the wise said...

In case you haven't noticed, this is the news in Pennsylvania this last week. My email is bombarded daily with news of what this industry and their paid off politicians are doing to the state I love. You would have to be living under a rock not to realize what is happening to PA. It is news and I will report it. I am not anti-drilling, but residents come first before corporate profits.

Anonymous said...

That sucking noise you hear? That's money, clean water, clean air, and a good way of life leaving PA.