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Friday, November 11, 2011

NY Times Article Explores Roulette Area State Game Land #59

Pennsylvania Hunting and Fracking Vie for State Lands

Published: November 11, 2011
New York Times

STATE GAME LAND 59, Pa. — For those who have ever stalked deer, turkey and bear here in “God’s Country” in north central Pennsylvania, this hunting season is like no other.

For one thing, it is louder. The soundtrack of birds chirping, thorns scraping against a hunter’s brush pants and twigs crunching underfoot is now accompanied by the dull roar of compressor stations and the chugging of big trucks up these hills.

The Marcellus Shale, a vast reserve of natural gas lies beneath some of this state’s most prized game lands. And now, more and more drills are piercing the hunting grounds. Nine wells have cropped up on this one game land of roughly 7,000 wooded acres in Potter County, and permits have been issued for 19 more. More...

Photo by Bing maps shows just some of the industrial development on State Game Land #59


Anonymous said...

ok.... let`s see ya defend this. Some energy company most likely owns the mineral rights to this land and now you can`t use it for public hunting. This is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

So who are you blaming? Seems to me the state is making money hand over fist from public lands!

Anonymous said...

Yea, the state is making money on natural gas.....the alternative would be raising taxes and cutting programs to balance the budget....pick your poison!

Anonymous said...

It is not a bad thing, I intend to give back to Potter County soon. My gas rights were leased up there, Granted I dont live there anymore, but was contacted this summer and was told I still own the gas rights! So I did get my doe tag, Thank goodness! I am going to take some of this royalty money and give back to Potter County, but come monday after it is brown, it is down with my 300 Weatherby! See you all soon! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're just pissed off because the sound of the trucks and the compressor stations is scaring off your prey and you have to find new hunting ground. We NEED gas. I'm glad for the wildlife. Hope they all go to the compressor stations and drilling sites and stay there for safety until hunting season is over. Yep, I do!

Anonymous said...

The state does not receive income from SGL 59.
The SGL59 site is a joint venture between PGE and Exxon,the minerals are privately owned.
The law allows operators reasonable access to the surface to extract minerals...the surface disturbance of SGL59 has not been reasonable. It has been EXCESSIVE. The massive disturbance has negated year$ of conservation effort$.
Hunters had a reasonable expectation that the Game commission would
advocate for the conservation of SGL59's surface.
There was no surface agreement worked out for SL59 before drilling began, the disturbed areas keep growing larger and larger.
There are Miles of new roads,6 well pads,
One is 9 plus acres in size.
Gravel pits,retention ponds and disposal sites for the radioactive drill cuttings.
The truck traffic to and from the condensate tanks will continue for the life of the wells.
There have been very few well inspections,regulatory oversight of the disaster area has been minimal.
SGL 59 has Marcellus wells with serious casing issues,those wells will probably end up on the orphan well list....and maybe if we get an impact fee those funds can be used to properly plug them.

Mr winters is an idiot,"edge effects" allow invasive plants to take over.I'm glad that idiot is a FORMER conservation officer.

Anonymous said...

I have never met a conservation officer that isn't an idiot!

Anonymous said...

We don't make money on this.

Some businesses make money on the people that come to drill, land rights owners make money (often at the expense of their neighbors... but screw them right? Who needs neighbors or community?)

I digress (often)... Given a long term view of this gas rush, the state will actually have to spend far more money than it makes from this venture.

But then again, none of you actually care about that. To most it's a political game to you and you're not interested in facts.

To most in this county they can't think beyond "Drill baby drill!" to see we are getting robbed by this industry via our governor.

You repeat the words of others with no actual knowledge on the subject. WE NEED THIS GAS... says who? The same people that would be damned to see us put up wind turbines, that's a fact.

This is an insanely profitable business. And we are small pawns in this game, no one cares about us here, no one wants to have to listen to us, so they sway those of you they can with lies and they'll steamroll over any they can't.

And when our water is ruined (take just ONE MINUTE and imagine owning a house here where you can't shower or drink the water),

And when our taxes have to go up to try and fix improperly sealed wells, and destroyed roads

..where will you (and we) be then?

The 'I told you so' isn't worth it. I don't want to see that day. The Governor continues to consolidate the power to his office, we couldn't pass a local ordinance or restriction IF WE WANTED TO. Think on that for a moment.

Open your eyes and join the rest of us trying to make this right before it's too late (well, it probably is, so let's work on mitigating further damage)

No one knows if it's safe

Unless you personally own gas rights, or a hotel, no one is making the money on this you think they are

It's simply not worth it. I love this land, I've lived here my whole life. It makes me so sad that many of you would see paradise cut down and polluted because a politician on the TV told you what a good idea it was (a lying, thieving politician I might add).

Even worse, many of you would see 10 Potter Counties destroyed before you ever admitted a Democrat was right. Blind polarized politics, you'll vote against you and your family's best interests before you acknowledge the 'other side'.

(I hear the words "typical democrat/lib" and the slurring of our Commander in Chief and President's name so often on this site it makes me sick)

Well, take it from a Vet on Veterans day.

This isn't the first time I've seen the American peoples taxes and resources sacrificed for the profits of Halliburton and other corporations. Last time it came with a pretty heavy cost in life too. It might very well here as well. (Cancer is real folks, and it comes from pollutants, not bad luck)

Time to wake up and see your politicians are selling our county to the highest bidder (and you aren't even going to get the money, not 95% of you). No, most of us will have to pay a far higher price than we ever could have imagined.

And by then, our Governor's friends will have made off with the money, and stuck us with the bill. Mark my words, this is going to happen.

Let's hope you all wise up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster, Go srite your "Book" some place else. It will catagorized under FICTION.

Anonymous said...

9:31:00 PM Your an idiot too.

Anonymous said...

IF they hire local, then why are there so many hotels and motels rented out to gas workers & "man camps"?

And IF gas drilling is so we will become less dependant on foreign oil why are we shipping it out of the US like crazy?

Anonymous said...

9:31.... What do you find in 6:25`s post as fiction ? Please answer, i would like to show everyone how ignorant you are :)

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I'll bet you Would. You have already shown how ignorant YOU are.
What is fiction? Most of it. It is just YOUR personal opinion and the way you translate what you have read or heard. Don't care if you are a veteran or not (And thank you, by the way) it doesn't make you an expert on EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are talking to 1151 like that's me, it's not.

The problem you have 431 is not just separating fact from fiction... but more importantly, you and everyone elses requirements to be swayed on this topic. Even the facts aren't good enough for you. You would wait until it was far too late before you'd admit you were wrong

...think about how dangerous, how obstinate and ignorant that is.

You (and others') ignorance gambles with the rest of our lives.

That is democracy, that is why I write a book to sway your opinion. You've already been swayed once by lies, I hope you can be swayed again by common sense.

You and those like you are all that stands between us actually forcing our Government to see this business is conducted SAFELY AND RESPONSIBLY. And we will have to force them, the only thing Corbett cares about is his friends, not you or me or our water.

And no fiction about this: you've established these viewpoints because they've been fed to you.

There is this idea that we have to have concrete evidence that drilling has destroyed a water table before we should even hesitate in this gas rush.

Let me explain this to you very simply: What you and others would suggest is we should wait to tell Humpty to get off the wall until we see him cracked and broken on the ground.

In a responsible world we'd have studies this for years before we let them risk our health, our childrens health, the value of our land for centuries to come.

In THIS world, we couldn't wait for anything. Nay, they want to strip away the very agencies that could analyze the safety of this action.

Even if we NEED this gas, we don't need it at ANY cost. Why the rush? Why the foaming at the mouth on from the right to eliminate the EPA and other regulatory agencies. (oh right, they are strangling business, right? right?)

Why the rush? Why the lack of proper study first? Why try to get rid of the EPA? (believe me, even with regulation they are in no risk of making this venture unprofitable)

Answer that and you'll have all the answers you need. Usually when someone wants to do something quickly, and wants as few impartial witnesses as possible, they are doing something shady...

What do you have to risk by considering my viewpoint 4:31? I know (and have explained) what you risk by blindly gobbling up the viewpoints of those that would not shed one tear if you woke up and couldn't use your water tomorrow.

Wake up. You're being willfully ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the white pick up truck (security) that follows non-industry people around the game lands in the background of photo number one?