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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Statement from Speaker of the PA House on Penn State

Statement from Speaker of the PA House on Penn State

HARRISBURG – Speaker of the House Samuel H. Smith (R-Jefferson County) today released the following statement regarding the Penn State tragedy and removal of university president Graham Spanier:

“There are certain obligations we all share as a society; topping the list is protecting our children.

“If the findings of the grand jury are true, the leadership at Penn State failed in this most basic obligation and in a most egregious way.

“As a father, my heart goes out to the victims and their families – those who have come forward, and those who have not. As Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I offer the sympathies of each and every member of the House and the hope that the victims can move forward.

“While it may be easy to second-guess the decisions the Penn State Board of Trustees made last night, it was important they take steps to refocus their leadership on the education part of Penn State and away from the ‘business’ of Penn State. Further, they must put in place procedures to ensure nothing like this can happen again.

“As a Penn State alumnus, I am horrified at the apparent lack of action by some of the school’s administrators.

“As a legislator, I have often disagreed or been at odds with Mr. Spanier throughout his tenure. But it was Mr. Spanier’s ‘unconditional support’ of his administrators’ actions after they were charged by the attorney general that made his term at Penn State untenable. By using the word ‘unconditional,’ Mr. Spanier was stating he is backing their side no matter what – even if proven guilty.

“It appears protecting the ‘industry’ of Penn State was more important to Mr. Spanier and others than was protecting the students, the children and the original purpose of the university.

“It is time to bring Penn State back into balance, and removing Graham Spanier was the first step.”


Anonymous said...

Well said, & so true.Think of the victims, not the damn college higher up's who did nothing for them ,so as not to deface their damn jobs or positions. Absoultly sickening in every way !!!

Anonymous said...

People read the Grand Jury's findings,Sandusky needs to rot in "HELL" for what he did to these boys at ages of 10 up to 15. I hope & pray he gets sent to prison & he gets chewed up! very disturbing findings & how this man got away with it so long & why someone covered up for him! these findings are absolutely disgusting! JoePa should have followed up on the reports they recieved on this pervert!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Joe Pa did follow proceedure and reported to who he was supposed. The one man was connected to the campus police from what I know. It surely is a tragedy for the victims and I pray that they can heal from this. I just can't believe the peoples lives that that monster has ruined. I hope be pays big time. I know football is not the most important thing at the university but i still wish JoePa could have finished out his season with his team. The whole thing is very sad.

Anonymous said...

JoePa should have reported it to the local and state police not campus police. Lokk at the pictures they are showing of him on tv, with his arm around his, buddy Sandusky, laughing and hamming it up. I'll bet the familes of these poor young boys are not laughing. Who cares if JoePa gets to finish out the season with his team? It isn't about the team and being champs and his precious reputation. It is about the victims. Besides, his precious reputation is ruined now.

PSU Class of 1985 said...

Well said, Speaker of the House Samuel H. Smith. If the PSU President said he supported Sandusky even if he was guilty, I'm glad he's gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Get that darn witness (McQueary) out of there too for watching the attack and doing nothing to save a 10-year-old from hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

3:23 I agree with you 100% It is about the victims! How long did this sick pervrt get away with this, even the campus police did nothing when the janitor saw Sandusky in the shower with one of the victims, the janitor reported it to the campus police & NOTHING was done so what kinda of a hold does this pervert have on PSU, also one of the victims he bought pot for to get him high so he could take him to his house & play house with him, people just need to read the Grand Jury findings & So sad for Joe I don't think so! how long has he known about this creep?? I do not feel one bit sorry for him, I feel sorry for all those victims who this sick creep molested & had power over them, one victim said, you never say NO to Sandusky!

Anonymous said...

I agree PSU class of 1985, he is no better or different than the rest of them!