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Friday, December 2, 2011

Known Man Facing Drug Charges In Emporium

A known man is facing charges for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Emporium.

Trooper Douglas C. Homan filed the charges in District Court against a known Emporium man as a result of an incident in Portage Township on Monday at 8:00 am.

The known man is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Judge Brown's courtroom.


Anonymous said...

a known man so why isnt his name on the charges

Anonymous said...

If the Pennsylvania State Police are not prepared to release the name of an accused with the press release, they should hold off until they have all the information. This kind of press release makes them look ill-prepared, and, frankly, silly.

Anonymous said...

1:22, When a defendant is arrested on charges such as these many times that person is given opportunities in other areas, i.e. drug task force, ect. Therefore with holding the name makes perfect sense.

Quite frankly, making assumptions such as yours on an idea stemmed from a lack of knowledge makes you look, well, silly.

Anonymous said...

They should publish the name AFTER their case is all added up, then !

Anonymous said...

1:46pm - Speaking from years in law enforcement, I stand on my comment. If you do not wish to release all the facts, do not release any. Your assumption that a defendant (more properly called the accused until a prosecution action is brought) may have been given opportunities does not make sense in that any law enforcement entity who would publicize the date and location of arrest and sex of the offender, in particular a drug arrest, has lost most of the investigative edge.

Anonymous said...

6:24, as well as many years in Law Enforcment can I remind you that this news release is a result of charges which have been FILED aganist this person, who would now be known as the defendant. Hence-why there is a preliminary hearing.

He was the accused during the investigation....

As for releasing some fact or all facts, they are required to send out news releases within a certain matter of time.

You may disagree with listing the arrest, date, time, ect. and think that it hinders any further investigation however, they are required to (as I said before) make a public news release by state law that includes those facts.

With all your many years in law enforcement I think Law 101 passed you by...