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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Medic 6 Unit Hit Deer In Roulette Township

Response Slightly Delayed As Medic Unit Hits Deer
At 4:20 am on December 24 th, Paramedic Charlotte L. Nelson, 44, of Roulette, PA, was responding to an emergency call in Roulette, when a deer entered the roadway in front of the westbound 2008 GMC Yukon Medic 6 Unit on Route 6 in the area of Potter Pak.

Nelson was unable to avoid striking the whitetail. She was wearing her seatbelt and was not injured, but she had to call the Roulette Ambulance personnel to come and get her and take her to the call, as the medic unit had been disabled and was leaking fluids.

State Police, who were also en route to the call, and Roulette Firefighters, helped her get the dead deer out of the roadway.

They continued to the original call.


Anonymous said...

did thay keep the deeer

Anonymous said...

how bad is the medic 6

Anonymous said...

did she get a fine

Anonymous said...

No she didn't get a fine and y would u get a fine u can't help deer that cross the road

Anonymous said...

evere one dos

Anonymous said...

People get a ticket when they *swerve to miss a deer* and succeed in missing it but otherwise wreck. No Deer, No Proof, Ergo, ticket. Moral of the story: Hit the deer, don't swerve.

Anonymous said...

did the medic try to help the deer??

Solomon's words for the wise said...

How do you help a dead deer?

Anonymous said...

The best way to help a dead deer is to remove the hind quarters and back straps.

From one deer slayer to another. said...

did she shock it and try to recesitate it? you go charlotte... The deer slayer.. they just got medic 6 back from the last deer slaying..I hunt all over and see no deer maybe i should ride with the medics in hunting season.