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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No justification for starting war against Iran

Featured Guest Editorial

No justification for starting war against Iran

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By Denny Bonavita, Editor/Publisher
DuBois Courier Express

Cynics claim that the real reason the United States is withdrawing troops from Iraq (mostly to Kuwait, not back home) and from Afghanistan (to ships and bases offshore, not back home) is so that sometime in 2012, the United States will start a war with Iran.

That ought not to happen.

"But ... but ... Iran might get nuclear weapons! And those Iranians are CRAZY!"

Well, yes.

But those crazy North Koreans have nuclear weapons. We didn't go to war with them over that.

The Soviet Union swore to bury us, and at one time had 15,000 nuclear weapons. We didn't go to war with the Soviet Union over that. Instead, we found ways to uneasily coexist, through more than four decades. Ditto China, Pakistan, India and, for that matter, the "crazy" French, the British and Israel.


People forget that, on June 8, 1967, the Israeli Air Force deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, an American naval ship, operating off the coast of Israel, killing 34 crew members and wounding 170. The survivors, to a man, rejected Israel's claim of mistaken identity, because the planes came in deliberately and slowly enough to identify the target.

We didn't go to war over that.

Yet some hawks in hard-line think tanks claim that we need to go to war with Iran because if Iran gets nuclear weapons, it will use them against Israel, either directly or through furnishing them to Hezbollah or some other terrorist organization.

That is a risk.

We are (supposedly) still Americans.

Americans don't go to war pre-emptively.

We also forget that, back in the early 1960s, when France under Charles DeGaulle pulled out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, some argued that we ought to be prepared militarily to take out the nuclear weapons of France - France! - because that DeGaulle was "crazy."

"Crazy" people roam our streets all the time. Mind-blown on drugs, or in an anguished single-minded craving for another fix, they attack some of us, they even kill some of us.

Do our police roam the streets with drawn guns, looking to pre-emptively kill the "crazy" people?

No. That idea itself is just plain crazy.

It is just as crazy as the idea that the United States ought to attack Iran to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Hear the awful echoes of Vietnam: "It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it." Down that road lies nuclear holocaust.

Our position has to be - if the notion of "America" still means anything - that we go to war only after having been attacked, or so imminently threatened that there can be no doubt.

"But ... but ... we could all be killed!"

Yes, and the individual equivalent could happen to any one of us, on any day, from any passing truck veering out of control.

We find ways to coexist, sometimes amicably, sometimes tensely. We fight in self-defense.

But the hundreds of thousands of dead people killed in the Iraq war ought to teach us clearly: We do not attack on suspicion.

­- Denny Bonavita


Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with Denny but he is spot on here. Now if we can convince the current field of Republican candidates for President the same or just not give any of them the satisfaction in Nov. 2012, we'll be good.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to attack Iran. You can hear it in his speaches.

An American said...

Applause and standing-ovation.

Anonymous said...

We used to refer to ourselves as "The Home of the Brave".

It is because freedom, peace, liberty... these things require bravery. It's a scary world, there will always be those who look to hurt us, but it is in light of this, in spite of it, in defiance that we don't let it impact our lives.

This is what it is to be brave. To be free.

It has been our failing in the war on terror. Why when we see warrant-less arrests and wiretapping and tracking of citizens we say that the terrorists have already won (because they have. we did exactly what they wanted us to).

Bravery in the face of danger. Bravery to live free. Liberty or death.

And so goes it for war... it should be our absolute last measure.

But, when the defense industry brings in trillions of tax dollars, there is a lot of people that get rich when we go to war. (this used to be illegal. it's called war profiteering)

Good luck stopping them. We can't even cut their budget, let alone stop them from buying washington and thrusting us into whatever war they wish to start.

Anonymous said...

We would be justified in attacking Iran based on the hundreds they have killed in bombing our embassies in Africa and their involvement in destroying the Khobar towers killing many more. The FBI investigated this and there are open indictments for several Iranians still outstanding. Iran is one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous, regime in the world. They support terrorists worldwide, and are making inroads in Central and South America. I'm not a neocon, and I believe the Iraq war was a huge mistake. But Iran is far more dangerous, and there's an awful lot at stake if they acquire nukes. Even if they don't, they are a concern throughout the Gulf region, and it's only a matter of time before we do something, not because it's right or wrong, but because Israel and Saudia Arabia both want us to, and we usually do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

Endless war brings endless profit to the bankers. The role of the USA is shrinking to third world status and the gates are closing around us, with tighter and tighter militarized police and tracking methods. Denny is correct. Listen to some audio clips about the USS Liberty incident from one of the survivors. Read about the Zionist lineage, and decide for yourself if they are the descendants of Christ's people. These Dual Citizens coaxed us into these wars. Israelis were strategically placed on the day of 9/11 filming the event. They wanted the wars before 9/11. Read the PNAC document, which stated "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor"
Speaking of which, God bless the souls from that horrible day.

Anonymous said...

Until you sit in the big house with all intel in front of you don't pass judgement on what is going on in the world!
Ignore these terrrorists and their countries and they will return to end your life. Get a grip and quit trying to be the "oh I know how to handle them"

Anonymous said...

Bomb the $h1T out of them, pave over everything with asphalt and put a mcdonalds right in the middle of the parking lot our boys have created..... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

Spend our taxpayers money to blow them off the face of the earth. Then spend our taxpayers money to rebuild the country.

Anonymous said...

save this article so that you can reread it after they attack us.
Iran wont hesitate to attack us "on suspicion"
They know that if they attack Israel that we will counter as an ally of that country.
So they will attack us either first or at the same time as Israel.
good luck trying to co-exist with them amicably.

Anonymous said...

The motto of the Israeli Mossad - By deception we wage war. Israelis were arrested on 9/11 cheering and high 5'ing. If we get attacked, it won't be Iran.

Anonymous said...