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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Police Seek Information On Corruption of Minors

A Corruption of Minors incident on Loucks Mills Road, Hector Township, Potter County is under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

Two 14 year old girls from Ulysses were transported to a party at a residence on Loucks Mills Road, in the overnight hours of 12-15/16, where they were reportedly provided alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medications.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact PSP Coudersport at 814-274-8690. Trooper James Culvey is the investigator.


Anonymous said...

Where were the parents?

a mom said...

Why is it always the parents fault? Maybe they were out christmas shopping and weren't aware of what was taking place at home. It happens! It's time that these kids start owning up to their actions. They are old enough to know better.

Mr Realistic said...

Their parents were with them one holding each hand just like they are for everyone while we go through life. Come on people!!!! Your parents aren't always there for every decision that you make whether it be bad or good. No matter how well a child is raised, peer pressure is tough and a teenager is faces with choices. Bad ones can not ALWAYS be blamed on "Where were the parents".

Just Me said...

TO:Wednesday, December 21, 2011 2:16:00 AM EST

Where were the parents? I guess you were one of the lucky parents out there who's teens follow your rules to a tee. Believe it or not a lot of teens will do what they want to do if they want to do it bad enough, no matter how well they are raised. Start pointing your finger at the ADULTS who allow kids to party among other things in their presence. I know of 2 "HIP MOMS" in my area who supply drugs, alcohol, & a room to kids in my area. They've even been arrested a few times. So, blame the ADULTS in these situations, not the parents.

Anonymous said...

thats dum for lrting thim go

Anonymous said...

It clearly states in the over night hours. Guess all parents should put bars on the windows and go with no sleep so they can guard the doors!

Anonymous said...

It's called tough love and peer pressure is a tough thing to conquer but can be done. Kids will make bad decisions in life but we need to reinforce the rules and get them back on the straight and narrow again. And yes if bars are needed on the windows I will do that. Parenting is a 24/7 job. It doesn't stop because you need your beauty sleep.

Smokin Joe said...

You people are funny! Blame the kids, blame the adults, blame the parents! No one wants to take responsibility. Teens do make mistakes but the severity of those mistakes varies by what consequences they suffer at home.

This type of thing doesn't happen in my household. The severity of the punishment is adequately adjusted to fit the crime. My kids know that a few hours of "fun" or partying won't be remotely enough to compensate them for the trouble they'd be in at home.

I hate to sit on my soapbox but I'm involved with everything my children do and rarely do they look for anything else to occupy their time.

I work full time and still find the time to take my kids to their athletic events, camping, four wheeling, target shooting, hunting, fishing, sled riding, sight seeing, movie night, geocaching, digging leeks, canoeing, etc. We also cut firewood in the Fall, take care of animals year round, and keep busy maintaining our property in the summer.

It's all about being involved in their lives and a little less about yours.

The irony of this story is...I'd bet this was reported by one or both of the 14 year old's parents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Where were the parents?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 2:16:00 AM EST

You really should be asking: Why did the other parents let their kids go to this party without knowing all the facts of whos there and whats going on?

Also parenting is 24/7. While you cannot ALWAYS catch them make bad choices, YOU should make it hard as possible to make them to begin with. You should call the place where the party is going to happen and ask "are the parents going to be home?" and you should ask yourself if you know the parents and trust them not to allow alcohol/drugs.

Also get out and do positive activities with ur kids, and introduce new ones occasionally, expecially ones that they dont neccessarly HAVE to have you right there to do it. Then they could see positive activities they can do, and the more fun they have doing it, the more likly they are to actually chose positive things.

Disciplin them. YOUR NOT THEIR FRIEND. IF they know you will not put up with negative activities and that there will be a punishment to fit that crime, the least likely they will do those kinds of things. And dont back down and say oh..that wasnt that big of a deal, we will ignore it this time. Cuse guess what? Them little small things they are doing? Its called testing the waters. If you dont do anything about the small things, they are going to assume you will be a pushover when it comes to bigger and bigger things.

Also you gotta keep them happy too. Unhappy kids are more likely to get into trouble and do drugs/alcohol. Im not saying go out and spoil the hell outta them csue that wont help either. Im saying spend time with them, let them know your there for them. And if you suspect they are having depression issues and they dont want to talk to you about problems that seem to really bother them, suggest going to talk to someone to them. Tell them if they cant talk to you, talk to the highschool (or other school) nurse, guidence counciler, principal, SOMEONE. Tell them if they would rather you could find them a suitable doctor to talk to, even a family doctor if they cannot talk to you and its a pressing concern. Dont force them tho cuse that wont help.

And frankly this is YOUR jobs. You need to look out for your own kids, and not placing the blame on other people or whatever. Like someone mentioned, perhaps these kids parents were out and clueless, tho it was late, or the parents knew and didnt care, but either way its not souly their fault, its also the fault of parents that allowed them to go too.

so please stop placing blame on only one person or persons.

Anonymous said...

Parents, be PARENTS to your kids, not their best friend.

It's either YOU or society that will raise your kid.