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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Polish Protesters Invade Shale Gas Conference

Polish Protesters To Drillers: FRACK YOU!!

Polska Delta Nigru - zablokowana konferencja "Shale Gas World Europe 2011"

Just before the opening keynote speech, planned for 9 am on Tuesday,
November 29th, a flash mob congregated in the downstairs lobby. While
a group of drummers beat rhythms to the distract hotel security, a
passerby dropped a suitcase full of golf balls that scattered all
around the hall. In the meantime, a large banner was dropped from the
upstairs banister displaying a raised middle finger resembling a
drilling derrick complete with lighted gas flame on top.

The banner
read, "Frack You!" and listed over two dozen towns and regions around the world where fracking is being protested or has already been
banned. Amidst this commotion, another group entered the main
conference ballroom on the second floor. Linking arms and sitting down
on the stage, they blocked the keynote, forcing the conference
participants to leave and wait outside. During this time, the group
organized an alternative conference in solidarity with the residents
of Poland on whose land fracking is underway in spite of protests.

From Pomerania to Philadelphia, from Syracuse to SulĂ„™czyno, from
Lewino to Lancashire, residents of drilling towns have experienced the
consequences of hydraulic fracturing and are demanding the same thing:
an end to their dispossession and a halt to the tragic degradation of
the environment.


Anonymous said...

The nuts have been kicked out of the parks and are moving inside!

Anonymous said...

God bless them for standing up to industry liars and not allowing themselves to be bullied into a fools rush

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad some people stick up for the good of the land. I wish there were more. So one day soon we won't have a poluted water system, and broken planet.