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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Township Supervisor Stops Drilling Traffic

Lycoming County township official blocks road with downed trees to force drilling company to make repairs


By JOHN BEAUGE, The Patriot-News

December 28, 2011, 4:01PM
Cogan House Township, which has about 100 residents, has been after the drilling company for months to make repairs to the road. Full story »


Anonymous said...

Is that FREE RANGE resources?? The residents should all stand with the man who used the chain saw.
Sad he had to get their attention that way.

Anonymous said...

Oh No the gas companies are our friends. What a joke, This guy has the right idea. I understand that they say they will fix it when they are done but the residents have to use it in the meantime. These guys are in it to make the most profit they can and until you "get their attention" the will try to do it the cheapest way possible. Good for this supervisor and all the rest who have to do what they can to help the residents

Anonymous said...

That is what a road bond is for! I hope the driller has him brought up on extortion charges!

Anonymous said...

6:18:00 PM Both the DEP and township have been saying this road is insufficient for Range Resources purposes.

The bonding on the road is for road repair.

This road requires upgrade for it to be usable for Range Resource's purposes.

Range needs to respect the laws of the state and township, or go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Range's truckers need to obey the rules in PA or go back to Texas.
These guy come here, work under much less oversight and weaker regulations, making a mockery of our
local officials.

Kudos to this official for not having his tail between his legs and standing up for his township!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who's trees he cut down? He could be brought up on charges for cutting down trees that was not his to cut.

Anonymous said...

7:09 As long as the trees were iin the Township right of way, the Township & employees can "maintain their roads"

Bryan said...


These guys were smart enough to get the trucks stopped bycutting down trees. I am sure they were smart enough not to cut down prime timber. They probalby chose and area that needed thinned out anyhow. i know that is what I would of done..

Anonymous said...

Warms a heart to see someone standing up. Metaphorically, the first shot has been fired.

Anonymous said...

Local township officials smart? Not where i live! The dep does this all the time! Get some one else to fix their roads whether it's loggers,drillers,gas co. ect.

Anonymous said... is not the DEP's job to gauge the worthiness of a roadway. And that is not what they did here.

It is the DEP's job to roadway runoff from impacting nearby streams. THAT is what they did here.

Read the linked article, you will see that DEP issued an erosion and sedimentation ruling regarding runoff from this formerly seldom used gravel roadway, which is directly within there statutory authority.

Anonymous said...

Well then 12:18 why is it the state and townships can dump hundreds of tons of chemicals on the roads that run directly into 100% natural trout steams? Where is the dep and trout unlimited then!

Anonymous said...

good for this supervisor!!!! At least he,s not like some of these local potter Township supervisors who let the gas companies walk allover them foras little as coffee every morning. Yeah you know who you are.

Anonymous said...

12:50 pm,

IF you pay attention when you're out and about you'd see that there are areas where certain de-icing agents are prohibited due to the quality of the watershed the roads are running through. Ever notice how many roads are only sanded? There is a reason for that. Please educate yourself before you try to bash organizations that stand up for the environment that we all live in, even if you don't.

Anonymous said...

5:44 look where the state and some townships/borough store piles of salt and calcium. You will see spring runs and spring fed trout streams within 100 yards of the piles.

Ready for the fry pan! said...

There are those who raise Trout that use Salt to treat their fish for stress. It's the best and safest Treatment for them to use and safe for the trout.