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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Urbina--Drillers Moving In On South Africa

Farmers and others see 'fracking' as threat to thirsty South Africa land
Saturday, December 31, 2011
By Ian Urbina, The New York Times

KAROO, South Africa -- Covering much of the roughly 800 miles between Johannesburg and Cape Town, this arid expanse -- its name means "thirsty land" -- sees less rain in some parts than the Mojave Desert.

Even so, Shell and several other large energy companies hope to drill thousands of natural gas wells in the region, using a new drilling technology that can require 1 million gallons of water or more for each well. Companies will also have to find a way to dispose of all the toxic wastewater or sludge that each well produces, since the closest landfill or industrial-waste facility that can handle the waste is hundreds of miles away.

"Around here, the rain comes on legs," said Chris Hayward, 51, a brawny, dust-covered farmer in Beaufort West, quoting a Karoo saying about how rare and fleeting precipitation is in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Hydro Frac is not a new technology. Its been used for Sixty years

Anonymous said...

A million gallons per well would be an extreamly conservative estimate.

Anonymous said...

This article is from the NY Times, The National Enquier is more believable then they are.

Anonymous said...

Is this relevant to anything except your bias which is reaching pathetic proportions, Jim. Of course this won't be posted but I'm sending it anyway.

Anonymous said...

... but they have been able to keep Walmart out of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT, GREAT news. I hope all of the drillers go to Africa and LEAVE POTTER COUNTY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, its getting so all that is on solomons words are dui's, fires & accidents, obituaries from other states, and everythng possibly negative about the gas industry. This isn't news its propaganda...

Anonymous said...

This isn't news its propaganda...

Oh yes, that's right. It's Jim's fault people die.

Anonymous said...

Wanting the Gasholes to leave Tioga, Potter and McKean county isn`t propaganda, it`s plain fact ! The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

And i care about africa why? Oh yea thats right i don't! 1:09 they aren't leaving till they are done so get over it! 10:53 i read alot of good news on this site every day! Awsome job Jim!

Anonymous said...

GASHOLES ? i love it. ( backwards ) benny hill would say.

Anonymous said...

@10:53 am....the first poster who claimed that hydro-fracing their doing in the Marcellus shale was 60 year old technology...

THAT'S Propaganda.

Some of us don't appreciate being lied to.

Hopefully, thanks to Jim, many more will take exception to this industry's lies.

Anonymous said...

8:24:00 PM Yep, been around sixty years....You show me a well that was fracked 60 years ago and I'll show you an aquifer with methane contamination.

10:53:00 Learning about all the risks associated with shale exploration helps provide some balance to the industry's propaganda.

Locally, the "Marcellus" subject is being discussed more and more. The number of people opposed to drilling have increased and now out number the people who are pro-drilling.

Jim, Thank You and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about 60 years ago but i worked on a high pressure well fracking job for National Fuel Gas with Baroid about 35 years ago in Wharton.

Anonymous said...

@8:24 PM....the fracking done 35 years ago in Wharton is radically different from the fracking taking place today.

The volume, the pressure and the chemical makeup used 35 years ago bear zero resemblance to that which takes place in these Marcellus wells.

It is so radically different that new patents were issued.

It is so radically different that the industry hides the chemical makeup.

It is so radically different that the sheer volume of fresh water required raises significant alarm.

It is so radically different they required exemptions from NUMEROUS federal anti-pollution (read-poisoning the populace) regulations.

It is NOT the same technology.

And EVERYONE in the industry knows it.

Calling it 60 year old technology IS propaganda.

JLH said...

A posting about happenings in S. Africa is not relevant to those who cannot see beyond the county or state borders. However like it or not, we do live in a global economy. Taking note of world news allows us a glimpse into our future.
Determined to improve productivity @ lower cost, in Canada & TX (and surely other areas) propane & a propane/butane mix are being used to "frac" shale for oil & nat'l gas. (There are other areas where water is scarce.)When returned to the surface it can be stored and reused for multiple purposes beyond shale development, or reused in the drilling process. Major companies are constantly expanding technology in this field. Searching for ways to improve profit with the lowest possible risk ... to themselves, to the environment, to lives of the public. Lawsuits are not money-makers!
FYI: Due to the trouble the euro is having, refineries across Europe are closing.Those countries still need refinery output. Could the U.S. be exporting energy resources? We ARE!
Want to cry about the low market price of natural gas compared to that of oil? (and why $$$ per AC offerings are not what you want) Power plants across the U.S. are switching to natural gas for their energy source. Put this on a time line and see natural gas soar.
RE: FRACKING It has existed for decades. Homework folks, homework.

Anonymous said...

Right 9:49. See the post just above yours.

You're a propagandist and a liar.

End the Haliburton loophole see how fast these polluters run away from here. Without that loophole, you could not affords to extract this resource (for sale on international markets by the way).


Anonymous said...

In the Lock Haven newspaper today (1/2/12), we EXPORTED almost as much oil OUT of the US last year as we imported.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

JLH... Horizontal slick water fracturing has been around for decades ? I think you need to do your homework. Quit lying! This is all dirty money and you, of all people know it !