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Saturday, July 30, 2011

8-18-19-20 Genesee TWP Yard Sale Days

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Cop files motion to withdraw plea

Cop files motion to withdraw plea
Williamsport Sun-GazetteLink
The motion, which has not yet been ruled on by visiting Senior Potter County Judge John B. Leete, said Kreitz maintains his innocence and notes a defendant may choose to withdraw his plea at any point prior to sentencing as long as there is a fair and ...more...

Deadline August 1st To Register Church Choirs For Festival Of Choirs USA

We all are very excited about this year's Festival of Choirs USA.

August 1st is the last day for church choirs to register for the 2011 Festival of choirs USA.

The Festival is being held on the 19th and 20th of August. The location is 807 Skinner Creek road, Port Allegany, Pa

A lot of great things are happening this year. It will be great to see you all there.

Jerry Goochee

A small dog has been found near the Coudersport Library

Dog is reunited with it's owner.

Rollover Crash Has Occupants Trapped InVehicle

Rollover Crash In Belmont Area
At 8:46 pm on Sunday, Amity Rescue and Belmont Fire have been dispatched for a rollover crash with multiple occupants entrapped on County Road 31 A, just north of the Back River Road. Dispatch indicated no injuries.

Structure Fire In Bingham Township

7/30/2011 8:36 PM FIRE / STRUCTURE
Genesee & Ulysses are responding. Whitesville has been dispatched with a tanker to the scene and an engine for standby at Ulysses.
8:59 pm--4 Fire Units On Scene

Help us out on this one. Out of range of our scanners. Send updates in comments.
Photos to

Motorcycle Accident On Cherry Springs Road

Motorcycle Accident With 2 Injured
At 8:00 pm on Saturday, Coudersport Fire Rescue, Coudersport Ambulance & Medic 6 have been dispatched to Cherry Springs Road , about 3/4 mile west of Rock Ridge Road in Summit Township for a motorcycle accident with 2 persons injured.
A helicopter is on standby.
8:15 pm--Second Ambulance dispatched to scene.
8:26--Helicopter Cancelled
Galeton Ambulance dispatched
8:45 pm--Galeton Ambulance responding/RECALLED
8:53 pm--Coudersport Ambulance on scene

Urbina's Latest New York Times Gas Attack

Regulators Seek Records on Claims for Gas Wells

Published: July 29, 2011
WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission sent subpoenas this week to energy companies asking them for documents about how they calculate and publicly disclose the performance of their shale gas wells, according to oil and gas industry lawyers.

Traditional Archery at Ski Denton

Traditional Archery at Ski Denton

Photos Courtesy Of Leo Sczcesny

The Power & Results Of The NYT Gas Reporter: Add SEC Subpoenas

The Power & Results Of The NYT Gas Reporter: Add SEC Subpoenas

The disgraced NYT Gas Reporter today self-importantly tells his readers that the Securities Exchange Commission served subpoenas on unnamed gas drilling companies as result of his June 26th article that accused the shale gas industry of being a ponzi scheme filled with Enrons.

As I said on June 26th, that day's article just about called for FBI raids. SEC subpoenas will have to do for now.

The power of the press is considerable and abused at times as the News Corps scandal highlights. As a reporter of the NYT, the rogue gas reporter is gratingly self-important, but he does wield a mighty pen that convinces many and makes the federal government jump.

Just consider what the NYT gas reporter has wrought.

He has triggered massive testing of Pennsylvania's waters for radiation; made EPA Region 3 to make a show of policing the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection within a week of his February 27th story; caused the Energy Information Administration to explain itself to members of the US House of Representatives and to testify to the US Senate at a hearing on
whether it was cooking the books on shale gas supply; and now the SEC has reportedly issued subpoenas and is apparently investigating whether a or some gas companies have broken any laws governing representations to investors.

The NYT reporter is not being ignored. He cannot be, since he is employed by the NYT that influences millions, especially on the East coast. He has power, but what does his power serve, anything more than his own person and the commercial success of the NYT?

The results of the testing, hearings, and investigations unleashed by the February and June NYT gas stories already disprove that Pennsylvania's waters were polluted with radiation from gas drilling and that the EIA bosses were cooking its data on shale gas supplies. They prove that these stories were substantially false.

In response to his February 27th story creating the false specter that Pennsylvania's waters and drinking water were contaminated with radionuclides, massive radiation testing of streams and tap water were conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Pennsylvania American Water Company, and 14 other water companies.

All that testing has proven that Pennsylvania's waters are not poisoned with radiation, but that has not compelled the NYT to report prominently or at all the results, the facts, the test results. No big sunday story saying, "Pennsylvania Waters Safe; NYT Story Wrong."

The original false story lives on, grotesquely deforming opinion, leading or allowing others to this day to repeat the NYT's original falsehood that gas drilling has poisoned with radiation drinking water in Pennsylvania.

As for the reckless charge that EIA was cooking the shale gas supply books, the EIA boss at the US Senate hearing put all the facts transparently on the witness table, including how the rogue NYT gas reporter manipulated emails by malicious redaction to create a false appearance of impropriety. At the same hearing, MIT reaffirmed its assessment confirming massive shale gas supplies in America and its judgment that 500 trillion cubic feet of shale gas could be produced at a gas price of $6 for a thousand cubic feet.

Yet, the lie that the EIA cooked the shale gas books will live on vampire like.

And now the shale gas industry that produced in 2000 less than 1% of US gas supplies and currently supplies 25% of US natural gas, more than 16 billion cubic feet, will have to answer subpoenas and work under the ponzi, Enron cloud.

But just like the charges about radiation and EIA book cooking, the idea that the shale gas industry is a big ponzi scheme is smashed by 16 billion cubic feet of production, numerous independent reserve studies, and $4 natural gas that shale gas production has made real.

The NYT gas reporter has the power of a reckless charge printed in the NYT and that is considerable. It changes events and the short-run behavior of the federal government. It does not change the truth.

7-31 Preview For Real Estate Auction--Morris, PA

Sun Jul 31 - 04:00PM Morris, PA
1pm - 4 pm Grace Family LLP - preview for Real Estate Auction (Sat. Aug. 13)
Huge Real Estate Auction Sat. Aug. 13, 2011 NOON Rte. 287 at English Run Road Morris, PA (Lycoming Co. near Tioga Co. line) Follow Rte. 287 S. through Morris to English Rd. on right Near Ski Sawmill Resort & State Lands 10 Lots of 124 acre sub-division ranging from 2 acres to 36 acres offered individually, in entirety, or in any combination thereof. All lots [ View Full Listing ] PHOTOS

July 29 UPDATE re: Coryland Road bridge replacement project starts June 13

Travel Advisory
July 29 UPDATE re: Coryland Road bridge replacement project starts June 13

July 29 UPDATE: The new bridge on Coryland Road in Bradford County is open to traffic as of this afternoon.

The detour has been lifted.

Motorists are advised that PennDOT will be back on-scene Monday to place the final layer of blacktop, but that work will take place under traffic.

Original Advisory:
PennDOT’s Bradford County bridge crew will begin a bridge replacement project on State Route 4031 (Coryland Road) in Wells Township next week.

The bridge is located immediately south of Roaring Run Road.

Starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 13, Coryland Road will be closed at the bridge over a tributary to Beckwith Creek.

The signed detour will use Baker Road, Judson Hill Road and Route 549 for the duration of the project.

The PennDOT crew will remove the existing bridge and prepare the site for a new concrete box culvert, which will be delivered and set in place by a private contractor. Then, the PennDOT crew will restore the roadway approaches and perform all other work needed to complete the project and open the new bridge to traffic.

The closure will be in place for approximately six weeks, with the new bridge open to traffic by late July.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the Bradford County Maintenance Office in Towanda at 265-2181.

I-80 Columbia County drainage project traffic patterns for week of Aug. 1

Travel Advisory
I-80 Columbia County drainage project traffic patterns for week of Aug. 1

Following is the tentative work schedule for the drainage improvement project along I-80 in Columbia County for the week beginning Aug. 1:

On Monday, Aug. 1 starting at 5:30 a.m. establish traffic patterns in both the eastbound and westbound passing lanes from Exit 236 (Bloomsburg/Lightstreet) eastward for approximately two miles.

Additionally there will be restrictions on I-80 eastbound on- and off-ramps to Route 487 to accommodate restoration of the paved shoulders. This work is expected Mon. through Wed. Upon completion of the shoulder restoration work on Wednesday, weather permitting, eastbound travel will be returned to two lanes of unrestricted traffic.

Westbound traffic will be restricted from approximately Mile 237.5, west for approximately two miles to accommodate drainage pipe replacement along the right shoulder. Traffic will be directed to use the westbound passing lane throughout the work zone. Westbound traffic will be returned to two lanes of unrestricted traffic flow by 12 noon on Friday, Aug. 5.

I-80 Columbia County work-zone lane restrictions for next week

Travel Advisory
I-80 Columbia County work-zone lane restrictions for next week

Following are the planned work-zone lane closures for Interstate 80 in Columbia County for the week of Aug. 1.

Monday through Friday, the I-80 westbound passing lane will have a daylight signing pattern (lane closure) for approximately 800' for haul trucks to exit work areas between exits 241(Lime Ridge/Berwick) and 242 (Mifflinville). This will be from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, except Friday, which will be from 6 a.m. to 12 noon.

Monday, Aug. 1 through Monday, Aug. 8, the I-80 eastbound passing lane will be closed with temporary concrete barrier between mile markers 241 and 242 to perform crossover tie-in work.

Wednesday and Thursday, the eastbound travel lane will have a daylight signing pattern (lane closure) for approximately 800' for haul trucks to exit work areas at mile marker 240.

A stop condition will continue at the top of the ramps entering westbound I-80 from Route 339 south and eastbound I-80 from Route 11 north.

Gas Worker Run Over By Bulldozer He Was Operating

Elmira Man Dies in Accident at Gas Well Site
Renata Stiehl

ROME, PA (WENY) -- A natural gas worker from Elmira is dead after an accident at a drilling site in Bradford County Thursday.

The Bradford County Coroner says 35-year-old Leonard Inness, III was operating a bulldozer at a gas drilling site in Towner Hill Road in Rome. Inness was reportedly standing up on the machine, when he lost his balance and fell into the dozer track, and was run over.

Inness was an employee of OndaLay Pipe of Mansfield; its parent company, Furgeson Enterprises, tells WENY TV News the company's thoughts are and prayers are with the victim's family.

The company is looking into the accident, and says OSHA will also conduct an investigation.

Clara Township Road Closing Aug. 1/2/3

Roulette Ambulance To Sweden Valley Manor

At 5:00 pm on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance has been dispatched to Sweden Valley Manor .

Dept 44 Dispatched to Scene Of A Wildfire

At 3:27 PM on Saturday Dept 44 was dispatched to the scene of a wildfire at Gardeu and Sizerville Rds.

State $ Cuts May Chop Potter, Cameron County Career Link Centers

State cuts could lead to less full-time CareerLink Centers

Courier Express

RIDGWAY - Big state funding cuts to workforce investment may lead to less full-service CareerLink Centers in the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission region.

"Workforce took a pretty good hit this year," Susie Snelick, workforce investment director, said during Wednesday's North Central Executive Board meeting. The last two years workforce investment had gotten by with the help of stimulus money. This year that money is gone and there is $1 million less money to be spent in that area.

The Workforce Investment Board has focused on getting dollars on the street in the form of training.

The board works to put 25 to 30 percent of its dollars into training. It's not a mandate, but an internal goal.

Snelick said the board will use the money from the sale of the equipment from the former Industrial Technical Education Center, Rapid Response dollars and the National Emergency Grant to stay as close as possible to using 25 percent of its dollars for training.

There are seven CareerLink's in the six North Central counties, which includes Cameron, Elk, Clearfield, Jefferson, Potter and McKean counties. Clearfield County has a CareerLink in both DuBois and Clearfield.

To sustain the operation of the CareerLinks and still serve the population that is scattered throughout the large geographic region, the WIB is considering having just three comprehensive CareerLink centers. These three centers would have all of the CareerLink services available daily.

The locations of the centers haven't been determined for sure, but could possibly be in St. Marys, DuBois and Bradford so they could be accessible to people in different areas of the region. More...

Vehicle Leaking Fuel At McDonalds In Coudersport

Fuel Leak
At 12:17 pm on Saturday, Coudersport Fire Sept. has been dispatched to McDonalds In Coudersport for a vehicle leaking fuel.

Roulette Ambulance To Railroad Avenue

At 10:46 am on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance has been dispatched to Railroad Avenue for a transport to hospital.

State Game Lands Gas Well Tour Planned Aug. 7

State Game Lands Gas Well Tour Planned Aug. 7

Potter County Today
Another in a series of public land gas well walks will be held on Sunday, Aug. 7, on state game lands in northwestern Potter County, starting at 1 pm. Local citizens who have been monitoring the drilling at this site will be on hand to describe the changes they have witnessed and discuss their concerns. There are six well pads constructed, two of which have been drilled. Each pad, which covers five to nine acres, will have between two and six horizontal wells.

Some roads have been widened and reinforced and new roads have been constructed to support heavy traffic and make space for pipelines. Multiple companies own the mineral rights. The Pa. Game Commission is the surface-rights owner. The Aug. 7 tour is free and open to the public. Those attending should meet at the ABC Motel on Rt. 6 in Burtville. Participants are encouraged to wear sturdy footwear.

ATV Accident On Rt. 6 Near Dingman Run In Coudersport

ATV Accident With Injuries In Coudersport
At 1:15 am on Saturday, Coudersport Fire Rescue & Ambulance along with Medic 6 have been dispatched to an ATV accident on Route 6 near the Dingman Run Road. Two persons are reported injured. Life Net 7-7 & Mercyflight scratched due to weather.
1:24 am--Medic 6 on scene
1:28 am--Second ambulance dispatched
1:36 am--Stat Helicopter dispatched. Scratched at 1:41.
1:58 am--Fire Dept. Units Returning & Available
1:58 am--Ambulances & Medic 6 transport to CCMH

Dedication Of The Flag Memorial Port Allegany

Port Allegany Moose F.C. #460 will hold dedication of the Flag Memorial, at the Moose Park, Rte 155 South,
on July 30, 2011, at 2PM.

The Monument will honor the retirement and disposal of American Flags. This memorial can by used by the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, American Legions, VFW and other organizations that wish to have a ceremony to properly dispose of American Flags.

Guest MC will be Bruce Berger, Past President of Moose International Legion.

Invitation is extended to the public. Come join us to honor Old Glory.

Public Auction Saturday In Ulysses, PA--Includes Real Estate

Bartender/Server Wanted At Mosch's Tavern

Experience preferred but not required

Farmers Market Every Saturday In Coudersport

Natural Gas Going Up Nearly 10% On Monday

National Fuel Gas to hike prices 9.9 percent

By JIM MARTIN, Erie Times-News

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. has announced natural gas prices will rise 9.9 percent, effective Monday.

The utility, which serves more than 200,000 customers in western Pennsylvania, is required to pass along gas prices to consumers dollar-for-dollar. National Fuel had previously predicted that gas prices would rise 8.6 percent as of Aug. 1

The increase will boost the monthly bill of a typical residential customer -- one who uses 95,000 cubic feet per year -- from $84.20 to $92.51.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Girl Uninjured In Crash Attempting To Miss Deer

A 16 year old female who crashed on Ridge Road in Genesee Township on July 7 at 3:10 pm will be cited by State Police in District Court 55-4-01 for (not) Driving Vehicle at Safe Speed.

The girl, from Genesee, PA, was traveling north along Ridge Road, about .5 mile south of the intersection with Rt. 449. She was negotiating a slight right hand curve when she encountered a deer upon the east side of the roadway. The 1997 Chevrolet S 10 the girl was driving then crossed over the southbound lane and into a ditch on the west side of the road. It continued along the ditch striking the embankment and several trees.

The girl was wearing her seatbelt and was not injured. She was able to exit the vehicle without assistance.

Her S-10 sustained disabling damage to the windshield, engine compartment and undercarriage and was towed from the scene by Kightlinger Motors.

State Police released the report today.

Troopers Seek Hit & Run Driver In Genesee Crash

A hit & Run crash on Wednesday night at 11:40 pm on Route 244 in Genesee Township, a hundred yards south of Commercial Street has State Police looking for the driver of a 1995 Ford Ranger who fled the scene.

The unknown driver was traveling north on Rt. 244 negotiating a left hand curve in the roadway. The Ranger left the northbound lane and impacted a tree sustaining disabling damage to the front portion of the vehicle.

The unknown operator then fled the scene in an unknown direction. The investigation is continuing.

Genesee Fire Dept. assisted at the scene.

7-31 Preview For Real Estate Auction--Morris, PA

Sun Jul 31 - 04:00PM Morris, PA
1pm - 4 pm Grace Family LLP - preview for Real Estate Auction (Sat. Aug. 13)

Huge Real Estate Auction Sat. Aug. 13, 2011 NOON Rte. 287 at English Run Road Morris, PA (Lycoming Co. near Tioga Co. line) Follow Rte. 287 S. through Morris to English Rd. on right Near Ski Sawmill Resort & State Lands 10 Lots of 124 acre sub-division ranging from 2 acres to 36 acres offered individually, in entirety, or in any combination thereof. All lots [ View Full Listing ] PHOTOS

Men Charged in 2007 Arson

Men Charged in 2007 Arson

Two men have been charged with arson in connection to a house fire four years ago in Elk County.

State police had been investigating the fire that happened at 12:15 a.m. on July 9, 2007, and recently received new information that led to the arrests of 24-year-old Matthew Geyer of St. Marys and 23-year-old Josh Foster of Kersey. They are both charged with dangerous burning under the arson section of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Police say Geyer and Foster were attending a party in the area prior to the fire, which destroyed the abandoned house owned by William Haller of Kersey.

Nancy L. Phillips, 64, of Shinglehouse, PA

Nancy L. Phillips
“beloved wife, mother, grandmother, & sister”

Nancy L. Phillips, 64, of Shinglehouse, died at her home Friday, July 29, 2011with her loving family by her side after a short battle with cancer.

Born October 19, 1946 in Wellsville, NY, she was a daughter of Raymond Clyde and Alberta Dickerson Lunn. On March 15, 1980 in Springville, NY, she married Donald A. Phillips, who survives.

Mrs. Phillips was a graduate of Oswayo Valley High School, Shinglehouse, class of 1964.

She was a member of the Christian Missionary and Alliance Church in Shinglehouse and a member of the Shinglehouse American Legion Post 530 Ladies Auxiliary. Her greatest love was her family, especially her grandchildren.

Surviving in addition to her husband are three sons, Donald Allen “D.J.”
Phillips, Jr. of Shinglehouse, Wade A. (Lana) Hathaway of New York City, NY, and Deane A. (Lori) Hathaway of Friendship, NY; three grandchildren: Blair Ivy Phillips, Aaron Hathaway, and Andrew Hathaway. ; two sisters, Anne E. (David) Wetzel of Shinglehouse and Patty (Rusty) Gard of Forestville, NY; and several nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Phillips was predeceased by her parents.

In keeping with Nancy’s wishes, funeral services will be private.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Potter County Hospice, Inc., 1001 East Second Street, Coudersport, PA 16915.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, Shinglehouse, PA.

Dog Free To Good Home

Dog Free To Good Home

He’s 1 year old Male Dog.
He’s half lab and half beagle.
More lab than beagle; the only thing on him that’s a beagle his some
of the tanish cream colored on him.
He’s housebroken & loves attention.
With males around he sometimes gets a little excited and pees himself.
We want to find him a good home because my female fights with him too much. We want to find him a good home.
His name is Hank. Please email me at
Thank You!

Therapeutic touch to meet

Therapeutic touch to meet

Charles Cole Memorial Hospital will host therapeutic touch at 7 p.m. August 11 at CCMH’s Patterson Cancer Care Center. Therapeutic Touch is free and open to the public. For more information, call 274-9301, ext. 1487.

Car Show At Roulette Today At 5 PM

Enchanted Mountain Green At Olga Saturday From 7 to 10 PM

Enchanted Mountain Green, comprised of first-rate musicians from the Southern Tier of NY & Northern Tier of Pa., plays an eclectic range of acoustic music: classic bluegrass, country, old timey, folk and contemporary. We love having individual members perform at our Open Mic & we look forward to having them again as a full band from 7 to 10 pm the last Saturday in July. Cover charge $5.

Car Show At Roulette Fire Hall Friday From 5 to 7 PM

Potter County Family Fun Fair Scheduled August 13th

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Tioga County.

Tune to your local weather station for additional information, or visit

245 PM EDT FRI JUL 29 2011








Motorcycle vs Truck Accident North of Limestone

Motorcyclist Injured On Rt. 219
At 2:36 pm on Friday, EMS is responding to the intersection of Rt. 219 & Rt. 417 in Cattaraugus County. Olean 10 ALS has been dispatched to assist Limestone Ambulance.

6 Injuries Reported In Route 6 Two Vehicle Crash

Reported 2 Vehicles-6 Injured
At 1:47 pm on Friday, EMS from Wellsboro and Middlebury have been dispatched to a 2 vehicle accident at the intersection of Route 6 and the Bell Road in Delmar Township.

Chief 11-30--Reports roadway partially blocked, 6 injuries, no entrapment.
2:05 pm--A LANDING ZONE HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED for a medical helicopter enroute.
AMBULANCES transported to Soldiers & Sailors

Boy Injured In Bingham Township Crash On Monday

A 17 year old male juvenile was injured but refused medical transport on Monday when his 2000 Chevrolet Impala slid through a stop sign on Jackson Road and struck a pickup on Rt. 49.

The 17 year old was traveling south on Jackson Road in Bingham Township approaching it's intersection with Route 49. Traveling too fast as he approached the stop sign at the end of Jackson Road, his 2000 Chevrolet Impala began to slide after applying his brakes.

The Impala traveled into the eastbound lane of Route 49 where it struck a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado operated by Parry A. Hilfiger, 47, of Harrison Valley that was traveling eastbound on Rt. 49.

Both drivers were able to exit their vehicles on their own. Hilfiger was wearing a seatbelt and was not injured. The juvenile was not wearing his seatbelt and sustained minor injuries to his nose and right knee, but refused treatment at the scene.

Both vehicles were disabled and removed from the scene by Hess's Garage.

The juvenile driver will be cited for (not) Driving Vehicle At Safe Speed, Stop Sign Violation, and Restraint Systems in District Court 55-4-03.

Ambulance Dispatched For Man Struck By Baseball

Man Hit With Baseball
At 1:27 pm on Friday, Kane ambulance has been dispatched to the Kane High School baseball field for an unresponsive man who was struck with a baseball.

1:36--Kane Fire Dept. dispatched to set up landing zone for medical helicopter on Hacker Street.

Troopers Investigate Burglary On Summit Road

A burglary in Hebron Township is under investigation by State Police.

Between July 24 and July 27, unknown actor(s) used force to gain entry into two separate dwellings owned by Clare Johnson of 70 Bryant Hollow, Coudersport, PA, and located at 142 Summit Road in Hebron Township, Potter County.

Troopers said one dwelling was entered after the garage door, located on the ground floor was pried out far enough to gain entry. The second dwelling was entered after a window located at the rear of the dwelling was broken and the actor crawled through it.

Anyone with any information pertaining to this crime should contact PSP Coudersport at 814-274-8690. Trooper John Whitcomb is the investigator.

PA Wilds Outdoor Discovery Map Now Available

PA Wilds Outdoor Discover Map Now Available

The Pennsylvania Wilds Outdoor Discovery Map is now available through the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau at no charge.

The map is a regional effort of the Pennsylvania Wilds to promote tourism and recreation in the area. The Pennsylvania Wilds is a 12-county tourist organization that consists of McKean, Clinton, Clearfield, Cameron, Clarion, Forest, Elk, Jefferson, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming and Warren counties. The Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau is the official destination marketing organization for McKean County.

In addition to a sizeable foldout map, there is also information on local attractions, trails, state parks, state forests and the Allegheny National Forest. In addition, the map highlights fishing, scenic overlooks, wildlife watching and canoeing and kayaking areas. General tourism-related and contact information is listed for a variety of agencies, making this a convenient travel resource for the region.

The free maps are available by calling 800-473-9370 or e-mailing In addition, tourism information supplies for individuals or businesses may be picked up at the ANF Visitors Bureau Welcome Center located at 80 E. Corydon Street, Bradford, which is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Happy Birthday

Causer Announces Ninth Annual Senior Citizens Expo

Causer Announces Ninth Annual Senior Citizens Expo

HARRISBURG – Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) will host the Ninth Annual Senior Citizens Expo on Friday, Aug. 5, at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Sports and Fitness Building gymnasium.

The free event will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and lunch will be provided.

“This is a great opportunity for senior citizens and their families to learn about the many programs and services available to them,” Causer said. “I encourage people to come check it out.”

State, county and local vendors will be on hand to distribute information and answer questions. Information about health care, insurance, nutrition and exercise, fire safety, financial planning, fraud protection, government services, hunting/fishing and personal safety will be available. Health screenings will also be offered, and door prizes will be awarded.

A second expo will be held on Friday, Oct. 7, at the Roulette Fire Hall in Roulette.

For more information about the senior expo in Bradford, contact Causer’s Bradford district office at (814) 362-4400. For the expo in Roulette, contact Causer’s Coudersport office at (814) 274-9769. Information is also available at or on Facebook at

Ulysses Woman To Be Cited For Harassment

Investigation is continuing of a Harassment/Domestic incident in Ulysses Borough on Sunday at 6:30 pm.

State Police responded to 328 North Street in Ulysses on Sunday at 7:15 pm and investigated a Harassment incident. Trisha Rose Thompson, 22, of 704 Academy Street, Ulysses, PA, was reported to have subjected a known 21 year old male to unwanted physical contact.

Thompson will be cited for summary offense of Harassment before District Judge Delores G. Bristol in Galeton, PA.



HARRISBURG – Hunters interested in learning the age of the bear they harvested during the 2010 seasons can log onto the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website ( To access the database providing this information, click on “Hunt/Trap” in the menu bar at the top of the page, then click on “Hunting,” scroll down and click on “Black Bear” in the “Big Game” listing, and then scroll down and click on “Black Bear Age Data” in the “Reference” listing.

“As a cost-cutting measure, the Game Commission no longer mails a certificate and letter to successful bear hunters notifying them of their bear’s age,” said Carl G. Roe, agency executive director. “To maintain this valued customer service, however, we provide hunters with a certificate at the check station when their bear is processed, and information about how and when they can find the age data, which is determined by examining a tooth from the bear that is extracted as part of the check station processing, on our website.”

Ages are available only for bears from which a tooth was pulled. To access the data and learn the age of their bear, a hunter will need to have their legal seal number from the check station certificate. If the hunter no longer has the seal number, age data also is provided in charts broken down by county of harvest.

In 2010, Pennsylvania’s 161,119 licensed bear hunters took 3,090 bears, which is the state’s fifth highest harvest recorded in Pennsylvania. The record bear harvest of 4,164 was set in 2005.

Three Crashes On I-80 Injure 9

Three crashes involving 9 vehicles clog I-80 Thursday

Nine people were injured in three crashes that occurred between 3:30 and 4 p.m. Thursday on Interstate 80, near mile marker 190 in Greene Township, Clinton County. More...

Restrictions Scheduled for Removal on Mosquito Creek Bridge Job Temporary signals and lane restrictions near Karthaus to end

Travel Advisory
Restrictions Scheduled for Removal on Mosquito Creek Bridge Job Temporary signals and lane restrictions near Karthaus to end

Clearfield – Area drivers will see a traffic pattern change next week as rehabilitation work continues on the Mosquito Creek Bridge in Clearfield County. The bridge is located on Route 1011 near the village of Karthaus and the intersection with Route 879.

Temporary traffic signals on Route 1011(Karthaus/Piper Highway) and on the northbound ramp from Route 879 are scheduled for removal on Monday, Aug. 1. Removal of the signals will allow a two-way traffic pattern to return to the bridge.

Crews will continue to work on the bridge through August and d Drivers should remain alert for workers on or near the road. Drivers may also encounter flaggers along the roadway, with short delays possible from time to time.

Project work includes substructure concrete repairs, steel repairs, painting, bearing replacement, and deck replacement. This bridgework is part of a $2.3 million contract to repair five bridges in Cameron, Clearfield, McKean and Potter counties. Swank Associated Companies, Inc. is the A contractor on this job. Work is expected to last through August. All work is weather dependent.

Working Vehicle Fire In Motor Home On W. Main St.

Vehicle Fire In Motor Home
At 11:37 am on Friday, Smethport Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Main Street by St. Luke's Church for a Mobile Home Fire. Smoke & fire showing.

US EPA Plugging Hundreds Of Abandoned Oil Wells In Bolivar, Olean Areas

EPA Protects Rivers, Lakes and Streams by Plugging Abandoned Oil Wells in Western New York

Over the past six years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has plugged close to 300 abandoned – and in some cases leaking – oil wells in Western New York in an effort to prevent any remaining oil that may be in the wells from reaching nearby lakes, rivers and streams.

The abandoned wells, many of which no longer have owners, have not been maintained for decades, and are gradually deteriorating to the point at which crude oil could leak from broken well casings, pipes and storage tanks.

To prevent future leaks, EPA has had the wells filled with concrete and a fine clay substance called bentonite to immobilize any remaining oil. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation referred the abandoned oil wells to EPA for cleanup.

“Oil is one of the worst water pollutants, and the abandoned oil wells like the ones that EPA has cleaned up represent a threat to our most vital natural resource – clean water,” said EPA Regional Administrator Judith Enck. “By plugging hundreds of abandoned oil wells, we’re protecting public health and the environment, and fixing a problem that had been decades in the making.”

Since 2005, EPA has overseen the plugging of 294 wells at six locations. They are:
· The Curtis Farm Oil Wells Site in Bolivar, N.Y., where 136 have been plugged. The site is near the Little Genesee Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River.

· The West Union Oil Wells Site in West Union, N.Y. Ninety-one wells were plugged at this site near the New York/Pennsylvania border in Steuben County. Areas from which contaminated soil was removed were filled with clean soil. Students from SUNY-Brockport helped replace native plants that were damaged or destroyed during the removal.

· The Weston Lot 7 Oil Wells Site in Olean, N.Y., where 34 wells have been plugged. The oil rights for the company extracting oil from this site, which borders Mix Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River, were not transferred when the company’s owner died in 1994.

· The Ballard Oil Lease Site in Bolivar, N.Y. Thirty-one wells have been plugged at this site, which is also near the Little Genesee Creek.

· The Dodge Creek Oil Well Site in Clarksville, N.Y. One well was plugged at this site, which borders Dodge Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River. Dodge Creek is a trout habitat and home to the Eastern Hellbender salamander, a species of listed special concern in New York State.

· The McGraw One Oil Well Site in West Union, N.Y. One well was plugged at this site after no owner or operator could be identified following a citizen complaint. The site is near Marsh Creek, a tributary of the Genesee River.

Later this summer, EPA will oversee the plugging of abandoned wells on the Burrows Oil Lease Site in Olean, N.Y. The site comprises 13 crude oil production wells, some of which are leaking or show evidence of past leakage. The site borders Mix Creek, a tributary of the Allegheny River.

For a Google Earth aerial view of the oil plugging site, visit: (Please note that you must have Google Earth installed on your computer to view the map. To download Google Earth, visit

Shinglehouse Ambulance To Eleven Mile Road

At 11:00 am on Friday, Shinglehouse Ambulance & Medic 6 have been dispatched to Eleven Mile Road in Oswayo Township for a victim of a fall.

Nancy L. Phillips, 64, of Shinglehouse, PA

Nancy L. Phillips, 64, of Shinglehouse, died at her home Friday, July 29, 2011 with her loving family by her side after a short battle with cancer.

Funeral arrangements, under the direction of the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, Shinglehouse, PA, are incomplete and will be announced.

Everyday Specials At Potter County Beverage

Bartender/Server Wanted At Mosch's Tavern

Experience preferred but not required

Public Auction Saturday In Ulysses, PA--Includes Real Estate

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Morning Call Writer Was "Wild Woman" At Sinnemahoning State Park

But for someone who has avoided tent camping for decades, this $20 deal for a campsite and all the camping equipment needed to spend two days in the woods was like learning I'd have to crawl through a field of poison ivy to get to the campground's bathhouse.

The new program, available at 14 Pennsylvania state parks, is another of the efforts by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to get residents to discover the outdoors. Outdoor equipment retailer Gander Mountain is supplying the rental equipment. The program began in May and will end in late September

Although Sinnemahoning State Park in Potter County isn't one of the 14 inaugural parks in the program, I asked DCNR officials if I could try a kit there, while attending its special "Women in the Wilds" weekend program in June. They said yes. More...

Feds Propose Efficiencies For Gas Well Air Pollution

EPA proposes to limit emissions from gas drilling


The Environmental Protection Agency proposed new regulations of air emissions from natural gas drilling late Thursday afternoon.

The new rules were required by a settlement agreement in a lawsuit filed against the EPA in 2010 by environmental groups WildEarth Guardians and San Juan Citizens Alliance, represented by the public interest law firm Earthjustice.

Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, noted that the Obama administration “has been clear that natural gas is a key component of our clean energy future,” and said the new rules would cut toxic pollution “while giving these operators additional product to bring to market.”

This reduction would largely be accomplished by capturing natural gas that currently escapes to the air and making that gas available for sale through technologies and processes already in use by several companies and required in some states. More...

Donald A. Beeman, 91, formerly of 13 Big Shanty Road, Lafayette, PA

Donald A. Beeman, 91, formerly of 13 Big Shanty Road, Lafayette, passed away Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at the Pavilion at BRMC.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete, and will be announced in the Tuesday, August 2, 2011 edition of 'The Bradford Era' by the Hollenbeck-Cahill Funeral Homes, Inc. Online condolences can be expressed at


Ohio Firm Recalls Jerky Products Due To Misbranding And An Undeclared Alergen

FSIS Issues Public Health Alert For Frozen, Fresh Ground Turkey Products

Cause Of House Fire South Of Shinglehouse Remains Under Investigation

$180,000. Damage In Shinglehouse Fire
State Police Fire Marshal Unit and Shinglehouse Fire Chiefs investigated the structure fire that occurred at the residence of Roger Mesler at 1319 State Route 44 South in Sharon Township on July 27 at 8:47 pm.

The two story structure sustained severe damage from the fire. Firefighters from several fire departments were on scene until after 2 am Thursday morning.

No one was in the residence at the time of the fire, but Mesler sustained minor injuries to his hand in attempts to gain entry to retrieve two dogs. They perished in the fire. Mesler was treated at the scene by Shinglehouse EMS personnel.

The structure is owned by Robert Lewis of Effingham, IL. Mesler was the tenant. Damages are estimated at $180,000.

The incident remains under investigation and anyone with any information is asked to contact PSP Emporium at 814-486-3321. Trooper David A. Surra is the Fire Marshal Investigator.

MVA In Nelson Township, Tioga County

State Police & Medics are on scene of a MVA with a pickup truck into the guiderails at the above location. Ambulance 25-16 and Medic 1 are transporting to Soldiers & Sailors hospital.

Fire Police Dispatched For Traffic Control At MVA

Fire Police For Traffic Control
At 7:14 pm on Thursday, Rew Fire Police have been dispatched for traffic control at the scene of a MVA on the sharp curve on Rew Hill.

World Of Outlaws Race Draws Record Crowd To McKean County Raceway

Richards Thrills Big Pennsylvania Crowd

EAST SMETHPORT, Pa. — Josh Richards — and the World of Outlaws Late Model Series — sparkled on Wednesday night at McKean County Raceway.

Racing in front of a standing-room-only crowd that ranked as the biggest in the history of the one-third-mile oval, Richards overtook Vic Coffey for the lead on lap 27 and marched on to victory in the Penn Gold 40. More...


Teacher's Pet Rescue Says Thank You......

Teacher's Pet Rescue would like to thank the students and teachers of St. Eulalia & St. Paul's Vacation Bible School for their recent donation of $311.15 for our rescued dogs. Your support is very much appreciated.
Roger & Kris Arbogast

Ambulance Dispatched For Fall Victim In Galeton

At 5:21pm on Thursday, Medic 6 and an ambulance from several departments, including Coudersport, have been dispatched to Crippen Street in Galeton for a fall victim with a possible fracture.

Dice Run For Sydney 7-30

Birth Announcements For Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Birth Announcements For Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Welcoming Briell Rayanne Kaple born 7-26-11 weight 6lbs 4.3oz to Casey Freeman and Brett Kaple of Roulette, PA. She joins her brother Blake Kaple 15.

Welcoming Christopher Franklin Kontz born 7-26-11 weight 8lbs 7.5oz to Tracey Lynne Spencer of Port Allegany and Christopher Robert Kontz of Bradford, PA. He joins his brother Tyler James Kontz 2.

Maternal Grandparents Barb Spencer of Port Allegany, PA.

Paternal Grandparents Ronald and Patrica Falk of Port Allegany, PA.


Flying Food Group Recalls Additional Sandwiches, Parfaits, Wraps, Plates, Salads Because of Possible Health Risk

Arizona Firm Recalls Various Meat Products Produced Without Inspection

Alzheimer's support group to meet

Alzheimer's support group to meet

Charles Cole Memorial Hospital will host an Alzheimer’s support group at 10 a.m. August 10 at the hospital’s main conference room. New and existing patients and their families and caregivers are welcome to attend. For more information, call 814/274-9301, ext. 1436.

Shinglehouse Ambulance To Rt. 44

At 3:56 pm on Thursday, Shinglehouse Ambulance & Medic 6 have been dispatched to Rt. 44 for a medical emergency.

Read "The Great Frack Attack: The War on Natural Gas"

ATI Fellows Expose 'The War on Natural Gas'

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Who are the multi-million dollar foundations and activists, nonprofits, media groups and academics that are attacking the natural gas industry and its safe, effective hydraulic fracturing process? Who spreads myths and lies about a business that has created thousands of jobs and has delivered energy extracted from U.S. lands to millions of Americans, reducing our dependence on foreign countries?

In a report this week for Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Foundation, American Tradition Institute executive director Paul Chesser and research fellow Mark Newgent identify those who oppose natural gas development, and expose their financial incentives, their relationships to each other, and their misleading statements and outright lies about hydraulic fracturing (colloquially called "fracking").

Read "The Great Frack Attack: The War on Natural Gas" ( )

"Environmentalist groups and activists want you to believe that they — and by extension the land, water and air that we all treasure and want to protect — are endangered because so-called 'big' fossil-fuel companies allegedly have a huge advantage in spending on lobbying and messaging," said Chesser, who is also a senior fellow for the Commonwealth Foundation. "Our report shows that 'Big Green' also plays a big money game — often built on lies and distortions, which unlike energy, are useless to the public and harmful to the issues debate."

Among its revelations the report, titled "The Great Frack Attack: The War on Natural Gas," exposes efforts by the Sandler-funded ProPublica, which to date has dedicated 120 articles to an assault on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing. Former subprime mortgage lenders Herb and Marion Sandler, who have joined George Soros in support of Center for American Progress and many other leftist groups, poured more than $9 million into ProPublica to help launch it on its mission. Herb Sandler serves as chairman of its board of directors.

Also examined in the report are the funding activities of the Heinz Endowments, overseen by liberal icon Teresa Heinz Kerry, which recently expanded its anti-gas funding dramatically. Among the Heinz grants were thousands of dollars for "outreach and organizing" and to "characterize pollution impacts" from drilling in the Marcellus Shale region. Another large Heinz grant went to a University of Pittsburgh public health center run by alarmist Conrad Volz, who left his position in April after several errors were found in a report where the natural gas industry was falsely accused of dumping carcinogenic agents into drinking water supplies.

In the Oscar-nominated movie "Gasland," activist groups Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future and PennEnvironment, and dozens of other national and state groups come under scrutiny in the report as well.

The 12-page expose is available for reading on the Commonwealth Foundation's Web site ( ) .

Read "The Great Frack Attack: The War on Natural Gas" ( )

Positions Open At Charles Cole Memorial Hospital


Charles Cole is a rural hospital located in scenic Potter County that offers excellent career opportunities in a patient-centered environment. The Hospital must continue to grow to meet the expanding needs for quality health care in the communities we serve and the recruitment for the following positions is essential:

Director of Communications
Physical Therapist
Rehab Services Manager
BioMed Technician
Certified Nurses Aides
PFS Cash Accountant
Cole Manor Homemakers
OR Education Coordinator
Licensed Massage Therapist
Environmental Services Techs
Cole Manor Resident Care Givers

To apply for a position or for information about a position or other employment opportunities, please visit and click on Careers or forward resumes to Human Resources Department, Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, 1001 East Second Street, Coudersport, PA 16915. For more information, please call 814-274-5431.

Positions Open At Charles Cole Memorial Hospital


Full time, part-time, and per diem positions exist in our Medical/Surgical Unit, Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit and Skilled Nursing and Rehab Unit for Certified Nurses Aides. Candidates must have a current Pennsylvania Nurses Aide Certificate.

Interested applicants must apply in person in the Human Resources Office at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital. For more information, please call (814) 274-5431.


Investigators Display Car in Deadly Crash

Steak Bake Benefit The Coudersport Falcon Football Team

Click order form to enlarge or print

Shirley J. Dona Sturtevant, 73, Austin, PA

Shirley J. Dona Sturtevant, 73, Homemaker, Austin, PA died July 17 at Kindred Hospital, Wikes Barre, PA. She was born Dec. 9, 1937, in Watertown, NY.

Surviving are 2 sons, Spencer Sturtevant, Chicago, IL, and Hugh Sturtevant, Berlin, NJ; 1 daughter, Yvonne Martin, Magnolia, NJ; 4 sisters, Helen Tharp, Goose Creek, SC, Sandra Kriff, Sackets Harbor, NY, Dianna Cronk, Dexter, NY, and Barbara Hubbard, Seneca Falls, NY; 15 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

Two sons died before her, Arthur Sturtevant and Robbie Sturtevant; and 1 brother, Gordon Dona.

A funeral mass will be said at St. Andrews Catholic Church, Sackets Harbor, on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 10 a.m. Donations may be made to the American Heart Association.

Level 3 Employees Level The Bricks In Downtown Coudersport

Lou Karija photo

Level 3 employees have been removing brick from East 2nd street leveling and replacing them. The group wanted to do a community project and volunteered their time to straighten and replace the bricks that have been in place for over 20 years. They have made a difference in the look of the downtown area and should be commended for their efforts. Keep up the good work.

Hummingbird In Flight

Robin Freeman caught this photo of a Hummingbird coming in for a landing.

Vaughn J. Stone, 92, of Looker Mountain Trail, Prentisvale, PA

PRENTISVALE — Vaughn J. Stone, 92, of Looker Mountain Trail, died Tuesday (July 26, 2011) in Edgewater, Fla., while visiting her son. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Frame Funeral Home, Eldred.

Thelma Mae Cermak, age 94, of Columbus, OH, formerly of Port Allegany, PA

Thelma Mae Cermak, age 94, of Columbus, OH, formerly of Port Allegany, PA, passed away July 23, 2011.

Survived by her daughter, Gail Weimer; grandchildren, Alice Weimer and William (Elizabeth) Weimer; great-grandchildren, Emma and Matthew Weimer; and sister, Alida Prewitt.
She was preceded in death by her husband, William D. Cermak and brother, Fred Gossen.

The previous owner of the Lindy Motel in Coudersport, PA, she spent her retirement babysitting for children and families she truly loved. She touched the lives of so many and will be greatly missed.

Per Thelma’s request, no visitation or funeral service will be held.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a charity of your choice in Thelma’s memory. Arrangements by the DWAYNE R. SPENCE FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATORY, Pickerington, OH, 43147. Online condolences at

PCEC Classes Offered PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer

PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer

The Potter County Education Council is seeking interested individuals for the PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer program.

The PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation Train-the-Trainer course allows an instructor to administer the PEC Basic-Safe
Gulf/SafeLand Orientation course. The PEC Basic-SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation course was designed to take the place of multiple Operator orientation courses and to give each student a general idea of life and safety issues in the oil and gas industry - upstream, downstream, onshore, and offshore.

As more and more industries are accepting and/or requiring this credential, having an in-house trainer can greatly reduce the cost of certifying your employees and increases your flexibility in scheduling the training. Each instructor will receive classroom training and the following manuals: • PEC Basic Orientation Instructor Manual, • PEC Basic Orientation Student Manual, • PEC Basic Orientation Video, • All-in-One Video, • Backdrop for Student Photographs, • PowerPoint Presentation and reference material that will support the instruction
of the program.

Ten individuals are needed to run this course. If you are interested in this course call (814) 545-1333.

Birth Announcements For Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Birth Announcements For Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Welcoming Rihanna Skye Nevares born 7-27-11 weight 6lbs 10oz to Cori (Stoddard) and Jason Julio Nevares of Bradford, PA. She joins her sisters Destiney 9, Trinity 4, Morgan Evan 5, and Leigha 3.

Maternal Grandparents Carlen and Frank Turley of Greece, NY, Vicki Hart and Donald Stoddard of Bradford, PA.

Maternal Great-Grandparents Leigh and Victor Hart.

Welcoming Hunter Michael Wambold born on 7-26-11 weight 7lbs 5.7 oz to Martieal (Moyer) and Timothy Wambold.

Maternal Grandparents Jerry &Clydene Low and Paula and Terry Moyer.

Maternal Great-Grandparents Anita and Don Low, and Gladys and Richard Saylor.

Free Community Presentation Thursday At CCMH Coudersport Wellness Center

Rekindle At Scene Of Shinglehouse House Fire

Dispatched For Rekindle
At 9:06 am on Thursday, Shinglehouse Fire Dept. has been dispatched to the scene of last night's fire at the Roger Mesler residence for a rekindle.

Collum Estate Public Auction --Real Estate

Thu Jul 28 - 06:30PM Millerton, PA
Collum Estate Public Auction
Collum Estate Public Auction Thursday July 28, 2011 ~ 6:30PM 5307 Main Street Millerton, Tioga County, PA Just minutes to Elmira or Mansfield, PA Real Estate: Older, 1 ½ story home with 3 bedrooms, large laundry/utility room, recent renovations/upgrades, NG/FHA heat, well maintained home with municipal sewer / private well, level corner lot (.22 +/- acre) with 24x28
[ View Full Listing ] PHOTOS

Big Or Small, Gustin's In Roulette Does It All

Public Auction Saturday In Ulysses, PA--Includes Real Estate