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Saturday, January 28, 2012

2004 Pontiac Vibe Stolen From Smethport Man's Driveway Tuesday

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Smethport man who is accused by Pennsylvania State Police of stealing a white 2004 Pontiac Vibe from an elderly East Valley Road man's driveway on Tuesday at 12:30 pm.

According to a news release from Trooper Kramer of the Kane barracks of the PSP, Kristopher Michael Wilson, 31, of Smethport, PA, stole the 2004 Pontiac Vibe from the driveway of 89 year old William Harold Sobczak of East Valley Road, Smethport, PA.

Police issued a BOLO for the Pontiac which is white in color and has a PA registration plate GFS5270.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact PSP Kane at 814-778-5555.


Anonymous said...

There should be special penalties for those that victimize the elderly!!! Shame on this man if he is guilty.

Anonymous said...

You are so right 9:32

Anonymous said...

maybe the old man said to the younger man take my car so you don't have to walk home? an the old man forgot what he said an it's all a big mistake? just saying

Anonymous said...

This kid has been in trouble for a while now…. isn't he the one who stole the safe from his parents' house while they were on vacation, loaded it into their car and took them both a few years back?

Anonymous said...

Stealing is stealing no matter from let's just punish and set examples, maybe it wouldn't happen so often.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this happen like 3yrs ago or did he do it again?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's what we need..more laws(sarcasm).
We need to keep passing special laws for certaion groups...why not it's quite the fad these days.

How about instead we insist garbage like Wilson actually suffer for preying on people?
I'm sure this isn't his first brush with the law. And if it is he should be punished enough to really make him think twice about going before a judge.
Instead he'll get a slap on the wrist again, again, and again.

Anonymous said...

IF, and I say IF, he is guilty (he is innocent until proven guilty) and you take him out back and "put him down" so he won't offend again look what won't happen.

1) each time he re-offends the courts make money.
2) each time he re-offends the lawyers make money.

So, by slapping a person on the hand and collecting a few bucks you keep making money for the system.

Anonymous said...

And who is the one who makes the call as to whether he gets 'put down' or not? You, writer 5:36? Where do you draw the line? Is stealing some stuff worth this guys life? Are YOU squeaky clean? Better hope the person judging YOU doesn't decide, arbitrarily, that YOU aren't up to snuff. If they're looking for judgmental assholes, you're in trouble!

j pifer said...

i had 3 motorcycles stolen from me in 2010, they caught 3 people involved, 1 minor 2 adults, they prosecuted one adult and the minor, let the other adult off. restitution is the responsibility of the charged and convicted adult. damages were over 1400 dollars but that is what i could legaly claim. so far i have recieved 40 dollars in restitution. but since this incident i have paid 3 fines for an unregistered vehicle and about 4 speeding tickets. close to 1500 bucks. i get 10 days to pay because i'm honest, and accept my responsibilities. however i'm no bad guy i forget to do my registration because it no longer follows my inspections, and i speed because i have a shitload of stuff to do and no time to do it all. if i am not at work, i'm home at work. work work work, and pay fines for what to me amounts to bullcrap. while the real criminals ride the system for all its worth.

Anonymous said...

Poster 6:50pm --

The post was not meant to be geared toward this man. It was to show how by not dealing with the wrongs commited in society but by covering them up with a bandaid our leaders, government, lawyers make more money then if they corrected the problem the first time.

Just like why build a car that will never wear out and save the consumer money and put CEO's of big car companies out of business.