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Saturday, January 21, 2012

EPA Brings Water To Dimock

1-20-12, Press Conference at the Sautner House in Dimock, Pa., Susquehanna
County, where Julia Walsh of of NY introduces Dimock residents
with polluted water.

Craig Sautner speaks, followed by Victoria Switzer, then
Silver Lake resident, Craig Stevens and Josh Fox, "Gasland", Producer. EPA decides to bring water in a large tanker for polluted residents after reviewing more test data received by Cabot Gas and DEP and EPA will test 61 homes in the area starting this Monday and Tuesday and continue to bring water to several homes in Dimock. Industrial chemicals, barium , arsenic and metals, besides methane found in the water. Four EPA people were there.


Anonymous said...

I know some water wells got polluted with barium and heavy metals over by Mansfield. I wonder if the DEP will tell these people the water is safe to drink ?

Anonymous said...

It should be called the Dimock scam!

Anonymous said...

when the gas company gave them money for their problems was it suppose to make everything ok. Was the money suppose to be for them to fix there water?

Anonymous said...

6:08:00 PM The money offered was 2 times the accessed value of their homes....A fraction of the market value.
If accepted it can only to be used to buy water.
When that money runs out, they would be left with no water & homes that cannot be sold.

They deserve to have their home values restored.
That can only be achieved by running a water line to the neighborhood.
It's reasonable to expect their loss to be replaced.
Who would want to drink and shower away the equity in their home?

Anonymous said...

they should of taken that money an put a water filtering system in there home .. a water osmosis system then the water would of been drinkable. The homeowners didn't do that with the money is it fair to say they should of.. Instead of spending the money whatever way they did. The gas company gave them twice the amount you say of fair market pricing for there homes. Sounds like the gas company did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong, if the gas or government gets their way on this one, it will be much harder for the next person or community to get any help.

Anonymous said...

SEP should NOT have let Cabot off the hook. Cabot was originally ordered to install the water main. But they complained and DEP let them off the hook thinking that a house with a bad well should just be compensated.

No. Cabot should NOT have been let off the hook. Who is DEP advocating for here?

It's bullshit and you know it.

Oh, and give me a break...reverse osmosis does not filter out radioactivity. Get a brain. You're advocating for cancer for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

I hope it all works out for you all. I sent that original petition to my sister-in-law who works for the EPA. I hope you get some good results.