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Thursday, February 16, 2012

FCC Crackdown On Robocalls

The FCC Cracks Down on Those F*$%#! Robocallers

Here is today's installment of "Government Bureaucrats Working To Make Your Life Better." Seriously. Behold the latest rule from the FCC:

After receiving thousands of complaints from consumers, the Federal Communications Commission clamped down Wednesday on unwanted robo-calling by approving sweeping changes to its telemarketing rules for wireline and mobile phones.

....Under the new FCC rules, telemarketers are required to obtain written consent, which can be in the form of an online approval, before placing autodialed or prerecorded calls to a consumer. Telemarketers also must provide an automated opt-out mechanism during each robo-call so that consumers can immediately tell the telemarketer to stop calling.

The FCC also eliminated the "established business relationship" exception, which had allowed robo-calls to be placed to the land-line home phones of consumers with "prior or existing" associations with companies represented by telemarketers. More...


Anonymous said...

Why are charities and political organizations exempt? That's who calls here incessantly.

Anonymous said...

Not very nice headline...pretty sick and tired of all the bad language everywhere.

John Q Public said...

Don't like it.....don't F@@#$#%% read it!!!! I am sick and tired of all of the thin skinned people like you making whiny posts on here!!!! If you get offended by something that easily, please power off your computer and back away from the are too sensitive to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

If you are so sick and tired of it , why don't YOU "Power Off?"
What a Jerk!