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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Millions Of Gallons Of Gas Drillling Waste Dumped Illegally

Man pleads guilty to dumping
millions of gallons of waste

By Jennifer Reeger, TRIBUNE-REVIEW

A Greene County businessman pleaded guilty on Thursday to 13 of 98 charges of illegally dumping millions of gallons of waste across Western Pennsylvania counties for more than six years.

Robert Allan Shipman, 50, of 1487 Toms Run Road, Holbrook, entered the plea before Greene County Judge Farley Toothman to one count each of theft by deception, receiving stolen property, tampering with public records or information and criminal conspiracy; five counts of unlawful conduct; and four counts of pollution of waters. More...


Anonymous said...

I just can't figure out how something like this can happen when all of the gas companies keep telling us that it won't and they know it won't because of how well they track all of the waste they produce.

Maybe we're not getting the whole story from the gas companies?

Maybe they just say this stuff to shut up their opposition?

Maybe...I guess it doesn't really matter since they've bought and paid most of the elected officials in the state and they're going to do whatever the heck they want to do and leave when their done.

Anonymous said...

If you would read it says he fixed the books to make everything appear to be legit! So it wasn't the gas co. or elected officials! I have seen this happen before with private contractors!

Anonymous said...

God knows who's telling the truth.