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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marcellus Gas Careers Lasted 1 Month

Workers Promised Career In Marcellus Shale Industry Terminated After 1 Month
60 Men Leave Families, Jobs Behind To Come To Pa. For New Opportunity


PITTSBURGH -- Sixty men from all over the United States are staying in a Moon Township hotel Friday night with one common bond: they came to Pennsylvania with the promise of a career in the Marcellus Shale gas drilling industry, only to have it crushed a month later.

"They told me I would have a job and it would last," said Keith Miller, of Tennessee.

Jeffrey Milton, of Orlando, Fla., said he was told, "I never had to worry about any layoffs."

Channel 4 Action News' Jim Parsons spoke with 10 of the workers, each one saying he was recruited to come to Pennsylvania by Houston-based gas drilling services company Baker Hughes.

But after just one month on the job near Williamsport, all of them were fired. More...


Anonymous said...

ALMOST, and I mean almost as bad as a promise from a politician.

Anonymous said...

The only one good outcome would be if these men were let go in order to support the local economy and populace by hiring people from around here. But, unfortunately, we all know that is not the case. These companies care nothing about us. We are simply land-owning whores to these money-hungry SOB's. Or maybe it was because they could import cheaper (and possibly illegal) mexican labor.

Anonymous said...

I feel for these guys...but what about the men around here who need jobs?

Anonymous said...

This was already posted on this site. Seems like anything that is negative against the industry gets an unbelievable amount of attention. Enough to re-post this article.

Unfortunately, this elimination of jobs is a product of our Government's failed energy policies.

Seems Washington would rather pay $100 a barrel for oil that push incentives for the need for domestically produced natural gas.

Companies have no choice than to cease operations for natural gas extraction with $2.35 gas. I am sure a month ago there was a lot of work for these men. This industry changes quickly.

Maybe they can all find work in the solar and windmill fields.....after all, the renewable energy sector is the salvation according to many of the posters on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Once again ...

Why do we EXPORT OUR oil and IMPORT foreign oil?

Anonymous said...

I feel for these guy's also BUT as we all know who work in this field it happens all the time, and will continue too. Yes the Gov. has things to do with it and also the price, but never fear it's not over when they get done playing this out they will re-open everything full force, for sure. The reason why we export and import the same product it's called FREE TRADE and we have to keep them happy even at our expense, so the gov., say's.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with the post on March 10th at 2:16PM.....

Anonymous said...

@3/10 7:01 pm - What on earth are you talking about, we ARE drilling more than we ever have before. We ARE producing more domestic oil and gas than ever before.

The ONLY failure in our domestic energy policy is the failure to shift to renewable biofuels, solar and wind on a larger scale. Oil and gas are NOT this nation's future. At best, Natural Gas can only provide a bridge to some other technology. There's a lot there, sure, but not enough to last beyond a few decades at our current consumption rate.

You need to educate yourself, we're already drilling, refining and extracting (and polluting) at max capacity.

Anonymous said...

I am sure these people did not get fired but laid off !!! If they got fired they came back dirty on their tests.

Anonymous said...

If they got fired, then the people doing the firing better watch their backs. Lot of people going postal in the news lately. several in the news just this past week at different places.

Anonymous said...

biofuels, solar, and wind don't come close to our needs, and wind energy comes with huge environmental issues. They are being promoted by people who think mostly about carbon emissions. What we need is a focus on nuclear energy. It's far and away better than coal, will last beyond our years of gas, and you don't need to remove mountain tops (wind) or surrender large tracts of land to harness it. Just put the plants in safe places and research a way to store the spent fuel rods. The safety record is better than coal by far.

Anonymous said...

I applaud these men. Left their families looking for a job. All I here around here is hire the local folks. Well if you are a local guy and want work get off your ass and go find one. Be like these guys go to the Dakotas and work in the oil fields. Bitch that there is no work but to lazy to go chase a job. Few are willing to make the sacrifices anymore to provide for their families.Bitch because they hire Mexicans or folks from out of state. There are jobs out there plenty of them across the U.S. The government needs to quit the hand outs to those that are able to work. If you get hungry enough you will find a job. People are so give me, give me and poor me anymore.

Anonymous said...

My husband works for Baker Hughes at a Pa yard, so I know what's going on. For one, Baker has tried to hire local guys and do, just local guys don't want to apply. So they bring in extra help, recruited by an outside source who gets paid to recruit on a commission based pay mind you and have been caught in many lies by Baker, which nearly bankrupts the local yards because these guys are offered unreasonable amounts of pay and benefits that not even the local employees have the ability to have (rotators as they are called, are paid twice as much per hour as the actual local employee and are paid hours even when not at work). Because of the actions of the recruiters and the lowering gas prices now, even local employees are being laid off. Imagine how my husband felt when his roughly $2000 to $2500 a month income (after being with the company for years) was towered by the $5000 to $6000 income of the rotators who didn't even have 1 day of experience before coming to the yard. But that was a problem between the recruiters and HR. The recruiters made unreasonable offers to sell the job to the rotators and HR had to back them up. It isn't Baker's fault. There are no shortage of jobs around here either. There is a NOW HIRING sign in nearly every business's window. Locals are just too lazy to go get a job. The only locals that applied to Baker and were not hired either lied on the application, had an undesirable criminal history or failed the drug test. If you are a local, on here complaining that you didn't get hired when you applied, you are the one with the issues not Baker. These guys were trying to make their lives better, but the whole time they were up here, they did nothing but bitched and complained and didn't even work. They got paid to not do anything and complained that they wanted more money etc when they were making 2-3x what the actual yard employees were making.