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Saturday, March 31, 2012

PA House To Vote On Cutting 50 Representatives This Week

Reducing Size of the Legislature, Improving PA Jobs Climate, Reforming Prevailing Wage on House Agenda Next Week

 The state House returns to session on Monday, April 2, to debate and vote on various issues of importance.
Getting Our Own House in Order

The full House will debate and vote on House Bill 153, sponsored by Speaker of the House Sam Smith (R-Jefferson/Armstrong/Indiana), aimed at reducing the size of the General Assembly. The bill, a constitutional amendment to reduce the size of the state House of Representatives from 203 members to 153, is required to be debated and passed by both the House and Senate in two consecutive sessions, and subsequently approved by referendum vote of the people of Pennsylvania.

Improving the Commonwealth Jobs Climate

As state and local governments are trying to cope with less money, House Republicans believe, “the best social program is a good economy.”

The House will continue its focus on improving the state’s economy and jobs climate. (In fact, there will be an EmployPA jobs agenda press conference on Monday, April 2, at 2 p.m. in the Main Rotunda of the Capitol in Harrisburg; it will be streamed live at www.PAHouseGOP.com.)

While Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was 7.6 percent in February, and is well below the U.S. rate of 8.3 percent (PA has been below the national rate for 46 consecutive months), it is still too high according to House GOP members. The top priority of the House Republican Caucus is to make improvements to the Commonwealth’s jobs climate and lower the cost of doing business in the state.

Republicans are concerned that, according to various economic reports and business groups, the state continues to have one of the highest costs of doing business in the country when combining state and local taxes, fees, regulatory requirements and health care.

Improvements will lead to higher employment and economic growth.

The House will consider legislation to reform the state’s antiquated business tax structure to bring more equity and fairness to all job creators in Pennsylvania. House Bill 2150 (Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana) would basically eliminate the so-called Delaware Loophole and implement other necessary reforms to the state’s business tax structure.

By working together, the House Republicans, Senate and Gov. Tom Corbett are moving to change the state’s reputation and throw open Pennsylvania’s doors to job creation and retention.
                     Stretching Local Dollars for Local Jobs Projects

                     For decades, the state’s prevailing wage law has stopped basic maintenance or repair projects from being done; it requires taxpayers to pay inflated prices for public projects. These projects include road repairs (including pot holes), roof repairs, or replacing broken tiles in a classroom floor.

Many hundreds of school districts, county commissioners, townships and boroughs have passed resolutions endorsing reforms to be made to the state’s prevailing wage law. The law, created in 1961, has never had its $25,000 threshold increased to match inflation. House Bill 1329 (Rep. Fred Keller, R-Union/Snyder) would simply increase the threshold for which projects must submit to prevailing wage. By increasing the threshold, many smaller but necessary projects could be accomplished throughout the Commonwealth.

The Weekly Schedule

Bill numbers will be used to identify the legislation being considered either in committee or on the House floor.  The bills, sponsors and summaries are posted HERE.

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