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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO: Governor Corbett Signs Legislation Before Ink Dries To Avoid Public Scrutiny

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO: Governor Corbett Signs Legislation Before Ink Dries To Avoid Public Scrutiny

HARRISBURG-- Just hours after the Pennsylvania State House passed House Bill 934, the Voter Suppression bill, Governor Tom Corbett signed the controversial legislation into law.

"Governor Corbett's action last night, in signing this legislation, reflects the unpopular and undemocratic ideas that suppress the right to vote," PA AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale said. "His signature on this bill places unreasonable and unnecessary barriers on the right to vote for our most vulnerable citizens of Pennsylvania. He should be ashamed, not only by his association with this bill, but by hiding it away before the good citizens of our Commonwealth knew what hit them."

The bill, which requires specific forms of photo ID in order to vote, could disenfranchise nearly 700,000 Pennsylvanians, specifically senior citizens, the disabled, and lower-income workers who may not have a valid PA Driver's License.

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania opposes Voter ID bills because they have found no evidence that there is fraudulent voting in the state that showing a photo ID would solve.

"This legislation, and now law, is not about voter fraud, it's about passing the flawed policies that are unpopular with the majority of Pennsylvanians." Bloomingdale emphasized.

"It is unthinkable that Governor Corbett has chosen not to act as quickly as he did last night to save the jobs of thousands of Pennsylvania workers in communities across the Commonwealth, particularly the workers in the southeast refineries, a zinc plant in western Pennsylvania, along with thousands of other workers who find themselves without jobs today through no fault of their own," Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder said. "Sadly, many of those thousands of unemployed workers in the past year are direct casualties of this administration's failed policies," Snyder added.

It's estimated that the Voter ID law will cost Pennsylvania $11 Million in taxpayer money. This doesn't sit well with many concerned citizens, who are watching social programs and education budgets slashed in the wake of PA's financial crisis.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO supports creating jobs, saving jobs, and strengthening our economy, not denying citizens their rights.

SOURCE Pennsylvania AFL-CIO


Anonymous said...

Now the dead and wetbacks can't vote for Obuma.

Anonymous said...

no diff then 'bamacare

we didnt want that either

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Republican party finally admit that they believe only white male Christian land owners should be allowed to vote. This is voter suppression orchestrated by the Teatard mantality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 10:19 AM, we get it. You hate this president, but it's totally not about you being a racist...right?

Anonymous said...

This bill is nothing more than a democatic voetr supression bill!

THIS is why if we want a true democracy, we need to vote the Republicans out of office!

You'd think we would have learned after 2000 and then 2004.

The republicans need sleasy tricks like this to take office!

Yet they want our boys to die overseas for "democratic voting". But here they want rigged elections.

Anonymous said...

Good!!! College students all have ID., lower income people know how to get the access card and can't get a photo ID, I don't think so and most of our elderly that vote do have a drivers license or expired one and if not I am sure the Senior centers or other agencies will gladly help them get an ID. In this small area people don't normally have to use their ID's ,but even if they have to, don't tell me a SS card Medicare card etc won't be acceptable. Common now? Really?

Bear Hunter said...

Last I knew illegal voting IS unpopular and undemocratic!!

@ post 11:14 AM: REALLY????

@ post 11:58 AM: How is showing identification rig an election??

Anonymous said...

To quote a movie: This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause.

Then again, you all clapped when Bush and Cheney trashed the constitution. I see no reason you shouldn't when Corbett does it.

The reason this nation is in decline isn't the boogyman Hannity is screaming about. If you really want to know why the nation falls, it's because you've handed it to treasonous thieves.

Want to know who's responsible for our nations problems? Look in a mirror.

18% of the elderly do not have photo i.d.
(Now all we need to do is cut their medicare and we don't need to worry about the old people at all.)

Oh to see the look on a lifelong Republican voter's face when he shows up to the polls and finds out the guy he voted in 2 years ago made it so he couldn't vote.

Of course the real reason is to stop those darn uppity blacks in philly from voting. Older democrats are just a bonus.

I heard on Fox News the blacks in philly voted 10 times each. And Acorn had an Army of Black Panthers and black people are scary and stuff.

They couldn't back their claims up with any evidence, but their black so I'm pretty sure they're guilty.

fun fact, Corbett himself admits there is NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud. After signing it he said "This is a law of prevention".

Yeah, preventing people from voting that won't vote for you.

Your so busy thinking up fantasies about what an anti-American monster Obama is, you don't even notice your own party is our worst enemy.

But what do any of the hicks reading this care? The only amendment they need is the 2nd *spit*ding*

Anonymous said...

"We the People of the United States" are responsible for voting people into office, but not for how they perform once in office.

To poster 1:39 PM

Arrogant (uppity) people of any race are disgusting, including yourself and Presidents Bush and Obama!

Enough of the Race Card, if your a citizen, your an American.

Voting is a privilege and should be taken seriously and not for granted. Unfortunately the minority (small percentage) ruin it for the majority causing the aforementioned law. It can not be proven that voting abuses have Not occurred either. Look up an article "The dog who"s registered to vote in New Mexico". Without any form of needed identification, to make a point, a man gave his dog a false name and received a voter's card in the mail two weeks later. He will be charged for this offense after he disclosed this to the local media.

Within Pennsylvania's new voter law it states "the Department of Transportation shall issue an identification card at no cost to any registered elector who has made application".

There may be an inconveniece to some to obtain the needed identification, but I will do my best to help those within my community to secure theirs, both Democrat and Republican.

The treasonous thieves, including Bush, were a Democratic Congress and a Democratic Senate. Now the treasonous thieves, including Obama, are a Republican Congress and a Democratic Senate.

And to your last comment......I would rather be a hick than spout off a bunch of nonsensical diatribe.

Anonymous said...

Hairy Back Said:

This should cut back on the inner city voting by 98%, giving 2% for the .COM folks who were once wealthy and found there way to the slums!

my opinion, republican/democrat, are ANY OF THEM HONEST and honestly looking out for OUR best intrest? hahaha... I don't think so!

I'm starting my own party, it's called the: Leave me alone party or Honey, grab the gun party!

this country has lost it! Theres no discipline in school and nobody has any mental toughness to work through problems on there own!

Anonymous said...

How ironic that this is the anniversary (3/15/1965) of LBJ's call to Congress for EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS FOR ALL. I wonder if this violates any of the provisions of the resulting Voting Rights Act, enacted into Federal law on 8/6/1965.

Anonymous said...

The only people that do not agree with this are the ones who were cheating and voting more than once. I can't beleive the AFL-CIO would try to argue against something to stop cheating. Makes you wonder!

Anonymous said...

Democrats calling republicans sleasy is like the pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

I am actively working with my county Democrat Party to contact every single registered Democrat in the county to verify they have ID. If not, we will see to it that they do. This will empower our base and counter in a greater degree this stupid law. This may just be the spark that lit the fire under the final blow to the Republican Party.

common sense said...

wow! i think it is great. for those that say this is a republican thing, around 80 percent of likely voters in pa are for this requirement. most of the likely voters are seniors. and pa has a democratic majority of voters. so how is this republican. how is it racist? if requiring an i.d. to vote and affect the lives of others is racist, how racist is it when i have to show it to buy cigarrets and beer. i suppose when i cash my checks the bank tellers are racist. there is a lot of time before the polls open, and anybody who cares will get an id card if they dont already have one. our state has representatives if the state passes a bill that constituents dont agree with then the constituents can go get an i.d. and go vote in someone that will reverse is a democratic REPUPLIC, not a democracy. and for good reason. and for the people crying the loudest over this, if you care so much about the supposed disenfranchised voters, then go spread the word and help them get i.d.'s so they aren't.

Anonymous said...

For heaven sakes, I have to have photo I.D. to get my points at the casino. Even the Senicas are that smart! Really, You shouldn't have to show I.D. to vote.....It's a huge responsibility to vote. Take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

Amen first 4:22 and 5:30. Do you have to have an ID for cigs? Beer? Those are trivial things compared to voting, even though it's to vote in another in a line of thieves. People really should take it more serious and really understand what each person party stands for. Dems want to keep borrowing from China to have every entitlement known to man continue and add new ones. Repubs want to cut taxes, and OMG cut rich peoples too, reduce regulations slowing down new and current businesses. Funny how this country was built on bust your a** mentality now our own leaders would hold you back by offering "that if you make too much money, we will take it! We think we know way better than you how to spend your money, and there are so many lazy people we need to buy cell phones and drugs for. We need to create more govn't jobs so that we can take more from the private sector to pay for." How sound is this strategy do you think? Last 3 years govn't jobs up 15%, private sector up 2.6%. Ask Nute about foodstamp program growth. We the private sector just keep on giving and giving and giving..............................

Anonymous said...

Another action by republicans that makes me cringe to be one of them. That, and all the redneck retards who comment in this section.

Anonymous said...

It is such a shame that people who want to vote that do not have ID will have to go get one. If they are THAT lazy, then do they even bother researching the canidates ? OR do they listen to the ALF-CIO and jump when the union says to.... People have EIGHT MONTHS to get an ID if they want to vote in November... I feel so bad for them.