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Friday, March 30, 2012

Riverdale Mobile Home Community Forced To Move For Gas Well Water Extraction

Uploaded by on Mar 29, 2012
The residents of the Riverdale Mobile Home Village. A Bryn Mawr-based Aqua PVR LLC has decided it will give most residents of Riverdale Mobile Home Village until June 1 to move.The company received permission from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to withdraw up to 3 million gallons of water per day from the site.The company plans to build a pump station on the site The water will be transported via pipeline to gas drilling sites .The residents' leases have been terminated.


Anonymous said...

I think I got something in my eye after old guy at 5:45 :(

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for these people. I've been in their shoes before when once I was asked to leave because the property I rented had been sold and the second time when the house I was renting the landlord wanted to put his elderly mother in it and I had to leave. But unfortunately that is what may happen when you rent. The property isn't yours. You are not the owner any you have no say about if or when you may be asked to leave. Owners of properties have the right to do what they want with their own property whether anyone likes it or not. Most rental contracts don't cover you if the property sells. I hope they all find a new place before the deadline.

Anonymous said...

Boy you would think Mr Fox and Ms Troutman would be all over this? Must not be any money in it!

Anonymous said...

Its a sad story for sure. Combined with the feel good music in the background it is quite compelling. I'll bet that I could make a similar video about some good people who invested their hard erned money into a property only to find out that another group of people who have never owned the land will not get off the property. Listen to the woman at 5:35. "We can't let them take this away from us". Imagine that ! Someone telling the rightful owners of a property what they sould or shouldn't do. The tennents have known all along that they were renters and not owners. I'm sure this is tough for them, no dought, and I feel for thier problems. But lets not blame the property owners.

Anonymous said...

Re:"I'll bet that I could make a similar video about some good people who invested their hard earned money into a property only to find out that another group of people who have never owned the land will not get off the property."

"The residents' leases have been terminated"...
Leases are a binding (legal) agreement. The renters did have a reasonable expectation that the landlord would not terminate the leases.
Similar to leasing mineral rights. When you own land and you choose to lease the mineral rights to a driller, you can't sell the land and tell that driller to take a hike. You are obligated to the driller, primarily because he made an investment with a reasonable assumption that you would fulfill your part of the agreement and allow him to stay and drill until that contract (your legally binding agreement) expires.

Anonymous said...

RE: Legally binding agreement. Clearly there was a sale provision in the lease. Otherwise, it would be illegal for the land owner to terminate the lease. There is therefore no reasonable expectation.

Anonymous said...

Legal or not, it is unethical to not provide a sufficient amount of time for these people to prepare for this. Just because it is legal does not mean it is right. In the end, the people who sold the property will get their just desserts either by karma, or through their maker. They will probably waste all the blood, i mean gas money and have to move into a low income trailer park and have the lot they rent sold from under them. Business and ethics should go hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

"Business and ethics should go hand in hand."
They don', get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Gov't and ethics should go hand in hand.

It sucks that some people resign themselves to this.

Who negotiated a settlement that is less than 1/2 of what's needed to relocate?

The park residents DID deserve to know that the 2 public commissions involved had negotiated this deal to both rezone and approve the withdrawal permit.

This is a local gov't that stabbed their own people in the back.

Anonymous said...

2 things:

1) They found out in the paper the park was sold BEFORE the landlord told them. And gave them little over a month at first to leave.

2) With the hot weather and drought a given this year, the 3 (this and 2 more) draw sites will take between 9-10 MILLION gallons per DAY out of the river. A river that serves Williamsport and those "down river".