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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thinking Boards


Not a reference to the "latest" in building tools, Thinking Boards are all the men and women who spend their "free" time (& sometimes paid time) serving various causes that keep our society going.

In our region I'm aware of Library Boards, Church Boards, School Boards, Hospital Boards, Bank Boards, and the boards of various clubs. They all serve in areas where decisions must be made that affect the public. How these decisions are made is often determined by "needs" vs. budget. Like it or not in today's world, money rules and that's sad. When board members vote on issues involving conscience and budget, sometimes decisions can be grueling. They understand "needs" over wants, and they also know you can't get blood from a stone ... so they deal with it. Their goals? ...not to make everyone happy but to simply do the best they can with what they have.

If you know someone who serves on a board ... THANK THAT PERSON!

These thoughts came to mind after reading about the decisions made by Boards outside our immediate area. Headlines across PA, WV, and OH have been highlighting the money made available to Boards because of their sub-surface rights. Like individuals who have leased, Boards doing their homework have sometimes found they too have "rights" acreage to lease.

EX: "... Marcellus Drilling Lease for School Property -- $2K per Acre, 15% Royalties"

"Chevron's Offer to Western PA School ...$1,500 per AC, 15% Royalty, 5 Years"
"School District Near Pittsburgh Receives $628 K Lease Payment"

While these headlines have focused on schools, it's just as possible that all the Boards referred to above have "rights" acreage whether bought outright, donated, or willed to them. It's also just as likely the number of acres owned is less than the size of a production unit, i.e. 640+ AC , a number which grabs the attention of leasing companies. Hence the need for exploring Landowner Leasing Groups in the area. Such Groups bundle acreage, have developed a lease specific to their circumstances, and secured experienced, successful firms to market and negotiate a fair and environmentally stable leasing document. Watch for ads of these meetings.
Typically when Boards enter this arena the action is begun by a few Board Members attending public meetings, or a private meeting requested by/for a full Board. The latter often allows for a freer exchange of ideas, while the former also allows for a considerable question-and-answer period. Attorneys on board committees have keen knowledge of typical board matters, but few have "majored" in gas/oil business. A dentist doesn't do knee replacement, and a neurosurgeon won't contemplate performing gastro-intestinal surgery.

These are tough economic times. If there is one more stone that needs to be turned, one more path that needs to be explored before more cuts are made or taxes raised, let our existing resources help take care of program shortfalls.

Thinking Boards are covering all their bases before making decisions.

Janice L. Hancharick
4-County Leasing Group
McKean/Potter in PA, Cattaraugus/Allegany in NY


Anonymous said...

I got bored about half way through this tripe.

Anonymous said...

A teacher once told me "Only the boring get bored." Sharp individual that I am ... I got the message.