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Friday, April 20, 2012

Coudersport Rotary Club learns about sleep disorders

Coudersport Rotary Club learns about sleep disorders

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Brianna Kightlinger, left, gave a presentation on sleep studies during a recent meeting of the Coudersport Rotary Club. At right is Rotary Club member Pat Northeimer.

The Coudersport Rotary Club recently heard a presentation from Brianna Kightlinger, who works in the Sleep Center at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.

Kightlinger started at the hospital four years ago, and is “passionate about sleep.”
She works in the Sleep Center, which is a two-bed facility that is open for sleep studies on Monday through Friday. According to Kightlinger, the Sleep Center does not feature a typical hospital bed.

“The Sleep Center has a full-size bed and the room features a TV,” Kightlinger said. “There we test for sleep apnea, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome.”

According to Kightlinger, in order for a person to receive a sleep study you must be referred by a family physician.

Kightlinger explained the areas of testing. Restless leg syndrome occurs when you kick your legs around during sleep. Sleep Apnea occurs when you hesitate to breathe while sleeping, which prevents the body from getting Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Narcolepsy occurs when a person falls asleep during active behavior such as talking, and may be treated with medication.

She also detailed the various methods to treat sleep disorders.

“Surgical procedures are a way of intervention and may reduce sleep apnea,” Kightlinger said. “It may also make it easier to use a CPAP machine.”

While the Sleep Center performs the studies, the actual results are calculated remotely and then sent to the family physician where patients receive their results.

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What a great person to put you to sleep.