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Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Epidemic Of Bath Salts In Rural PA


Written by Eliza Player
Posted in Voices in Recovery

When I started this focus on bath salts, almost all the information I had came directly from news stories, or other second hand sources. I began asking around for personal stories. I did not talk to anyone who had actually done the drug, but I did get a lot of personal experience from a friend whose son had taken the drug several times.

My friend’s son was no newcomer to the drug life, and he would take whatever he could get his hands on. His drug of choice was heroin, and he often mixed the opiate with cocaine or meth. My friend has seen her son under the influence of various substances, and she has witnessed his erratic behavior for years. But, she hates bath salts worse than any of them.

When her son first discovered bath salts, he decided to give them a try. (As many of us would have also done while still immersed in active addiction.) Almost immediately he was twitching and sweating, while he became increasingly paranoid. He became fixated on finding something in his bedroom to the point he was unable to control himself and the fixation. He tore his room apart, removing all the dresser drawers and searching all the drawers over and over again. He ended up splitting open the mattress and box spring, digging around inside looking for this item. His room was completely destroyed. He did not sleep for the next three nights. More bizarre behavior....

More information you should know about bath salts:


Anonymous said...

I swear if these damn kids are stupid enough to try this Bath Salts stuff, after all the facts & warning about it, they deserve what ever happens!

Anonymous said...

The "experts" say the same thing about weed. Its soooo bad. Dont smoke a joint after a long day to help you relax. You will go crazy!!!!! Whens the last time you heard about a guy smoking 1 too many joints with his buddies and going home and beating up his wife? Ever hear of someone smoking too much and overdosing? No! Because its impossible! But, oh yeah thats right....its an herb and we cant tax it!!!! Make it illegal....We will just hand out vicodin and percocet and oxycodin and sleep aids and muscle relaxors and morphine. Because the FDA said its safe and we will make billions! While we are at it, we will charge crazy rates for insurance, then tell them there is a co-pay on the meds!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we are government!

Anonymous said...

Good point. Maybe if they would actually let people enjoy an herb that grows naturally, without chemicals sprayed all over it stuff like bath salts and other crap would go away. Good point indeed