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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ulysses Business Start Up One Of Four In Central PA To Get Ben Franklin Investment


On March 20, 2012, the Board of Directors for Ben Franklin Technology Partners/CNP, approved investments totaling $650,000 in four tech-based start-ups located in central Pennsylvania. The Center’s Board also approved funding for a university-based research project designed to develop a soil sampling protocol that will characterize job-site conditions.

For nearly 30 years, Ben Franklin has made investments in central Pennsylvania’s entrepreneurs, tech-based start-ups, and small manufacturers with the goal of assisting them in developing new technologies, hiring additional employees, and increasing sales. For more information on the program, click on http://www.cnp.benfranklin.org

The companies that received a Ben Franklin investment are:

Located in Potter County, Headwaters LLC will build and operate a state-of-the-art water remediation and recycling facility in Ulysses, PA. The company’s process will clean hydro-fracing water to recyclable standards that can be re-used for natural gas drilling. Within 18 months, Headwaters LLC plans to have remediated and recycled more water than any other local facility. For more information, www.revh2o.com

A previous story in Solomon's words about the facility is HERE

Hot Mix Mobile, located in Lebanon County, designs and manufactures a mobile mix-on-site volumetric Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) system called the RoadMixer™.

The unit is truck mounted and delivers hot mix asphalt on-demand for the permanent repair of roads with little or no waste. The Roadmixer™ effectively eliminates the need for temporary “cold patching”. For more information, www.roadmixer.com

Operating out of the TechCelerator@Carlisle in Cumberland County, CrimeWatch US has developed a software platform designed to operate on web and mobile technologies allowing law enforcement agencies to manage, organize, and control fugitive/offender information. The CrimeWatch portal is a control point for disseminating information to the general public, and encourages interaction across social media networks.

Located in Elk County, Super Abrasive Machining Innovation (SAMI) provides the latest in super abrasive machining capabilities to a wide range of markets. SAMI offers precision grinding at speeds as fast as those generated by single point machining, providing a cost effective stock removal process for even the most complex geometric shapes requiring tight tolerances. For more information, www.samillc.com

Alpine Sales & Rental, located in Centre County, received an Innovation Adoption Fund Grant to assist them with a R&D project they are having conducted at Penn State University. The project is designed to develop a soil sampling protocol to effectively characterize jobsite conditions. This information allows for optimized equipment selection in terms of power, torque, and speed when blending soil. For more information, www.alpinecutters.com


Anonymous said...

I saw a story about this in the Endeavor several weeks ago. Why is nobody else reporting on this? Isn't the construction of a massive frack water recycling plant near Ulysses a pretty newsworthy kind of item? I thought the people around that part of the county were so vigilant about the headwaters.

Anonymous said...

I heard the this plant was going to be located in Lawrenceville, PA. instead of Ulysses.

Anonymous said...

From wind turbines to a fracking water plant. The assault on the Ulysses area is all from one newly retired farmer.

Anonymous said...

That is what I heard also Lawrenceville. Whats up here someone playing games. I live near Ulysses and I DO NOT WANT THIS THING NEAR>

Anonymous said...

My question to Headwaters LLC. Is radioactivity from fracking filtered out of the water? Are we going to see three-eyed fish in the Allegheny River (since this is located right in the headwaters area)?

Your company writes that it takes out 99.5% of the particles suspended in water. So in a gallon of water with 10 million particles you're leaving over 50 thousand particles of crap! Please let me fill up a glass of that for your CEOs and their children. Let me feed that to the cows who will produce the milk your family will be drinking. You can TRY to make anything look good if you use big numbers.

Anonymous said...

Does the recently retired farmer happen to live on Fox Hill in Ulysses Township? We are so lucky to have him in our area.

Anonymous said...

poster 1:14
for real or is that sarcasm ? he may think so but the majority DON'T !

Anonymous said...

Why is it that everyone is so concerned what he does on his own property. Does everyone else pay his taxes?? NO! Then you shouldn't think you have a say on what he does on his property.

Anonymous said...

poster 7:44 when someone does something on "there" property and they contain it on there property then all is good .but if it effect's other's then it is no longer just there business.if someone put something on there property that decreses neighboring homes and businesses that they pay taxes on is it not there business or right to have some say after all it will hurt the neighboring homes and business but when you want to tell people more or less it's not there business what one does on there property i beg to differ. and when someone is hauling vehichles on weight posted roads and knows this and we the tax payer's pay for that.....do these people want to compensate us for there doings ? should we the tax payer's pay for that person whose is ruining the highways when they are making a profit but they want us to pay for what they do to our highways ? OR is none of that our business either ? if they are quick to break the law but are the first to make waves for others really ? maybe you need to come up for some air.....

MGood said...

Some people really need to learn to spell simple words like "their" and "dumb". now for the rest of my rant. I am stilling researching how the recycle water plant would work. I hope it includes using reveres Osmosis. I would think reverses Osmosis would work on removing a lot of the chemicals. I know it works for water with high levels of Arsenic. Maybe I could get a job as a Q.C inspector for the plant.