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Friday, May 11, 2012

The To Fill A Backpack program will be having a Yard Sale

The To Fill A Backpack program will be having a Yard Sale at 81 Burleson Avenue in Roulette on Saturday, May 12th. 

We will have lots of kitchen stuff, lots of kids clothing and lots of big men's clothing...if we don't have it out for sale just let us know what you are looking for cuz we may have it available. 

The sale will start at 9 (early birds welcome but everything will probably not be out) and we will start selling hot dogs, chips, pop, water, juice boxes, and cookies around 10:30....we will have our fancy dogs as well (chili dogs & kraut dogs). Please stop by and help out the Backpack program. Everything has got to go because it can't come back in.


Anonymous said...

I think that is pretty small of you having food the same day as the townwide sales. That is the only fund raiser the RCC has that day to pay for advertizing etc. No one would come for just one yard sale so they are paying for you as you won't give $5.00 to get on the map Cheap. I have given to fill a backpack in the past but it won't happen again. Can't people work together????? You have done this the last few years and you should be ashamed of your self. You want support but you sure don't give any.

Anonymous said...

u know they are still having a yard sale as well so i don't see any trouble with this it is something that you want to bitch about..i will
support the fill a backpack.and other's as well fill a backpack is helping kid's that have nothing in life some of these kids don't even have shoe' maybe that $5.00 bucks will help another kid in life

Anonymous said...

I know some kids that got them that has a lot more money than me again its who you know

Andy Kulp Jr said...

Part #1 of my comment:
Let me start with my comment by saying that I really love people that are willing to post nasty comments but are not willing to post their names. I believe that might be the cowardness in ya sir or madam...
Now let's get down to my comment...first of all I would not do anything to take away from the Chamber of my hometown. No where do I see any rules for the Townwide Yard Sales that no one is allowed to sell food but them. The Backpack program is planning on helping over 1,000 kids this year and to do that we have to raise money and this is one way that we can do it. We are selling nothing but hot dogs and drinks and our yard sale stuff...last I knew the Chamber sold hot dogs, hamburgers and not sure what else. If the people chose to come to the Backpack yard sale and purchase food there that is their choice...I'm not twisting their arms to do it. Next you will be telling me that because everyone else is having a yard sale that the Backpack program should do theirs on a different weekend. Your comment about us doing this the past 2 years is incorrect I believe...we did do it last year but don't remember us doing it the year before so your numbers are slightly off.
As for not paying my $5.00 to get on the map...again I don't remember any rules that if you are having a yard sale you have to pay and get on the map...last I knew that was your choice to do that. I called someone on Tuesday night regarding getting on the map and I was more than willing to pay the $5.00 as everyone else did that is on the map....I never got a return phone call so I figured that I was too late and the maps had already been printed. I went to get a map tonight (since I found out about your crude comment while I was out to dinner with my parents...thanks Theresa) to see if we indeed had made it so that I could go pay my money but we are not there...could it be because we are selling food and the Chamber didn't like it so they didn't return my call nor did they put us on the map....I'm pretty sure that they would not do that and that is was either an oversight or because I had missed getting on the map that there wasn't a need to call me back. Can't tell ya what happened and I am not going to let it bother me.

Andy Kulp Jr said...

Part #2 of my comment:
As for someone getting a backpack that has more money than you do...if you want to start playing the game of checking incomes, etc. then I better have a lot more people stepping up to the plate to help us when it comes time. That involves a totally different type of work and I really don't want to be the one that has to tell a kid that he can't have a backpack because his parent/parents make $50 more than they are allowed to get help from the Backpack program. We do not ask any information from the people that are asking for backpacks. We stress in everything that we print, etc. that you should not ask for a backpack because it is free...ask for a backpack because you need it. We figure that 95% of our backpacks are going to people that need them and the 5% that are getting them and shouldn't be...shame on them!

Now...if you want to slam the Backpack program I would appreciate if you would come see me or feel free to give me a call. I am not the type of person that enjoys confrontation but I am more than happy to argue regarding comments posted about a program that I have worked damn hard at making it work. Your support in the past is much what extent you helped I don't care...your support was there. If you donated a pack of pencils that was one less that we had to worry about not having to put in a backpack...if you donated $25 then you helped purchase one filled backpack. We don't beg for donations...the donations come to us because the people feel good about the program and they know that it works. Last year we did 941 backpacks so apparently we are doing something right and helping a lot of people. If you chose not to support the program any longer then I certainly hope that you can find another organization to support that does things exactly the way that you want them done.

Again...if you would like to talk about your comment feel free to give me a call or stop over tomorrow to our yard sale and we'll have a chat. Heck...I might even be willing to give you one of our combo meals at no charge just to show you that we are willing to give just like we are willing to take!!!

Andy Kulp
Founder of To Fill A Backpack

Ronnie Drabert said...

Well uncle Andy, well done, they didnt have anything to say about that.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in my town...first the ambulance people won't sign a contract with paramedic because they want all the money and we the people have to pay for medical help and now thye want to critize the back pack program that helps kids. Is this the way this town is going ???I am ashamed of you all.

Beth said...

Andy, I think your program is great and yes some families have enough money to buy a back pack, But you have a good heart and would never turn a child away. I dont think that selling food will affect what RCC will make, I remember a few years when their food stands were not even open but were on the map. Some people just look for something to gripe about. Keep up the good work and maybe they will call you and not stay hidden and ashamed

Andy Kulp Jr said...

To whomever made the initial post and caused this fiasco I would really love to talk face to face and get this straightened out. I'm not out to cause problems in this town because we have enough trouble as it is. I believe that I know who you are but will not mention names. If you want to talk and get this straightened out I will gladly talk to you.

Anonymous said...

This "battle" is so ridiculous it isn't funny!! The backpack program has expanded so much and is such a good thing for parents and their kids especially during hard economical times we are facing!!!!

Not to slam on the RCC but they don't really do much for this town and if they count on the town wide yard sales as their only source of fundraising they are crazy! Yes they half maintain the park and they have an Easter egg hunt in which the lady handing out the prizes this year (& in the past) was down right rude and ignorant to some of the children!!! I don't think she should be able to be there doing this anymore & next yr she will be confronted about it if it happens again!! They complain noone wants to help but when do they meet, what do they want help with,etc.... The RCC is bout half a joke!! The backpack program is real and so much bigger than ppl realize (& I don't mean actual size)! For a kid to have what they need to go to school, get an education, and become a productive member of society instead of living off others hard work including mine is phenomenal!!