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Friday, June 29, 2012

PA Budget Goes To Corbett For Signature

Pa. Senate approves $27.7 billion spending plan and sends it to Gov. Tom Corbett


With one day left in the fiscal year, the state Senate passed by a 32-17 vote the nearly $27.7 billion state spending plan that the House passed on Thursday.

It now goes to Gov. Tom Corbett for enactment.

Other parts of the budget package are still awaiting in the House and Senate. 

The plan requires no increase in taxes or new taxes. It maintains funding at current year levels for public universities and most school districts, but some fiscally struggling districts received a little extra money.

 It cuts funding for human services by $84 million and eliminates the Department of Public Welfare's cash assistance program, starting Aug. 1.


Anonymous said...

Eliminating cash assistance is shameful. I'm no bleeding heart liberal, but cash assistance is vital to thousands who fall on hard times. The governor, and any legislator who voted for this should be ashamed of themselves. So much for the Judeo-Christian values these guys talk about.
On a positive note, when the recipients flee to neighboring states it will open up some needed housing for the fracking industry employees.

Anonymous said...

too bad there is not a drop of compassion in the leaders of PA. We have endured cutbacks and stale wages. But have our SERVANTS of the people?

Anonymous said...

Why would you want to take money from the SERVANTS of the state, when a huge pool of money just came TO the gas industry?
What a stupid thing to think, let alone write. The state workers bust their asses just like every other working stiff out there.
Did you read ANYTHING about the budget? It gives 66 million A YEAR to Royal Dutch Shell, one of the WEALTHIEST companies in the WORLD, for 25 years. And that's only ONE of the tax breaks for the gas industry, apparently thanks for the rape they've already committed.
That's 1.7 BILLION total for one of the wealthiest companies in the world, but like a moron, you zero in on the state workers.
Again, 1.7 BILLION for one of the most successful companies IN EUROPE, but $205 a month for people who have NOTHING?? Nope.

Anonymous said...

Way to go voting for this guy.

People in this state scream about democrats because of scary obama and the Republicans walked in and sold the whole farm to their wealthy friends.

And the worst thing is most would go vote for him again.

But that's how it is now-a-days. The politicians have spent many years engineering ways to take from the people and give to their friends. Reminds me about 7 years ago hearing "i'd rather a million troops die than a democrat be right"

No one thinks anymore, all they do is grasp to irrational emotion. And this is what you get. Your nation, sold out from under you by the guys you voted for because they convinced you the other guys were going to do exactly what they were planning to do.

The day we look past (D) and (R) is the day we wont have crooks like Corbett selling our state away wholesale. Does this man understand our state government is a Commonwealth and what exactly that means? (ooooo scary socialism? don't read this post in the dark corbett fans.)

Anonymous said...

Trouble is , they ALL lie and make promises to get elected. And after they get in, they turn crooked (er) just like the ones before them.