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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sixty Seven Municipalities Go on Record Opposing Municipal Preemption By Act 13

Pennsylvania Municipality Support for Legal Challenge to Act 13 Growing
Sixty Seven Municipalities Go on Record Opposing Municipal Preemption

by Delaware Riverkeeper Network 

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – As the reality of Pennsylvania’s Act 13 sets in at the
local level in Pennsylvania, there is a groundswell of disapproval. In customarily deliberate and
carefully considered fashion, municipalities throughout the state are publicly adopting resolutions
and sending letters in support of the legal challenge to Act 13, the municipal takeover law that was
adopted by the Pennsylvania Legislature and enacted by Governor Corbett’s signature in
February 2012. Act 13 removes municipal zoning of oil and gas operations, weakens
environmental protections under the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act, limits physicians’ rights to
disclose gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) chemicals that their patients may be
exposed to, and establishes an impact fee on natural gas.

To date, at least sixty seven local governing bodies are known to have either adopted a
resolution or voted to send a letter in support of the lawsuit that aims to overturn the law based on
its unconstitutionality. The opposition to Act 13 spreads out geographically and includes
Marcellus shale regions as well as areas where no drilling is occurring. Since Act 13 guts
municipal rights over all types of natural gas operations – such as drilled gas wells, frack pits, gas
pipelines, and natural gas processing facilities -- the law has a long reach that pulls in every
community, no matter where it is located. Gas wells, frack pits and other gas and oil-related
industrial pollution sources are now pushed into residential districts and right up against day care
centers, schools, and shopping districts and municipalities are not allowed to keep them away.

Resolutions/Letters of Support have been adopted by:
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Anonymous said...

This is great news! Im glad some people have the guts to tell Corbett where he can go and take all his drilling buddies with him!

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone talks about how bad Obama is when we have someone (Corbett) stripping governing power from our municipalities to benefit his campaign donors.

Corbett puts cronies and backroom deals above the welfare of our state.

Keep voting Republican no matter what rubes. Nothing like watching masses of people ignorant enough to vote against their own best interests.

Just more "small government" from the Republicans. You know, like they keep telling you they believe in.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "believe in" hows that "change you can believe in" working out for you?

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:18, you know why they believe in small government? Did you know that if Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the feds, it would only be enough to run the government for 2 days before it was gone? And you dont see an issue with that huh?

Anonymous said...

5:43 you do know we've had 2 years of private sector job growth, right?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it takes more than a couple years to fix what was nearly the next great depression brought to us by dubya (it may yet be a depression, it's possible we've only bought ourselves some time)

5:45 I'm not sure what that half baked point is trying to make? What does Bill Gate have to do with pointing out how corrupt and rotten the Governor is that you've stuck us with.

You can't even acknowledge his problems! You can't look your own party's hypocrisy and corruption in the face. You just ignore it and scream about the opposition some more.

Your Saint Reagan wouldn't touch this Republican crop with a 10ft pole, and everyone knows it. Middle age + Caucasians are the only voting block your party can count on anymore and stats show you're bleeding badly on the college educated vote demographic. You might want to start asking yourselves why these things are.

In the mean time, enjoy your Corbetts and Romneys. Or I should say, enjoy convincing yourself these people have your interests in mind.

Here is some more great stuff from our PA (R)s:

Given no actual evidence of voter fraud they quickly passed the voter ID law. Showing their true colors, here is what (R) Senator and HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER Mike Turzai (PA 28th district) had to say:

"Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor [Mitt] Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done."

Nothing about making the vote safer from fraud, no, this is really why they passed the law.

Suppressing opposition votes, real nice. A direct attack on people's right to vote. How do you support these people?

Can't win an election without stealing it... I'd rather see a Presidential election stolen by a 5-4 Supreme court vote before I see voters being denied their constitutional rights at the polls.

According to our DOT 9.2% of voters presently lack a driver's license or alt id card, in Philly it's 18 percent. But those are inner city black votes so they shouldn't count anyways right? They aren't "real Americans"

And no, you can't get a state ID for free, not unless you are elderly and surrendering your drivers license (then they get a free alt id)

Anonymous said...

Why is proving who you really are such an issue for some. OOhhh wait....the people that have a problem with this are the same people that voted an idiot to be our president that wasnt even born in the United States. What a joke. Cry your poor me, you owe me blues to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Your president is spending 5 billion per day, must be bush's fault. He has spent over 6 trillion dollars since he took office, bush's fault too. He has stripped more freedoms from us than any other president, bush's fault as well. You bitch about a voter id law while your president is doing everything he can to allow illegals to vote. We have to be molested and watch our children be raped by the TSA if we want to take a vacation. We have predator drones flying over our skies "in case your a terrorist". The cost of living has doubled, wages stayed the same. A president that has the freaking nerve to refuse our veterans quality medical care and then say "well nobody forced these people to go to war"!!!! One of my favorites is "when im president, the troops will start coming home day 1" hows that working out? Oh yeah and the whole "bush tax cuts need to end" and he is now begging every year to extend those too. And the last deal he made to cut his spending, now its "yeah, Im gonna need to take back my part of the deal" Yep, that damn bush sure is the reason this idiot is letting this nation fail. "Obamacare" oh yeah, he forgot to mention the 4 billion a year in new taxes it would take to make that work too. Nobody believes people like you. I for 1 never have. You feast on negative campaign ads. This is our president. I think he should come out of daycare and start doing his job instead of worrying about someone elses business. And the list goes on and on and on. Oh yeah, he bailed out the auto industry...did you forget that that was all set into motion before bush left office? But it happened under bummers watch so it was his idea right?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey lets not forget obummers precious little MLK memorial that was made in, you guessed it! CHINA. Im sure we couldnt make something like that here in the states though...

Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in a day, and it takes more than a couple years to fix what was nearly the next great depression brought to us by dubya (it may yet be a depression, it's possible we've only bought ourselves some time)

Bought? When you buy something, it is assumed you pay for it. It is all borrowed money. The chit has yet to hit the fan. We can't take 4 more years of socialism! Lets let a businessman take a crack at it.


Anonymous said...

7:55, any actual data to back up any of those claims? Or just repeating what someone else told you?

And the list of things you don't like in our nation today... are you upset Bush put them into action or that Obama didn't strike them down? You seem to want your cake and eat it too.

It's all Obama's fault. Everything from the beginning of time to now. And he's not even an American, plus he's a mooselum. And I heard he burns 5 trillion a day in the secret mosque under the white house. I have no data on any of this, but Fox repeated it all week so it MUST be true.

You do realize a vote for Romney is a vote for all the same people that were working for Bush? Remember? Worst President in history? Complete ignoramus? Almost brought us a depression? That guy?

I might as well talk to a wall. Any of you that feel good about voting for Romney are probably going to vote for Corbett and if Satan himself had a (R) next to his name you'd probably vote for him too.

I mean jeez, you talk about Obama stripping your rights (I'd love to know which ones, like when he make it ok to carry guns on trains and in parks?) This whole article explains how Corbett is stripping our local governing power and all you can say is "But but but... Obama"

So conditioned none of you can discuss the article at hand. All it is: "But but but... Obama!"

By the way, why is Romney unable to release the tax records? What is he hiding? If it was Obama (who has given well over a decade of returns) you'd be freaking out.

What does your rich boy have to hide? How many laws has he broken? Someone with dignity and patriotism might want answers to these questions.

-is he afraid the church will find out he doesn't tithe enough?

-is he afraid you'll find out how much money he's made off abortions?

-is he afraid we'll see his offshore account amnesty in 2009 which is a flat out admission of a felony (thus the amnesty)?

-did he break the law by being head of Bain when he said he wasn't between 99 and 02? ("I retroactively retired")

Your candidate has lived his whole life in the gray area between legal and moral. Feel good about that.

Especially when the candidate and his wife both just came out and said (paraphrasing)"people would be so upset at what they'd find in them (tax returns), it would be worse than the current anger at withholding them"

I know your answer. "But but but Obama...." It's the only track on your record.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact if I met your tyrant OR Romney, id spit in both of their faces. So just because I dont agree with your "spend and tax" ideas doesnt mean I support the other either. You see I am independent of either party because I can actually see things from both sides of the fence. I dont automatically disagree with someone because I found out they are a democrap or republican. What liberties? heres a few. If you need more, just ask.

1. The right of free speech
You are no longer free to say whatever you want, whenever you want in America. In many states, you can be charged with a hate crime if you state something that is offensive to a member of one of the protected classes. Conservatives have rolled over on this issue because of threats from the media, and because it can be a death sentence for a politician’s subsequent campaign if they are labeled a racist or a homophobe. SOPA and other Internet censorship measures are aimed a silencing speech that the politicians don’t want you to hear.

2. The Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances

The right to protest is being curbed across the country, and at the federal level. Tea Party members are cheering as municipalities outlaw the Occupy Wall Street protests. The irony that they fail to see is that the same laws will apply to them when they seek to protest the next outrage from the administration. Congress has followed suit by passing a bill (which Obama signed into law) that makes it illegal to protest anything in the vicinity of Obama or anyone else with Secret Service protection. You can be charged with a federal offense if you protest near a building that Obama happens to be in, even if you’re protesting a separate issue and don’t know he’s there.

3. The Right to Privacy

Once the NSA’s new Big Brother data collection center goes online in September of 2013, you will no longer have a right to any sort of privacy in America. Any transaction or communication that you make that involves an electronic transfer of any sort will be collected and catalogued by the federal government. If you make a cell phone call, it will be recorded and stored there. Every website you visit will be tracked, as will every debit card purchase that you make. (Prediction: When people begin making more cash-only purchases in response to being spied on, cash will eventually be outlawed.)

4. The Right to Freedom of Religion

Obama signed a U.N. Resolution on December 20, 2011 that makes it illegal to say anything negative about Islam, even if it’s true. Simply pointing out the fact that Christianity is true and Islam is a satanic car-burning cult (hat tip to Ann Coulter) could get you arrested.

5. The Right to Life

You no longer have the right to live if Barack Hussein Obama declares you to be an enemy of the state. Eric Fast-and-Furious Holder and Obama have both claimed the right to assassinate American citizens on U.S. soil if they are suspected of being a terrorist. At the same time, the government is declaring that Tea Party members, Christians, preppers, conservatives, libertarians and people who make cash purchases for mundane items are terrorists.

6. The Right to Property

The acknowledgement that property ownership is equated with freedom has been recognized in western civilization since medieval times. Obama signed an executive order on March 16, 2012 which states that the government can seize all property, all food and even your labor in both emergency and non-emergency times. You can be forced to work for the government without pay, and the government can confiscate anything and everything within U.S. borders at the drop of a hat. All Obama has to do is flip a switch and our illusory way of life could come to an end.

Anonymous said...

And lets not get started on "bummercare" and what that strips away from us

Anonymous said...

I dont like being anonymous. Its Chris Carpenter again :)