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Friday, July 20, 2012

Some of your readers may find this interesting

Our state is spending a quarter million dollars to educate people on the new voter ID laws.

Conflict of interest is, the people running it work for Republican officials.

Taxpayer payout to buddies? Attempt to further stifle the vote with misinformation? Who knows, but worth voters knowing about.



Anonymous said...

The article states:

"Conflict of interest is, the people running it work for Republican officials."

It is clear that an educated voter will vote republican.

Voter fraud elected Obama and look what has happened!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish they would educate them on the fact that tax and spend is counter productive to a successful society. Just study Greece. Shrink government, they are not a money making entity. Government only takes money, spends as they see fit. Both sides of the aisle, don't know if one worse than the other. It is mathematically impossible to have government(federal,state,local) jobs exceed private sector jobs. Private pays for all govn't jobs, all taxes, and all welfare. Getting to be a heavy load.........

Anonymous said...

t dems could of got off thier lazy a$$e$ and done it thats all your mad at

Anonymous said...

Seems like new government program and spending to me. I thought Republicans didn't do that?

It's a drop in the bucket though, and hardly worth our attention. We should spend more time finding out who Corbett is funneling our taxpayer dollars to, and who is funneling dollars into his coffers.

Just like watching banks steal billions every day (ever week there is a new scandal) but we never prosecute anyone... then Republicans see someone buy a pack of cigarettes with a welfare card and flip their lids.

I would say the whole thing is a needless distraction but watching supreme courts in the nation striking down these laws, it does look like a shameless subversion of democracy to deny people their voting rights.

Not the first time someone has done this, but usually they don't legislate it. Other tricks to suppress Democratic votes:

-hold polling places away form public transportation

-hold polling places in police stations (inner city people trust police much less than we do, with good reason)

-have little to no signs/advertisement that a polling place is a polling place (those that have voted in 10 elections know where they are going, first timers however...)

-only keep poll hours open during the hours people are working (many retired votes, fewer younger votes)

A trick Wisconsin used when they got the voter ID law:

-keep DMVs closed all but one or two days of the week in Democratic districts. (Make getting the ID as difficult as possible)


Voter ID laws are bs to begin with. There is no evidence to suggest we have people dishonestly voting.

The real problems with our votes usually is with tampering by polling volunteers. You don't stuff a ballot box by driving 6 people to 6 different districts to vote... thats working hard for 36 votes, not working smart

wanna steal a vote? Get an election official to give a technically apt teenager 15 minutes alone with a voting machine. He'll steal you 6^6 votes.

If that was all we were worried about, we'd do what we encouraged the middle eastern countries to do, put a pot of purple ink at the poll to keep people from voting twice.

Hard to believe people don't have ID's but, fact is many don't. It might only cost $13.50 but even that can be a lot if you're poor. Not to mention they probably don't have the birth certificate to get that far, so they need to obtain that (~$25), then let's not forget you need transportation to these places to obtain them, which is always during business hours (if they do work, the sure can't afford to take the time off to do these things)

Its about suppression. But the voters in this country don't care. We've made it readily apparent that we have no regard for the law, as we permit our leaders and bankers to permit felonies without reprocussions. As long as they are on "our team" we won't care.

I mean, after all, imagine if Obama had refused to release his tax forms? Holy mackrel. People freaked over the birth certificate and college transcripts!

We are all poorly educated hypocrites and team players. And THAT is why (y)our democracy is failing.

True patriots would be astonished if their neighbors were having to jump through hoops to vote in the same way they have been for decades, with no evidence to support the reasons behind it.

What if this were another hoop to jump through to buy a gun? I'm sure people would feel differently.

Anonymous said...

If you have nothing to hide .WHAT is the big deal with showing your iD I am all for it...

Anonymous said...

Besides the faulty logic of "if you have nothing to hide, blah blah blah" which is depressing isn't common knowledge....

That isn't the issue here. It's the people that don't have ID and the problems presented:

-knowing they will need one this time

-obtaining one in the time allotted

But this is all just a joke anyways.

Our State Majority Leader came right out and said the reason for this law being passed when it did was to hand the state to Rmoney. He never said one word about protecting our votes. Plus read up, I explained to you how elections are usually stolen (nothing to do with presenting ID)

I never thought I'd see a bunch of Republicans bend over backwards for a North East liberal who's gone on record for YEARS as being pro government healthcare, pro-choice and pro-assault weapons ban.

You Republicans are a study in cognitive dissonance. As long as he tells the right lies to the right crowds you'll pretend he's your guy and thinks like you do.

Anonymous said...

that's right 4;11 what is the big deal.

Anonymous said...

Just another way for the control freak socialist in office to track your every move

Anonymous said...

I'm all for it. If the poor folks that the blowhard is talking about cannot get their ID card, I guess that means fewer democrat voters. After all, a true democrats dream is money for nothing. Let them get rid of the work provision and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

"You Republicans"
"a true democrats dream"

This nation has become so depressing.

You all label each other, then attack those labels. Textbook dehumanization. And I doubt you even know you're doing it. But the politicians love that you do. It makes you so easy to manipulate. The problem is never within, it's always "the other guys"

People in this nation lash out at their fellow Americans with a hate most save for their enemies.

And we call ourselves a Christian nation... Christ wouldn't even know us I don't think.

And people wonder how what happened in Germany happened. How could a decent normal family find such hate for their Jewish neighbors?

Well, now you know. Just look around, listen, we are making enemies out of our own countrymen at the behest of rich men on TV.