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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Others Are Saying..........

Gov. Corbett Could Have Stopped Sandusky --- But Didn’t Featured Opinion

Written by Christopher Freind 
 Freindly Fire Zone
An open letter to Pennsylvania’s governor, who refuses to answer disturbing questions about his role investigating the Penn State sex scandal

Bursting with righteous indignation, his cheeks flushed with rage, the Governor banged the podium in disgust while berating a journalist --- in fact, chastising the entire media --- for the audacity to ask questions on the issue.

We’re not talking about New Jersey’s Chris Christie, who gets away with such outbursts because of his stellar track record and pure gravitas.
No, this tantrum came from Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett after being queried about his incredibly long investigation of child predator Jerry Sandusky.
And it backfired in spectacular fashion. Why?

Because Tom Corbett is no Chris Christie.

Since questions on this matter remain unanswered, it seems only fitting, on behalf of the media and public, to pen an Open Letter to Mr. Corbett.
For the record, no media commentator in Pennsylvania supported Corbett’s ideas more than Freindly Fire during the 2010 campaign, from increased Marcellus Shale drilling to school choice to liquor privatization. In fact, FF even backed Corbett’s decision to subpoena Twitter during the Bonusgate corruption probe --- a highly unpopular position. Bottom line: this isn’t personal, and it’s not partisan. It’s only about one thing: the truth.

Dear Governor Corbett:

Since there are a number of questions which you have failed to answer concerning your investigation of Jerry Sandusky, on behalf of the media and the public, I respectfully ask for clarification in the following areas:

1) Based on a decade’s worth of evidence of Sandusky’s predatory activities, why did it take the Attorney General’s office three years to arrest him? I fully understand that it takes time to conduct an investigation, but as numerous prosecutors have stated, you could have arrested him quickly and continued building the case.
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Anonymous said...

Its about time Gov. Corbett steps up to plate and admits his reason for not having Sandusky arrested a long time ago.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2014 can't come soon enough!!!!!

Anonymous said...

he's always been a dirty politician...

Anonymous said...

In my eyes, he hasn't done much for Penna. in any outlook.

Anonymous said...

Love it.....wonder what would be said if he were a democrat?

Anonymous said...

Privatizing the liquor sales is a help 10:38. Why should we the tax payers keep covering their losses? I guess it's our loss as they work for us.

Anonymous said...

Most of them ARE dirty and think they are ABOVE the law and don't have to answer to ANYBODY. Republicans and Democrats alike.
They DO have to answer to us AND the media because we pay their wages. Should say, we OVER pay their wages. None of them do anything to earn it.While the rest of us scrimp and save to just try and make ends meet.
For him to get this indignant about being questioned tells me that he has something to hide.

Anonymous said...

If he were a Democrat all kinds of hell would have been raised years ago.

Anonymous said...

If he were a Democrat? Let's be honest.

If he were a Democrat people would be foaming at the mouth demanding his birth certificate and trying to convince you he's a communist usurper secretly raised by the Kremlin.

We should press our state legislature to include a recall amendment. No one should ever have to ride out four years of someone selling our state out from under us and handing it to their friends.

Someone should tell him we live in the Commonwealth of PA, not the Corbettwealth of PA.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:56am, stop spreading your right wing propaganda lies. The State Wine & Spirits stores actually make a profit for the state of PA. Stop pulling crap out of your butt. This isn't Fox News.

Anonymous said...

For Fiscal Year 2010-11, the PLCB showed a profit of $83.7 million dollars. Where's the loss we're covering? Try again.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Corbett is a democrat or republican....The fact he WAS the DA way back when Sandusky was first discovered. Our great(?) governor is quick to place judgement on the members of Penn State board of trustees for not doing enough...My stomach turned when I listened to him on TV today expressing his disappointment.....Well, buddy, WHERE WERE YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the president also knew about this case.

Anonymous said...

Which President? Of PSU or POTUS?

Hopefully the former, because I'm not sure it's Obama's job to hunt down criminals, that's more the job of District Attorneys and the police (thus us discussing Corbett)

I haven't studied any of this enough to have a deeply informed opinion, but something about it doesn't pass the smell test. I'm not sure who is at fault, but this man certainly should have been brought to justice before now. I wouldn't be surprised to find out this was trying to be swept under the rug for the betterment of PSU and the State (which is just shameful and awful)

Corbett shouldn't just shrug off what is a legitimate question (where were you on this!?) or huff and puff and act like he's offended to dodge answering. (think of the poor DA office, how dare you pick on them and expect better? *eyes rolling*)