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Saturday, September 22, 2012

PA Unemployment Rate Rising Under Corbett Administration

Stunning & Bad Fact: PA Unemployment Rate No Longer Less Than US After Rising To 8.1%

For nearly a decade, Pennsylvania's unemployment rate had been below, and often considerably below, the national unemployment rate.  That was the case for nearly every month of Governor Rendell's two terms, and Pennsylvania was a national leader in creating jobs in 2010.  Those days are sadly gone.

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate rose again in August from 7.9% to 8.1% and now matches the US rate of 8.1%. The consequences of devastating education cuts, mistaken budget priorities, and backwards economic development policies  enacted over the last two years are now crippling Pennsylvania's economy.

Relying on the natural gas industry alone to bring prosperity to Pennsylvania is unfair to the industry and a colossal misunderstanding of the size and diversity of Pennsylvania's economy.  Pennsylvania's unemployment situation is worsening, despite the real boost from gas production, because state policies are undermining education, health care, transportation, and clean energy industries among many.  Pennsylvania is no longer making adequate investments in infrastructure and other strategic assets that create short-term employment and long-term competitiveness.

Next door in New Jersey, austerity economics is working just as it is Pennsylvania, with New Jersey's unemployment rate rising to 9.9%.  Though it has fervent supporters, austerity economics undermines job creation and weakens the middle class.  It has failed in New Jersey and in Pennsylvania.

As President Clinton says: "But the problems with any ideology is that it gives the answer before you look at the evidence.  So you've got to mold the evidence to get the answer that you've already decided you've got to have.  It doesn't work that way.  Building an economy; rebuilding the economy is hard, practical nuts and bolts work."

The enormous cuts to public education in Pennsylvania were an ideological choice and fully avoidable. Those cuts put tens of thousands of teachers directly out of work. And when a teacher loses a job, a waitress or a store clerk will too as the loss of purchasing power in communities kills thousands of non-education jobs.

The education cuts are one reason, among many mistakes in the last two years, that the days, when Pennsylvania's unemployment rate was always below the national average, ended in August.  But education cuts and the failure to make strategic investments in transportation and infrastructure are a double whammy.  They hurt now and damage the future by undermining our children's and state's readiness and productivity.
John Hanger was DEP Secretary under Governor Ed Rendell


Anonymous said...

Blame it on relying on the natural gas industry instead of this wonderful President that promised change.

We got change alright

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the do nothing tea bag congress that refuses to pass any job creating infrastructure bills and want to cut education funding. The same congress that vowed in 2010 that jobs would be their number one priority on day one and instead are working on abortion and birth control. Well I'm still waiting two years later for their jobs plan. Throw the bums out and get some people in that will work for the people not just their party.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to put some of the blame on EPA and their shutdown on the coal industry????

Anonymous said...

Yea don't blame obuma blame everyone else he had nothing to do with it! In fact he has had nothing to do with anything! Yes we can! Yes we can! Whats the new chant for this election going to be?

Richard Green said...

It is disappointing that Mr. Hauger chooses to use this privately created, exquisite website/blog to promote and discourage from a political point of view. Facts are facts but their never is a problem wthout an offering of a solution.....Governor Rendell's success has much of time during his political career been supplied by working with his political rivals. This including his success/fame as Mayor of Philadelphia when Governor Tom Ridge was successful in providing huge amounts of State funds to pull the Philadelphia school system out of collapse. My political persuasion is not that of Ed Rendell's but leads one to promote legislative action where ALL come together to make the best choices for our State and Country.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on Williard and his cronies for taking jobs out of the US. I wouldn't vote for him if he paid me part of his Billion dollar income and I am a rigistered Repuclican. Bet you can't guess who I WILL vote for on a split ticket. Willard is only for the rich . You think he cares about us middle class and the poor? Guess again. Take a look at where he is hiding HIS money.

Anonymous said...

hell yea lets give obama 4 more years and see what else hs can screw up put the blame where it belongs no leadership in washington

Anonymous said...

IF, and I mean IF Obama gets re-elected, who is he gonna blame for the past 4 years?

Anonymous said...

You can grunt and whine all you want and there's plenty of blame to go around. But we are part of a global economy, and globally things have tanked. Even China is slowing down. Europe is a collective mess and all the budget cutting and austerity has done nothing to help there.
It took until World War II for our economy to recover from the Great Depression, and our economy was simpler then. We expect too much when we think America will recover in four years from the 2007/2008 meltdown, even if people wanted to work together, which they don't.
Corporations are sitting on billions and banks aren't releasing money as they should, citing uncertainty in Washington. Yet it's the same corporations, Wall Street, and other assorted billionaires that fuel the corruption in our political system.
Meanwhile, the citizens wail about this guy or that guy, stick insulting campaign signs on their property, sticker their vehicles with messages of hate, and expect things to get better. Maybe if Americans would turn off Fox News, MSNBC,stop listening to hate radio and begin to think for themselves,
they would begin supporting citizen/community oriented politicians and activists instead of the idealogues pulling our strings and ruining the country.
It's ironic the Supreme Court case responsible for releasing all the slime is called "Citizens United". Just take a walk or ride around your community and observe how we really aren't.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of insulting campaign signs, that one tha says "America Versis Obama" should be banned. Most Americans are FOR President Obama.