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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shaffer Charged In Theft Of Motorcycle In Austin Boro

19 year old Skyler Shaffer of 153 Costello Avenue, Austin, PA, has been arrested by Austin Police for a Burglary and Theft of a Honda 250 from a shed in Austin Boro.

Today, September 12th, 2012, Austin Borough Police arrested and arraigned Shaffer before District Judge Kari Stubbs on 1ct. of Burglary (F-1), 1ct. of Conspiracy to commit Burglary (F-1), 1ct. of Criminal Trespass(F-2), 1 ct. of Theft by Unlawful Taking (F-3), 1 ct. of Receiving Stolen Property (F-3), and 1 ct. of Corruption of Minors (M-1.

Shaffer is currently incarcerated in the Potter County Jail since he was unable to post $25,000 Straight Bail.

Chief Day of the Austin Borough Police states that the Theft/Burglary occurred between July 24 - July 28th 2012. The victim, William Solomon of 56 Foster Street in Austin, reported that his red Honda 250xl Motorcycle was taken from his shed without his approval.

The motorcycle has since been recovered in a wooded area near Horn Hollow Road in Austin and returned to its owner.

Also in this case a known Juvenile has been petitioned into Juvenile Court for his involvement in this case.

The investigation is continuing.


Anonymous said...

these kids are going down the wrong track. i bet heed straiten up if he is sent to boot camp for 5 years and maybe heed learn something. he used to be such good person.

Anonymous said...

come on grow up kid.

Anonymous said...

Praying he didn't involve his little brother in this mess. Poor kid needs some guidance!

Anonymous said...

Ummm his younger brother was home and in bed. Skyler has made poor choices but he would never involve his younger brother or sister in any of his poor choices.

Anonymous said...

He's a good kid when you compare him to alot of the other people that call Austin home! Time to clean house!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, if only we had something to do here in Austin...oh wait, we do. Let's go steal someones 4-wheeler!

Oh darn, we got caught. If only we had something to do here in Prison.

It never ends.

Anonymous said...

LIKE WHO? If you cant be man enough to name names then I would suggest shutting it.

Anonymous said...

Again I can't say this is a BAD kid ! He got mixed up with the WRONG people. Bottom line! He needs Tough Love. Never has gotton it before,I'm sure. Some kids can't be automatically judged as Bad, because they did a bad thing. God help Skyler.Very sad case. AND the other's should be charged. He didn't do these things solo !!

Anonymous said...

Duh! really how about you all grow the hell up? that would be awesome! dont label Austin or anytown for that matter; their are criminals everywhere in every town! DUH! atleast in Austin when times get tough we come together to give a helping hand and atleast us Austin people arent stuck up igornant jerks; so grow up and quit judging; everyone has a past and no is perfect!

Anonymous said...

If I parked my 4 wheeler outside it wouldn't last 48 hours without getting stolen. My dirtbike got stolen earlier in the year.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you don't post some of the comments? I made the comment in regards to the Cricket and am wondering why mine never got posted!!!!!

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Derogatory comments directed at people who were not charged or listed as involved, could possibly result in a lawsuit against you for slander. We attempt to remove comments that would place you in that situation. Even though you post anonymously, your comments could be tracked back to you with a court order to our web service provider.

Sally Moate said...

Well, if that be the case about derogatory comments then why is it that every time something comes up with Keating township, my husbands name comes up? Those are derogatory comments. He hasn't been in the office for about 3 or 4 years now and yet his name is mentioned every time. We get it , he's not liked by some here. All I can say is{{{ "GET OVER IT"}}}} my God. Its like a broken record. For the most part the new supervisors are doing a fine job. He isn't bothering anybody. Its like Obama blaming Bush for all his problems. You ppl need to move on and get a life. Its sad how you can't think of anybody else to slander then this one guy. And I'll put my name after this because I'm pissed about it. No offense to you, Jim.

Anonymous said...

Every day you see different people being charge for different crimes. They are charge with stealing from others to doing stupid things and harassing another. Some just never learn to grow up and behave themselves. Some learn this right at home growing up and thinks it’s normal to do what they do. In the long run it ends up costing them their jobs or chances to get a good job.
You have people saying how good they are. If they were such, why do they do what they do?

Anonymous said...

ok listen he got caught everyone makes there own choives now hes sitting right where he needs to be behind bars some of you people need slapped in the head and names my names adam earle ill tell ya how it is people like him that want to steal another mans hard earned toy need locked up not a slap on the wrist and a pitty party

Anonymous said...

Well said Sally !! I agree about the Township stuff & Art---- BUT , Bush DID cause 8 year's worth of problems, that Obama is trying to clean up! He needs 4 more years, then we can judge. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yo this ain't about bush and obama its about clubby stay on subject by the way well said sally