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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brooklyn James, Former Potter County Girl Gets It Right In Newly Released Music Video

A Novel Approach:
Brooklyn James releases OFFICIAL music video for 'Can't Get It Right,' track #4 off the original music soundtrack to her novel, The Boots My Mother Gave Me. An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist, the book has ranked on Kindle's Top 100 Coming of Age & Top 100 Women's Fiction. "A movie has a soundtrack, why not a book?" James says.

"Brooklyn James' soundtrack to her novel The Boots My Mother Gave Me does more than give a clever feminist twist to the title. Her songs serve as chapters themselves, underlining James' deft ability as a storyteller and songwriter." -Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle

Austin's MEOW Magazine (Musicians for Equal Opportunity for Women) picked up on the song, including 'Can't Get It Right,' into their 2012 Top 15 Discoveries Jukebox, naming James as one of the Top 15 female singer/songwriters on the rise. This nod by MEOW, inspired the video.

James quickly envisioned a storyboard. "I knew I wanted Charlene The Chevelle to be in the video. She's a character from and featured on the cover of both the novel and its soundtrack. She's my young heroine's (Harley LeBeau) confidant and freedom-rider, her way out of the small town she grew up in." 

The Boots My Mother Gave Me is the story of a young girl who comes of age, while overcoming an abusive childhood. Charlene The Chevelle plays a pivotal role in Harley's journey to recovery and self-discovery. Charlene starts out as a primer gray fixer-upper, and her transformation into a lean, mean, running machine (the image you see on the cover and in the video) is a metaphor for Harley's coming of age and finding herself.

Charlene The Chevelle's home is in Westfield, PA. "Westfield is the closest town in proximity to my childhood home of North Fork," James says. She flew to PA, amidst a heavy gigging and writing schedule, where she met with three MASS COMM students (Nathan MacNabb, Kevin Cusworth and Mike Danger) from Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA. 

James welcomed the notion of a student music video. "We could have opted for a 'professional' crew, but it seemed more interesting to take a chance, push the limits, and see if we could pull it off. Myself and three phenomenally talented film students. I've taken a few film classes and been a part of student productions. I love the energy on student productions! When people rally together to create something, no budget involved, just a personal Indie's a love thing really. You do it because you love it, and maybe it turns into something great for everyone involved. Maybe it opens some doors, elevates one to a higher level, it leaves room to evolve. To me, the only difference between a student video and a 'professional' video is exposure. And that's what we're hoping for. We all have to start somewhere."

After embarking on a two day shoot (Saturday & Sunday) in the garage of Charlene's owners, Kim & Ed Bonham (Kim is a school teacher, along with Brooklyn's older sister), the students had a good six-hours of film to sort through for a four-minute video. 

"Kevin, Nathan and 'Danger' did a fantastic job! They showed up on time, every time, with an unrelenting positive attitude and professionalism. They were truly visionary, and pulled it off, all with a great sense of humor about them. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or outcome.

I love what they did with this video. And we hope you like it, too," James says.

The OFFICIAL music video for 'Can't Get It Right,' is a great example of how mixing the two mediums (music and literature) is akin to movies and their score/soundtrack, evoking emotionality from viewers and readers alike. Catch Nathan and Danger on WENY-TV Good Morning Twin Tiers as they debut the video and talk about their roles in filming and editing the project.

Thereafter, the video will air on Channel Austin, among others. "Brooklyn James literally had a novel approach to writing music. First she wrote a novel, and then she wrote a soundtrack to accompany it." -Austin's MEOW Magazine.

More info on Brooklyn James, her books and music soundtrack, can be found on:,,,


Anonymous said...

Just a warning that it's not a G rated song for those who listen with children around. There's a swear word before 30 seconds into it.

Anonymous said...

This girl is HOT. She will definitely climb to the top and quickly, I predict. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Go Luck....Loved the Video....

Anonymous said...

Oh dear god, she said "bitch". Who does she think she is? Unbelievable the things people will bitch about...

Parent and Potter County Business Owner said...

I just watched the video. Yes - there is a curse word. But - the video and curse word is very tame by today's television or song standards. There is no nudity or anything else offensive in this production. Instead of putting down the video, I would like to commend Brook for a job well done. I don't know her at all, but think that it is great. As a parent of two young adults from Potter County - it is great to see our young people excel and move ahead. I also commend Brook for coming back to the area to make the video and for involving local college students in the project. I feel that instead of focusing on a "bad" word - we should all focus on this young lady's accomplishments and the role model that she is becoming.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious here, it says she's living in Austin, is she from Potter County Texas, or Potter County Pa?

Brooklyn James said...

Potter County, PA ;) Spent some time in Potter County, TX in the Panhandle getting my Bachelor's at WTAMU in Canyon. Life is way too! Thank you so much Solomon's Words for including the story. Really appreciate everyone's comments as well. Feel blessed to have been born and raised in 'God's Country.' Hope you're all having a fantastic, beautiful PA fall!

Anonymous said...

She's from Potter County PA, graduated from NOPO!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is sarcasm by the way. Toward poster 10:00 pm

Nicki Hafer said...

Beautiful Brooklyn! I don't know you but I read the article, watched the video and immediately downloaded your book! I am half way through and hate to put it down!