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Friday, October 26, 2012

Driver Struck Dog & Didn't Stop

Driver Struck Dog & Didn't Stop
Today 10/25/2012 someone drove (I'm sure at a speed well over the speed limit) by my house on Coleman Mills Rd and stuck our neighbors dog Rocky. He was a sweet 1 year old dog who loved to come play with our two labs and corgi. 

Whom ever did this, did not even have the decency to stop and let us know (it happened directly in front of my home). Instead, my husband and 4 year old daughter walked outside to find him in the road. He had fatal injuries. 

I understand animals should not be in the road, but if you travel the speed limit on these back roads you would have time to stop should one of our animals be crossing the road. Again, I understand accidents happen and had the person stopped to let us know I would not be as concerned. But the fact that this person didn't have conscious enough to stop and let us know is disheartening. 

What kind of person does this?? and now my four year old daughter had to see this poor animal as he died in front of her eyes thanks to someone's negligence. This person knows who they are and I hope that you understand the hurt that you caused which could have been lessened if you had the decency to stop and let us know what happened. I hope you feel terrible and live with the guilt of the life you took without a second look. 

And since we have a farm, as you drive down Coleman mills remember this is the country, where our animals run free (on OUR land) and sometimes cross the road. And whether its our dogs and cats or cows and horses, please keep alert and do the speed limit. 

Because although this person only hurt the dog and not themselves, come through and have a 1500 pound cow or horse cross your path and the outcome could be different, and of course you would expect our help, despite the fact you didn't give us the same respect. And we would give it to you, because that's the type of people we are. And as I've seen on my favorite sign of all time... "slow down! If you hit one of my kids you will not have to worry about a judge and jury". Please remember to take respectability for your actions.

Thanks for posting!
The Wooten Family


Anonymous said...

A terrible tragedy but... there is a leash law in this state, even on "your own property". Had this animal been on one like he was supposed to be, the outcome would have been different too. So you are just as much to blame as the person that hit the poor animal.

Anonymous said...

Unless you saw it happen I don't know how you can know the person was speeding for sure. I have driven by many stupid animals in my time that would be dead if I was going half the posted speed limit, because they are too stupid to get out of the way.

Sorry that dog is dead but that was the risk that they took when living near a road and then leaving their dog outside, unattended, and loose. Your daughter got a jump on learning about death and I am playing a tiny violin for you.

Tell them to bury it and have a little service. Go to the SPCA and adopt a new one. Keep it supervised when outside and out of the road if they don't want it getting hit next time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss Mich. I just don't know anyone can speed on any of the back roads. Apparently they don't care about their vehicle so they sure won't care about animals... this happens far to often.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the loss of the dog - can't believe how rude some people are and as well as the heartless comments by a couple of folks on here

Anonymous said... are ignorant!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that 8:40 is any more ignorant than the person doing the insulting. There are a couple of good life lessons here: 1). It's common courtesy that if you knowingly hit an animal, you should do the right thing and stop and tell someone; and 2) guess what? That's life, folks! It's not always such a nice world out there and it seems to get worse all the time; get used to it!

tina m. smith said...

So sorry this happened, and it sounds so familiar. It happened to my son's & gf's dog last year here in front of our house. It was the same situation, speeding and didn't stop. I was so angry, and sad. Obviously, dogs should stay in their own yard, but, HELLO!!! They are dogs, and get curious. Kids to the same thing. We watch our dogs, but they do get away from you sometimes. It's life. I happen to think it's cruel to keep a dog tied up all the time. That is why many people live in the country, so they have the freedom. I'm sorry also that some people are just ignorant, and rude. My sympathies to all involved. God Bless

Anonymous said...

10:58, the definition of "ignorant" is 'lacking knowledge', so how does that apply to this event? You are IGNORANT.

Anonymous said...

To post 8:40 you are the most ignorant person, Really a 4 year old learned a lesson on death ? Who the hell would say even that ? Obviously you ain't in your right state of mind. It is common decency for someone to stop and say something if they hit an animal. And as for the speeding, I don't have to see a vehicle going by to know if their speeding. You can plainly hear it. Living on a back road, you can hear if anyone is speeding from 1/2 a mile away. Everyone who read's this is playing their tiny violin for you for how stupid you are.

To post 5:15 REALLY ? These people are suffering a loss and all you can tell them is what their doing wrong ? I know my dog's are like my children, and your telling this family pretty much they killed one of their own. Way to go. We all see that you don't have a heart.

I don't know why anyone would put negitive comment's over someone loosing a family member. That is very direspectful and ignorant. Have a heart or don't say anything at all.

I am so sorry for your loss and I know there are cruel people in this world who don't care. There's a couple on here too.

My thought's are with you ,your neighbors & exspecially your little girl.
Ashley S.

Anonymous said...

I hit a cat one time in the road. I veered way over to the far side of the road, but when I got closer, it dashed suddenly across right in front of me. there was no way I could miss it. I had no idea which house it belonged to, although it looked too nice to be just a barn cat. My question is, why would you expect someone to take time out of their busy schedule to find out which house the dog belonged to, what are they supposed to say (hey! I killed your dog - so sorry!) and what difference would it make, really? If you truly care about your dog, take the time to train it to stay out of the road or keep it on a leash. Don't expect someone else to take responsibility for your animal.

Anonymous said...

Although this is very tragic and very wrong that the driver did not stop, there are leash laws as the first poster stated. I once hit a dog and I DID stop at the owner's home to let them know. I felt horrible that it happened. And I was NOT speeding. However, because the animal was not on a leash, the dog owner was responsible for the damage to my car. My insurance company actually sued them to recoup the damages. I know we love our animals and it doesn't seem fair to keep them tied up, but it's for their own safety and protection.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to those of you who posted ingnorant posts, it just helps to prove my point. and really, you believe a 4 year old deserves that?! You obviously do not have children and if you do I feel very bad for them...and if not I pray that you never do. Again, I did not blame the person for hitting the dog, simply that they did not stop and even check on the dog, who lay in the road to suffer and die. And yes, he did suffer. I dont expect people who do not live in the country to understand the reason we do the things we do, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I understand their are leash laws, and I'm sure everyone who believes this was somehow someones fault instead of an accidcent follows every stupid law in the state (including the ones from 1850 that make no sense in these times and are ignored by law enforcement themselves)My point was simply please dont excede the posted speed limit and have a concious to stop and check on the animal. Thank you to those of you who expressed your sympathy and it is much appreciated by my family as well as our neighbor who lost his friend and companion. I read many posts on here and it makes me sad to think people find it appropriate to comment with such mean hateful things. I can only say if something like this happens to you, maybe you could understand. Until then you can continue to live your life of hatred and unhappiness, as you are the only one who suffers.

Anonymous said...

12:12 so you say someone is ignorant (as defined above as lacking knowledge) and then proceed to tell us how you can gauge the speed of a car by the sound of it going down the road. Now that is my idea of Potter County Genius my friend.

Anonymous said...

First of all while I was mowing my lawn today my one year old dog ran into the road. We also live on a back road, luck the dump truck saw our dog and was able to stop. If he hadn't been able to stop I surely would not blame the driver!!!! Of course I don't like to see an animal hit but it happens! As far as the four year old seeing this, why was they not taken in the house so they wouldn't have to see all the details? Things happen to many children of the world, it is not fair and certainly heart breaking. Do not make more out of this than necessary. There are much worse things happening to others.

Anonymous said...

post 2:49, The speed limit on my back country road is 35, and yes you can tell if someone is going over that. Did I once say that I can determine their exact speed ? NO. So how is that lacking knowledge ? You can ask anyone who live's on a dirt road about that. So suck it. I bet you looked up what ignorant ment and seen your picture right beside it. But this is all beside the point, this has nothing to do with this Family's dog that has passed away. Off topic so what does it matter to you.

mich said...

people who leave igtnorant messages like the ones i've read here.nine times out of ten they are guilty of doing the exact same thing. and have to speak up with defensive words because the guilt is too much for them. i truly am sorry for your loss,and i pray for your four year old. and the person that did this

Anonymous said...

459-305. Confinement and housing of dogs not part of a kennel

(a) Confinement and control.--It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of any dog to fail to keep at all times the dog in any of the following manners:
(1) confined within the premises of the owner;

(2) firmly secured by means of a collar and chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or

(3) under the reasonable control of some person, or when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition, performance events or field training.

(b) Housing.--It shall be unlawful for the owner or keeper of a dog to house the dog for any period of time in a drum, barrel, refrigerator or freezer regardless of the material of which the drum, barrel, refrigerator or freezer is constructed.

This is the PA leash law. It appears that this person had the do within the "premises" of the owner (although it was the neighbors dog it appears that he was welcome on their premises). A road passes through their property. So...would you like to explain how this case falls within this??
And as far as allowing the child to walk, when a child walks out their door and didnt know it happened as the driver didnt stop what do you suggest, that the child be kept on a chain to or confined to the house?? It doesnt get more ignorant than some of these comments.

Anonymous said...

The point is the dog should be tied up. Yes the person that hit it is gutless but if the dog was tied up this wouldn't of happen.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LORD People,,,,,,,,,do you wonder why the world is in such a state of affairs as it is? how bout you take time tomorrow and just do something nice for a change and maybe the world will smile back at you... must you all be so angry and quick to spout off - didnt your mother tell you if you dont have anything nice to say , dont say anything at all?

Carol said...

Post 5:15, heartless. Post 8:40, sounds like one of you two hit the poor dog !! And animals are FAR from stupid. Most dogs are smarter then some ppl. I know !! YOU, for one. Who ever hit the dog, for what ever reason, should have stopped & tried to find out the owner, & this may have kept the poor child from witnessing it's death. To young to understand !!!! Also in this blog is another person fined for animal abuse. People like you all make me sick to my stomach !! Rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to all above who said your dog has to be on a leash even on your own property. That is simply not true. Generally, no, you do not have to leash your dog on your own property as long as the dog is contained to YOUR property. If there is an issue with your dog's roaming off of your property, that's another matter.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the loss. Ingore all the negative comments and know that plenty of folks agree the real issue here is the driver surely knew he or she had hit the dog & didn't have the courtesy or courage to stop & find the owner and remove or get help to remove the poor animal from the road.

Anonymous said...

I truly can't believe some of these comments they are not blaming the driver for hitting the dog they are saying it was wrong to hit the dog and not have the common courtesy to stop and tell someone. What if that would have been a human being would they stop and get help I should hope so people really need to stop and consider other peoples feelings if that was your dog would you not appreciate the fact that someone had the common courtesy to stop and tell you I know from personal experience I had someone hit our dog while we were outside and saw it happen and took off like a bat out of ---- and yes I felt that was very ignorant thankfully the dog was fine but on the other hand we had one hit and killed but fortunately that person had a concience and knocked on our door to tell us that they had hit the dog I was very appreciative that they had the common courtesy to let us know it comes down to how would you feel and how would you expect the situation to handled after all pet is a member of the family so have some respect for other peoples feelings

Anonymous said...

some of the comments here could be presented more "tactfully", but what it comes down th here is: the owners are responsible for their animals, they should not be running at large, and yes, the owner is responsible for the damages to a vehicle, if they are hit, be it the dog, or the 1500# cow, horse, or whatever. i know, I had a dog run out in front of me, and I ACCIDENTLY hit it. I had no way of knowing (at the time) whose dog it was. My insurance company tracked down the owner, and they paid for 50% of the damages to my car. Did I feel bad? Ofcourse I did, I have pets of my own.Did I have time to check the twenty or so houses in the area for the owner, no, ofcourse I didn't. All of you need to use a little common sense here.

Anonymous said...

You do not have to leash your dog on your own property as long as the dog is contained to YOUR property. A leash law is for when your dog is off of your property.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. It is a very painful thing to loose a loved one (whether it be a pet or human). It is very wrong that they did not stop to find the owner. I once hit a dog that ran out in front of me the owners were out side and I did stop and the man was very very very mean to me said some really bad things to me but I would not change it I would stop again no matter how mean they would be to me the dog I hit ran out from behind a barn and right in front of me.

As far as the little one I hope she is okay it is a very hard thing to see. Maybe as she gets older she will not remember.

Sorry for your neighbors loss maybe they will get another companion :)