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Friday, October 19, 2012

Move on releases new tv ad

Move on releases new tv ad
Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria, and Kerry Washington appear in new TV ad calling out Republican nominee Mitt Romney for his radical stance on issues affecting women.


Anonymous said...

well, now we know what the "pretty" popular kids think.... sure Planned Parenthood is all about "Cancer Screenings" That's why it's called Planned Parenthood and Cancer Screenings.

Anonymous said...

We know who you are voting for! Lies, lies and more lies! Obama also supports you?!?!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone call these people out? Planned parent hood is nothing more than a abortion mill! They are not about womens health at all they do over 300,000 abortions a year!

Anonymous said...

Post this!!! At least it is about what most people should be focusing on!!

Anonymous said...

Romney has binders of women who think he`s swell.

Anonymous said...

In the comments section today:

People living in the mountains that act like they know what a planned parenthood clinic is for in the city.

"they are abortion mills!"

uh-huh. I'm quite sure you know.

Hey, here is something you didn't know!

Your candidate Romney made lots of cash off a company Stericycle that specializes in abortion fetus disposal.

But that's ok. Making money off something you allege to abhor is fine for Rethuglicans...
but Democrats providing low income women healthcare is evil.

You people are so willfully ignorant it's impressive.

Anonymous said...

Why post this? Who really cares what these Hollywood women think? They don't live in the real world as it is, let alone understand a thing about what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Like ANY of these celebrities go to Planned Parenthood....

Anonymous said...

6:46....the Stericycle lie by Mother Jones and you libs has been disproven numerous times....

First, Romney was no longer part of Bain Capital when Bain made their investment into Stericycle. But more importantly, Bain itself divested it's interest in Stericycle 6 YEARS before Stericycle entered the medical waste industry.

Anonymous said...


So was that when Romney actually was the head of Bain...

...but then wasn't because he retroactively tendered his resignation years later to comply with law?

It's always hard to tell with Schrodinger's candidate. But...

It would seem that is the case!

Willard Mitt Romney himself was listed in Bains paperwork on the Stericycle investment when they filed with the SEC.

As to the allegation that Stericycle simply wasn't in the abortion business then, there has oddly enough been no evidence presented to support this new 'fact'.

Of course I can't blame Mitt for trying to double wrap his ass covering.

Nothing about mitt passes the smell test. He wants to run on his business past, but yet that is all smoke and mirrors, just like his plan to get the country back on track. The details change from day to day.

Anonymous said...

12;16..... CNN... Not exactly Fox News has debunked your story...... Nice try

Anonymous said...

Actually, neither CNN or Fox News debunked it.

And the link you show has for it's only citation a link to another opinion article with claims but no proof.

AND those two articles which try to get on the same page of decrying the mean ol lying liberals contradict each other!!

One says Stericycle didn't get into the abortion disposal business until 2007, the other suggests 2003, and neither provides any evidence that they weren't doing it well before that.

And all of this is separate from the hilarity that you want us to believe the man that owned and ran Bain until AT LEAST 2002 actually retired in 1999, he just didn't get around to doing the paperwork until years later when he wanted to run for higher office.

You can't point to RW shills as proof of something. There has not been one piece of evidence separating Romney from this. Just the echo chamber to denounce any negative stories about your new (R) hero

(which until the end of the primaries just a few months ago was the least liked and least trusted candidate in the Republican primaries)

Your guy's entire life and career has been lying, dodging and never having to answer to anyone. He says we can't elect obama because he has no plan, yet he can't even share with you the details of his.

He's a manchurian candidate for the same people that have been destroying the middle class for decades.
And you gobble up all his b.s. hook line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

Longoria is just like obama . Without a script neither one of them has any idea what to say .

Anonymous said...


CNN did an extensive piece on this. John King, not exactly Sean Hannity, debunked the Stericycle story..neither Romney nor Bain was involved in Stericycle at the time Stericycle took on Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics as clients.

When Romney left Bain is irrelevant to your argument because Bain was entirely OUT of Stericycle at that point in time. So even if Romney was King of Bain it doesn't matter as BAIN HAD NO INVESTMENT in Stericycle at the time Stericycle started disposing of abortion clinic waste.

Least liked candidate in the Republican primaries....maybe. Least way. He is a moderate which is why he struggled in the primaries and is now more liked...i.e his message hits with independents. I've found it funny that you libs hate him because in reality the differences between Romnney and Clinton (your god) are not all that great...they are both middle of the road moderates with of course greater differences on social policies than on their economic policies. But you libs do seem to be a party of hate.

I am sorry that your candidate who ran one of the best campaigns ever in 2008 is now running a bitter, small, divisive campaign of attacking the challenger instead of touting his record (I understand why he can't tout his record but the middle of the road people are tired of the attacks)

Anonymous said...

7:31...."One says Stericycle didn't get into the abortion disposal business until 2007, the other suggests 2003, and neither provides any evidence that they weren't doing it well before that"

so by that logic since there is no evidence that you do not molest goats then you must be molesting goats!!!!!

Once again we have to prove a negative to you libs??????

Anonymous said...

When Shari'a law takes over in a couple of years this will all be moot.