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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New research links health problems with oil and natural gas development

New research links health problems with oil and natural gas development
Largest-ever survey of Marcellus Shale residents living near gas facilities reveals pattern of health symptoms associated with oil and gas development

October 18th--The largest health survey to-date of Marcellus Shale residents living near oil and gas development shows a clear pattern of negative health impacts associated with living near gas facilities, according to a new report released by Earthworks’ Oil & Gas Accountability Project today. Released in association with ShaleTest, Gas Patch Roulette: How Shale Gas Development Risks Public Health in Pennsylvaniasurveyed 108 residents in 14 Pennsylvania counties, and conducted air and water tests at more than half of the households were surveys were completed.
“For too long, the oil and gas industry and state regulators have dismissed community members’ health complaints as ‘false’ or ‘anecdotal’.” said Nadia Steinzor, Earthworks’ Eastern program coordinator and the project’s lead author. She continued, “The industry tries to shift blame onto residents themselves or onto any other possible source than oil and gas facilities, Now we know better. With this research, they cannot credibly ignore communities any longer.”

Gas Patch Roulette’s main conclusions are that
  • Chemicals associated with oil and gas development are present in communities where development occurs.
  • Residents in these communities report that after gas development began, they developed new health problems, many of which are known consequences of exposure to these chemicals.
State governments, which are largely responsible for protecting the public from irresponsible oil and gas development, have until recently refused to act on behalf of the public.
“The clear association between gas development and public health impacts revealed by this research demands that states stop ignoring the problem and start developing the standards necessary to protect the public,” said President of Subra Company and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, Wilma Subra. She continued, “It’s clear that nationwide, because of regulatory inaction and a lack of corporate accountability, states are playing roulette with public health.”
Other findings of the report include that
  • Those living closer to gas facilities report higher rates of impaired health.
  • Children living near gas development reported negative health impacts that seem atypical in the young.
  • Chemicals detected by air and water sampling have been associated by state and federal agencies with both oil and gas development and with many of the health symptoms reported in the surveys.
“It is clear from both the lab results and the reported health affects that the exploration of natural gas comes with consequences,” said Calvin Tillman, former mayor of gas-impacted DISH, Texas and founder of ShaleTest.  He continued, “Industry needs to step up to the plate and quit denying they are damaging our lives and property. The people in this survey are innocent bystanders that deserve better from the industry that is exploiting them, and the governments that are letting it happen.”
"Pennsylvania and many other states are forging ahead with oil and gas development without considering the public interest,” said Steinzor. “That needs to change. And they can start by refusing to permit new drilling until regulators can assure the public that they’ve taken all necessary to steps to prevent risks to their health.”
More Information:
Interviews with impacted residents who participated in this project available upon request.
All reports and supporting information:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More Chicken little propaganda

Anonymous said...

And drill again

Anonymous said...

OR.... buy it from the middle east??????

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how the world works 6:13

Both Presidential candidates lie to you on this topic.

When you drill for fuels they go on the global market. Do you understand what that means?

They don't drill gas and put it in FREEDOM TANKS up the road where only good wholesome 'Mericans get to use it. It's a global economy. This fuel goes to the world, just like fuel in the middle east, russia and anywhere else they drill.

And THEN we buy it. The same as everyone else.

Where you drill doesn't mean anything to the supply side, it's just another supply the same as any.

If we could drill baby drill a hole on every acre of this continent they will simply ship more and more of it to China and everywhere else to sell it

... not wave flags and say "Mericans you've finally done enough, we are independent!" because Capitalism and Global Markets don't work that way.

It's just the lie they tell you so you will support them
destroying God's country,
ruining your water tables
and giving your children cancer.

Hard to believe, but megalithic Fuel Corporations will lie to you and laugh all the way to the bank while you suffer the consequences of their actions.

It's a dog eat dog world and you drill baby drill folks have served yourselves up on a platter to be eaten, like the ignorant rubes you are.

Anonymous said...

MR. 6:45
Corps. dont lie!! Politcians dont lie!! Nobody in Potter County lies. Not the Church ladies, The Cops or the County employes They just dont lie. All you have to do is watch Fox News, The pres debates, Pat Robertson, Dummy

Anonymous said...

See the article posted two articles ago and you will see why this study doesn't matter. or be acted apon.

"since 206 tax revenue from marcellus-related companies has generated more than 1.6 billion in new revenue for Pennsylvania"

and then ask yourself where is that money because it sure isn't being poured back into any of the communities in our neck of the woods. Its going into the pockets of the people who helped write the laws that allow them to get away with this.....