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Thursday, October 25, 2012

NY State Police Report Discovery Of Drug Lab In Town Of Indepencence

Clandestine Drug Lab Discovered in Allegany County

A search warrant was executed at a residence along Forsythe Road in the Town of Independence on October 25, 2012. As a result, a clandestine drug lab was discovered in the garage at the residence. Several guns were also discovered.

The search warrant was executed by members of the Wellsville PD, Southern Tier Regional Task Force, New York State Police CCSERT (Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team) and SORT (Special Operations Response Team) Teams, along with New York State Police BCI and Uniform personnel.

The search warrant was obtained and executed as a result of information obtained by the Wellsville PD on a traffic stop which occurred on October 24, 2012.

There will be a press conference at the Wellsville Police Station on October 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm.

The station address is 46 South Main Street Wellsville, NY.

Wellsville PD Chief Timothy Walsh and New York State Police Zone Four Commander Captain Eugene Staniszewski will be present to answer questions.

Regional News Network Filed This Report
Wellsville: Police make major drug bust
At 9:30 pm on the 24th of October 2012, the Wellsville police department conducted a vehicle on stop on Clark Street in the village. 

As a result of that stop Zackery D Billings, 23, of Whitesville was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance 7th, driving while ability impaired by drugs and inadequate headlights. His passenger in the vehicle, Timothy J. Billings, 27, of Whitesville, was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance 7th, possession of a hypodermic needle and a bench warrant for failure to appear in the Town of Wellsville Court. 

Wellsville police officers continued the investigation and contacted the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force to assist. Subsequent information was developed that led the officers to obtain a search warrant for a residence on the Forsythe Road in the Town of Independence. Both uniform and BCI Members of the New York State Police as well as members of the Wellsville Police Department, Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force and the New York State Police SORT Team executed the search warrant at approximately 7am today and a Methamphetamines Lab and several guns were located at the location of the search. 

Crime scene investigators remain at the scene at this time and the investigation is continuing. There will be a press conference at 3pm at the Wellsville Police Department located at 46 South Main Street Wellsville.


Anonymous said...

Guns too???? For the love of god...

Anonymous said...

Glag they caught these 2..They were A danger to the local people and need to be locked up..

Anonymous said...

Except for the fact they have the wrong timothy billings on here.. Wellsville daily reporter had to post a correction. It was not timothy d billings 22 it was timothy j billings 27 . I feel bad for the other Tim that has his name slandered incorrectly all over the different papers and online sites police should make sure the give the correct information before the send this stuff out to the papers ..

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Thanks for the correction and apologies to the man the police incorrectly identified.

Anonymous said...

I hope the state sends these boys away for a long time..We dont need this kind of stuff in our community..The boys are out and there still doping it..some people will never learn

Anonymous said...

We dont need this in our communities..Hope the state makes an example out of these two. Hope there locked up for a long time.