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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Benefit Continues

Hi James,

I just wanted to say thanks helping to get the word out for our benefit day. We did very well, and donations are still coming in. I was wondering if you could post this too:

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the Sandy Relief Benefit so far! On Saturday we collected over $150, and a good amount of items. I will be delivering a car load to the First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City on the 17th, as their next scheduled truck is leaving on the 18th. This church is continuing to help for the duration of time that help is needed, and therefore, I will also be continuing to accept donations to send along. If you would like to make a donation, please check out the specific list below and contact me to schedule a pick up/drop off. My Cell is (610) 390-5246, and if you would like to be in contact with the First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City, their contact is Jim Byron (607) 727-6631.

Here is the list of New Items needed:

Underwear - All sizes, especially children
Socks - All sizes, especially children
Sweat Suits
Winter Hats & Gloves
Baby Clothes
N95 & P100 Masks
Baby Formula

For those who had their pictures taken on Saturday, your photos are available at
Also feel free to contact me via e-mail:

Thanks very much!

-Tim W


Anonymous said...

Let their precious obama help them.

I'm done with handouts. If they are going to give away my tax money I guess I don't need to donate to benefits any more.

Anonymous said...

OMG Really 2:07!!! How very Christian of you republican.I guess all you republicans are as ignorant and arrogant as your presidential hopful. Get over it or move to Mexcio. Any other country you would be killed for speaking out against the leader. Thinking that might be a good law to implement here only because you can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

While we're at it, I think the president is responsible for my health problems, because of ObamaCare. I have high blood pressure, heart trouble, alcohol-related liver damage, and a headache. The damn president is responsible, even though I started drinking before this guy was born. If it weren't for his "fake" birth certificate, I would be fine!!!
Also, because he was born in "Kenya", I had measles when I was a kid, the bastard.
The military couldn't vote (at least that's what I heard,) so now I got shingles!
And because of the furniture at the white house, my dog has a tick.
All because the American people voted for the guy they trusted, instead of the loser who lied every chance he got. If the liar had been elected, I would be okay! Got to go because I been typing so much, my finger hurts, all because of the "Muslim" that got elected.
If this post sounds stupid to you, go back to Africa, because I'm a whiner and I aint leavin this country dammit, unless I go to Australia where the president there is a good man, he believes in God, and isn't a black guy cause lets face it that's what all you republicans really care about.

I borrowed this from a different post I didn't write it but thought it was a good way to get the point across.

Anonymous said...

I wish all of you narrowminded people who turn everything into a stupid political debate would cut it out. I would like to give a pat on the back with kudios and dildines to Tim Walck and Olga's business for operating these charity drives for people who need help. This had nothing to do with politics or government or elections.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if it was a "christian" that wrote this but it sure fits the description of one. Judging the hell out of this guy for voicing his opinion. Then you will probably go to church with all your hypocrate friends and talk about how much better you are than everybody else. I love the whole "holier than thou" mentality. "This guy dont like what we do so he will burn in hell." In the end you will see that heaven is found under a grave stone. Rotting away with the worm shit. Theres your "street of gold" and pure happiness.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to move to Mexico, it's moving to us.

And everyone that goes to Church is not a hipocrit.