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Thursday, November 29, 2012

John Trallo Responds To Natural Gas Vehicle Grants Announcement

John Trallo Responds To Grants Announcement
Subject: Re: PA DEP News Release : DEP Announces Opening of Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program

Mr. Krancer, et al;

So, who provides the funding for this grant? Tax payers?

No state government, or any state government agency, has any money that is not derived from tax dollars. Fines, permit fees, etc., are funds that are supposed to off-set the cost to the tax payers for the environmental, economic, and social impacts this industrialization is having on PA. Not handed back to the industry in the guise of 'grants, tax breaks, tax credits, KOZ grants, or economic incentives'.

The economic benefits of this industry, and their commitment to best management practices is like a bad joke, only to be surpassed by this administration lack of political will to stand up to them, and it's complete and total disregard for the safety, health, and long-term economic sustainability of the people of PA. -Yes, I do question your integrity.

I only hope that when you all slip through that revolving door between the oil and gas industry and this administration that the industry lobbying jobs will be worth the risks you are subjecting Pennsylvanians, including your own family members, to. That is, if there is a such thing as putting a price tag on human beings health and safety. And you have the guts to call anyone who questions this industry's activities, or your motivation for given them your blind support, "NIMBY's, alarmists, environmental wackos, and green slime". How dare you!

The industry, and their well-funded political operatives are the real threat to public health and safety in PA. Not those of us asking the state to proceed cautiously, allow independent peer-reviewed studies to be conducted with the full co-operation of the DEP, and then decide what protective measures would best serve the people of PA.

If you are going to continue your unwillingness to do what is right by the people of PA, then shame on you, and 2014 can't get here fast enough.

John Trallo
Sullivan County, PA


Anonymous said...

Thank you John!
CORRUPTION is inherent and the cure is to get rid of this administration in 2014!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you'll never get anyone to vote against the corrupt basterds when it comes time.

This is the conservative free-market right wing. Conservative and free-market when it's YOUR ideas on the grill. Spending money and picking winners/losers is a-OK when it's their buddies.

Like many die-hard party line voters they are either completely convinced they must vote for these jokers to keep some mythical evil at bay... or worse, they actually believe the b.s.

The b.s. being; that this is all going to create jobs and prosperity for the state, not realizing their state, land... the health and well being of their communities, the very future of their towns are being sold out from under them. And that money will not come back.

All by politicians that promise the world and then turn-cloak to lobbyists for the industry when their time and political capital is all used up. It's down right treasonous.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! They are taking money from tax payers to convert tax payers vehicles to only run on their product that the tax payers will have to pay taxes on when they buy it! This will triple (at least) the price of natural gas which is all they want to do here. More profits. If they want to offer a program like this, tax dollars should have nothing to do with it. Either big oil can pay for the conversions or the consumer can if they decide thats what they want. Dont take it out of my pocket! He should have just said "20 million in grants to raise your home heating bills". Anyway, thank you Mr. Trallo for standing up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Mr. Trallo, at least you dare speak the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trallo what do you do for a living?