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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chris Foust Writes About The Recent Shootings

The guns aren’t even cooling off between these shootings. Most critics are blaming guns. But what is driving these people to mass casualty murder and more times than not murder suicide? Why the recent spike in mass shootings over the past 10 to 15 years? There have been 31 school shootings since the Columbine incident in 1999. Guns don’t have a mind of their own. So what is the common link between most of these shootings?

I can tell you from a quick google search almost every incident I research the shooter was on some anti-depressant or ADHD medication. From the Virginia Tech, Colorado Batman, and the just recent Connecticut shooting all were on some kind of psychotropic medication either at the present time of the shooting or recent past of the incident. You only have to visit the FDA website of recommendations and alerts for most of these medications to find the words and phrases: Must be closely monitored while taking this medication; may have suicidal temptations; may display acts of aggression; and the list goes on.

When do we have the mental health debate about these acts? The media keeps diverting to gun control. When guns are no longer at the disposal of these characters then they will move on to the next best tool to kill multiple victims. When does the madness end?

Maybe we need more Tim Burton type movies, more desensitizing video games that have led our children to believe murder, rape, and running from the police are the normal. After all the country has successfully removed and demonized any religious moral standards from every public place leaving the children without a moral compass. The country needs to continue the destruction of the family by accepting divorce as an inevitable and normal process of a marriage. Let’s continue to encourage and incentivize single parenting. Lastly, let the fathers and mothers continue to be a lesser role in their children’s lives. I believe it is working out great for us right now. Seriously, start the real debate.

Chris Foust


Anonymous said...

Agree, one hundred percent.

Jim Quimby said...

Well said, Chris. I totally agree

Anonymous said...

Well Spoken, you're on the right track

Anonymous said...


Fran said...

Excellent thought about the drugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would agree to a point. But are we just making another excuse? For each tragedy like the shooting in CT, the gang violence throughout the urban areas, the pervasive drug use and the evil that exists in sexual abuse of children, there is an excuse. "Drugs made me do it", "I had a poor family", "My parents abused me". We have become a society without responsibility for our own actions and without respect for others. We need to act NOW. Demand respect from our children. Don't enable disrespectful, irresponsible behavior from our children, our peers, our professional atheletes, or our society.

Anonymous said...

In one word I can tell you why!They don't have God in there life!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Chris. However it goes a little farther back. Like to the point we said NO you can't paddle our kids. Or correct them physically in public. These idiots are all prodiucts of the BOOMER GENERATION of which I am part of. Could be kids or grandkids, we are still responsible. My wife says to me to often " We never thought of stuff like that." That's because we didn't. We were taught the difference the hard way. However in the effort to SPARE our children the same humiliation (spanking) that we got , we have created an immoral monster. OUR CHILDREN. Let us mourn but LET us learn. Amen, Chris

Anonymous said...

check that out

Anonymous said...

10:55 has a good point blaming someone or something else seems to be the norm in todays world. All you have to is watch the news our countrys leaders from sports figures to the president are setting a very poor example!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. If we are not spending time with our children or the fact that most are looking for a way to "calm them" yet not monitoring, then we can expect these kind of things to erupt. We need to return to discipline, instead of the "blanket policy" that treats all parents as abusive.

Anonymous said...

You dont demand respect, you earn it.

Anonymous said...

Stop looking for one thing to blame when these things happen. You are right that there is a moral decline, but I think you are terribly confused on what is at it's root.

I strongly believe much of our environment was permanently changed after 9/11 and enduring fighting our nations 2 longest wars in history (simultaneously!). It changed us and not for the better.

Our entire culture has become full of fear and anger.

Every political measure is sold as the end of the world to half the nation. We demonize each other, our politicians, anything foreign or unfamiliar. We demagogue everything and insist that the solution is that our personal views must be followed by everyone else... driving even more divisiveness and anger.

We never have calm normalcy anymore. Every day there is a new alert, tragedy, scandal that somehow we all are supposed to be personally invested and glued to the TV over. We are completely connected, with each other, with media, we bombard ourselves with information. (Barely stopping to understand half of it.) We bask in pride and narcissism. We 'like' things and 'friend' people much more than we go out and like things and be good friends and neighbors to each other.

We have certainly changed. And not a change for the better. We sell ourselves as the "home of the brave" however our behavior the last 10 years has been everything but.

We sell ourselves as United, but we've never been more divided and at each others throats since the civil war.

And fear, ever fear.

Every day I hear something, someone ignorantly spouting bile about some perceived threat to them, all because they are afraid of what they don't know or understand. Everyone is gripped by a fear of something.

All of you included.
All of you especially.

There is a wise quote from a silly scifi movie that is apt here:

fear leads to anger,
anger leads to hate
and hate leads to suffering.

And we are 110% fear in this nation.

Anonymous said...

Fear of (D). Fear of (R).
Fear of too much religion, too little, or not the right brand.
Fear of foreigners and the UN and China.
Fear of our debt (personal and national).
Fear of everything.

And these youths that are typically committing these crimes? This is the environment they've grown up in. Bombarded with it all day, all night. And consciously or not they learn that the way our society deals with these fears and angers is to attack outward. Lash out with an anger and detached judgment and lack of care for the consequences. Lack of compassion for our opponents and perceived enemies.

All that fear has piled up. It's become the new normal. And it isn't normal. This is not the first or last time an entire nation has had to ask itself “how did this ever happen? Where did we go wrong?” Germany did it's fair share last century. Where did the culture go wrong? I'll give you a hint, it had a lot to do with fear.

And it's driving us towards a fascism too I believe and this drive is shared equally between our political parties. It's not a secret government that pushes us towards a police state, it's us. We demand war with all threats, war on terror, war on drugs, war on this, war on that. We attack everything we can with great prejudice.

All born out of fear.

Stop blaming video games, or sufficient levels of prayer in schools or movies. (prayer, boy, I wonder if more prayer would stop all those molestations in churches?) If you really think single parenting and film and gays and whatever else are to blame, you are so hopelessly confused and lost in your rhetoric I probably can't convince you otherwise. It makes as much sense as blaming the gun. Zero.

Not that it will stop you from thinking it...because we don't care to learn or be told we are wrong.

No, not in this America. Everyone gets a blue ribbon, everyone gets to be right. One mans ignorance, feelings and beliefs are to be measured equally against another man's facts and knowledge and science. Because we don't need to be right anymore, just to feel like we are. And if we are told we are wrong? We just seek out those that make a living helping us validate ourselves. “See? Mike Huckabee agrees with me that lack of prayer caused the murders!”
... and we wonder what is wrong with us.

WE ARE ALL part of the problem, whether you want to believe that or not. Everyone agrees the nation is heading the the wrong direction, but when asked why we each point the finger at the other guy. No one has the guts to pick up the mirror. And this is why we continue to decline.

We are all to blame. And until we can humble ourselves and admit that? Until we stop the hate and fear, stop the judgment and blaming... until we stop feeding the powers that are pulling us apart, this is a pattern that will probably continue.

Anonymous said...

By the way, gun laws? Well, if we make them illegal that should have about as good of an effect as making drugs illegal did. I'm not for a ban on anything, that is a meaningless gesture, what we need is REAL policy that we are all proud to get behind and be vigilant about.

I've had enough of the b.s. from gun nuts that just want them to be free and everywhere and in everyones hands and with no restrictions. They are as crazy as they get and I'm tired of pretending when I hear that crap I'm supposed to say "oh yeah, sure, I'm with ya Bob". I'm prior military, I have a real respect for weapons and those of us that understand actual discipline and responsibility need to bring it to those that have some purist fantasyland idea about what gun policy should be.

The last person that wants a crazy person to get a gun is a responsible gun owner. Let's back that up. Let's get real.

I do think we can do with stricter laws. I own many guns and I'd be proud to register them just like I did my pistols.

Buy, sell, trade? Should all go through background checks, all the laws of a handgun should apply.

And people don't want to hear it, but we should have to have a carry license for every weapon.

We should be pickier about who gets to carry them, weed out likely schizophrenics and mentally ill (and not with a "check the box if you're not crazy) on the gun application. There should be a real element to help weed out the unstable.

Now I know, the crazier they are, the more convinced they are they need that gun at their side. But guess what? Drunk people need to get home, it doesn't mean we give them a pass to drive.

And MOST importantly, we need to crack down on people letting their guns fall into other peoples hands.

Want to teach your kid to shoot? Fine, supervised. Hunting? All for it. But until that kid is a grown adult on his own and goes through his own background check, he/she should NEVER have access to those guns without going through the adult responsible for it. Nor should anyone else.

My weapons and ammo are always on lock down, and everyone elses should be too. Your gun gets in some kids hands and he shoots someone? That should be on you as heavy as it can be.

I'm sure the mother of the boy that did this never imagined. Their family didn't. But IT HAPPENED. It's happened before, it will happen again, we need to be adults and start asking ourselves what can we do to prevent it as best we can.

Because the gun nut that thinks everyone should have guns and is dreams about someone to pull one on him?
He doesn't get shot at.
Innocents do.

Children do. Wives and parents and brothers and sisters do. And it's on us to address it as responsible adults. Even if Uncle Larry thinks it's the first step to Obama and the UN coming for his guns and freedom. Uncle Larry can fill out the paperwork like everyone else when he wants to buy the new one. He'll get over it.

Anonymous said...

Great article. I agree 100% with the 10:55 comment.

Anonymous said...

10:55:00 PM EST Hear Hear Well said.

Anonymous said...

Kids don't kill because video games and movies tell them to. It's an ignorant and juvenile cop-out.

They kill for the same reasons adults do, they are mentally sick. They aren't thinking "this is going to be just like GTA and Die Hard 4!"

they are thinking "boy, they'll all be sorry now and they'll never forget me."

And just because we don't have mandated hymn singing in chorus and prayer before, in the middle and after every class doesn't mean children are robbed of their moral compass.

As a parent I'm rather happy my kid doesn't have to go to some Christian version of a madrassa.

As a taxpaying American and veteran, I'm very happy that some Christian version of Sharia law isn't in our courthouses. (Shall we make it illegal to covet my neighbors new car? Or to work on Sunday?)

(All law stems from various religions and philosophies, but that's where it should stop.

It's not forgotten, the North Wall Frieze of the US Supreme court feature images of Solomon, Confucius, Moses and even Muhammad.)

I lost count of the number of times yesterday I saw people say
"Jesus isn't allowed in schools"
"don't blame God, you took him out of school"

Smugness? Really??? How Christian of them. It's disgusting.

People die in a tragedy and the first thing people can think is to start "I told you so" conversations about why the real reason we have tragedy is we don't let them peddle their dogma in schools.

Should I dig up URLs to the articles where shootings and attacks have occurred in private Christian schools?
It's happened, multiple times.

Look man, you say yourself everything you look at points to them being mentally ill and on medicines

But then you move on to blame Universal Studios, Playstation, divorce, separation of church and state and single parents. What else can we blame? The gays maybe? You forgot song lyrics. Oh, maybe he played dungeons and dragons and got possessed by a demon? I haven't heard that one in a decade or two.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on this, the FDA has a lot to lose if they were to put this in the media, so guns are blamed -- sadly at the cost of human life. A gun can only lay there unless someone picks it up, then they must use it, the gun does not operate on it own. Look at all the problems that meds cause to people, such abuse with them.

Anonymous said...

Very well stated, Chris. So very true, too. For the most part, this does all start in the home with parents.

Anonymous said...

Look what your government screams--Gun Control. They don't enforce the laws they make.I.E. Sell guns to drug cartel as Fast ans Furious. sell f-16s to muslim brotherhood in eygpt-give large sums of foreign aid to support the muslim church--sell an enormous amout of all kind of weapons to the higest bidder. Then go on national t.v. and do your hollywood stunt and say they are sorry for what has happened. They have removed from education systems what good stands for in every day life. The grief from this day will last forever. Note the pervious comments as someone mention of prior shootings.
Those who forget the past will repeat it. Go back to the ten commandments. Live them and teach them to your children.

Anonymous said...

We live in a world were kids are told {its not your fault, your parents are to blame, your friends are to blame}Were when a child misbehaves they are given a time out.There is no crime and punishment.Were when some thing bothers you or you just cant cope with it. they give you a pill.being on some sort of meds is the normal way of life.were people who aren't on meds are looked at as sick.where you can't speak your mind about someone or something without being branded a raceist or a hater.then all the that builds up till one day they cant take it anymore and explode.. you hurt me, you ingnored me, you belittled me, I didn't get mine, so here is yours. bang!!! bang!!! bang!!!, How do you like me now.

Anonymous said...

Very good article I posted one very similar on my facebook the day of the shootings. Im glad Im not the only one that can see things for what they really are. Do you know how much money it would save tax payers if family court, social services, etc were done away with? They don't help anybody they make things worse. They have to have jobs don't they? Stop the predation on the Amercan family and start thier. Let everybody raise there children as they see fit and not what society demands. I litterally had a judge in potter county family court tell me I will raise my child to societies standards not my own. True story.

Anonymous said...

"After all the country has successfully removed and demonized any religious moral standards from every public place leaving the children without a moral compass."

Do you know where you live? How can you make an argument like that a couple weeks after the community was rocked by a shooting IN A CHURCH.

I think you maybe had a point with some of the medications being thrown at this kids any time they feel a little sad or off task but the whole "this is what we get for not having enough god in public schools" crap is BS.

The reasons for separation of church and state aren't that difficult to understand (and isn't new) and prisons are filled with the religious. Secondly the words "under god" were added to the pledge our children say every day in 1954, not removed.

Anonymous said...

The shooter was not from a single parent, his parents divorced when he was in his teens.
Millions of people are on psychotropic drugs and don't take a rifle and 2 handguns into an elementary school.
There are no good answers for what happened in CT., but I believe there is so much division in this country that until we can work together, this will continue to happen.

Anonymous said...

Great article Chris. The guns didn't do this, a sick individual did.

Anonymous said...

Chris' last paragraph pretty much sums up where this country is headed and why. I don't know how many times in the past ten years I've heard friends and acquaintances giving the excuse for their marriage as "I just wasn't happy" or "I couldn't deal with the stress of being married anymore". Even better is when children are involved - "Plenty of kids are raised in divorce or by single parents and they're just fine". Really? Ask any child of divorce or broken families how fine they are and I'll bet that 9 out of 10 tell you differently. We are a quick fix society with the false belief that everything will be just fine as long as we are temporarily "happy". Get real.

Anonymous said...

Well i guess it sounds like an invasion is coming to all the people on medication . There will be random searches in peoples homes for guns . So if your on a depressent med and you have the prevledge of owning a gun the goverment should take that right away . But if your a gun owner and not on meds just maybe you have a break down and go waco then what? Blame the human brain? Cmon how about avaluating every human then break them down huh? But it will never end . Cause we have solfiers that come home that are on meds as well and there allowed to own a gun. Lets just devide everyone up take the chemicle brains from the non chemicle brains.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more but would like to stress on the part all the vidio WAR GAMES that never discontinue. With most spoiled kids today with nothing else to do but play them into reality.
With lack of the respect to anything or anybody this is just the next step in winning the game...

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Unfortunately the politicians will use this tragedy to promote their agendas for gun control.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Chris, 100%. Let us remember, it was psychiatrists who started telling us not to punish our kids; not to let them feel bad. It was psychiatrists who started labeling ADHD and handing out the drugs, for depression as well. Psychiatry has played a huge role in how we shape our young people. We need to get away from them. Generations before us survived life without them, without pils, etc.

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia: "As of 2000, nuclear families with the original biological parents constituted roughly 24.1% of American households, compared to 40.3% in 1970. Roughly two-thirds of all children in the United States will spend at least some time in a single-parent household."

The "nuclear family" mostly began to die off after the 60's. My grandparents' generation was pretty much the last one where they were still common. If the institution of marriage wasn't already enough of a mockery now just wait till gay marriage is legal in the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Chris Foust who used to live in Coudersport? Can you provide an email addy so I can send you a message? Important! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day we will all dissect these tragedies in different way and blame different circumstances and scenarios. The state and federal government will do what they want with gun laws, and that is fine, but nothing is most likely going to stop evil people from doing horrible things. Arm yourselves and give yourself the ability to protect yourself and you family. If you don't you are just waiting to be a victim. I know this wouldn't have prevented this tragedy and many others, but if you believe any law or prescribed medicine will stop the violence I think you are crazy. Protect yourself and your family in hopes that if something bad did happen you potentially save yourself or others. There are just to many crazy people in the world today. Take action.

Anonymous said...

The Effects Of The 1962 Court Decision

The Unconstitutional Prayer of 1962 covered four areas:

"Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our Country."
• Before 1962-1963: the courts used Biblical guidelines in all 4 areas.
• 1962: The courts now changed their policy and said Christian principles caused psychological damage.
1. "Upon us" (Students)
• The removal of Christian principles from education had an effect that was predicted by George Washington in his farewell address: "Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds....reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." Washington warned that to lose religious principles would be to lose national morality.
• Birth Rates for Unwed Girls (15-19) increased after 1962. Up 553% for 10-14 age group.
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases for high school students increased after 1962. Up 225%
• Pre-marital Sexual Activity for pre-17 increased after 1962. Up 271%
• Teenage (Ages: 10-14) pregnancy has increased 553% since the removal of religion in schools: 1962.
• Pre-Marital Sex increased .... sexually transmitted disease increased .... in direct relationship with 1962.
2. "Our parents" (Families)
• Divorce was allowed for very few reasons before 1962, and was declining.
• Before 1962: a court could refer to the Bible to support its decision regarding a divorce.
• Before 1962: a court could refer to God's laws as the final authority in an issue.
• Divorce Rates increased after 1962. Up 117%. America is #1 in world divorce rate.
• Every statistic related to the morality decline of the family skyrocketed since 1962.
• Single-parent families increased after 1962. Up 140%
• Unmarried Couples increased after 1962. Up 536%
• All the above categories had remained stable for years prior to 1962.
• Rate of divorce increased, and now America leads the world in rate of divorce.
• Every family foundation has decreased since 1962. There is a direct correlation.

Anonymous said...

3. "Our teachers" (Schools)
• SAT Tests have been in America since 1926.
• SAT scores had never declined for more than two years straight.
• SAT scores, after 1962, plummeted for 18 straight consecutive years.
• The Department of Education has stated: This is the first time in American history that we are turning out students who graduate with less knowledge than their parents did." 80-point difference.
• Christian Education vs. Public Education:
• 1962: Only 1,000 Christian schools in the U.S.
• 1984: 32,000 Christian schools in the U.S.
• Currently, 8.5 million students (12% of student population) attend private religious schools.
• SAT scores are nearly 80 points higher for private school students than national average. This places them at an equal level to students prior to 1962.
• The National Merit Semi-Finalists (America's Top Scholars)
• 12.4 of the nations students attend private schools: 39.2% of the nations top academic scholars are from private religious schools.
• The average Christian school =$2,200 per student
• The average Public school = $5,400 per student
• Private schools with 2/5 the funds are proportionately turning out 3 times more scholars.
• Using Christian principles makes an 80-point difference on SAT tests.
• 700,000 students, after graduating from high school, couldn't read their own diploma.

4. "our Country" (the Nation)
• Not seeing the Ten Commandments has an effect upon behavior.
• George Washington excerpt from his Farewell Address: "Let it simply be asked, Where is the security for life, for reputation and for property, if the sense of religious obligation desert?"
• Violent crimes have increased dramatically since 1962. Up 794%. Surpassed population growth. America is the world's leader in violent crimes.
• Thomas Jefferson stated that religion was the best friend to government. "The precepts of philosophy laid hold of actions only... (but Jesus) pushed his scrutinies into the heart of man, erected his tribunal in the region of his thoughts, and purified the waters at the fountainhead."
• The Law attempts to control crime.
• Christian beliefs attempt to control the thoughts before the crime happens.
• Where the Law says, "Don't kill," the Bible says, "Don't get angry."
• If you've prevented the anger and hate, you've prevented the murder.
• Where the Laws says, "Don't commit adultery," Jesus says, "Don't lust in your heart."
• The Founders realized that only religion could stop crime before it started. Crime starts within the heart. If you can't control the heart, you can't control crime.
• President John Adams: There is no government in the world able to make an individual do what is right or control those who did not wish to be controlled. "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion." "Our constitution was made only for a moral and a religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
• The Founders believed that the constitution would only work for people who had internal restraints, and internal control.
• Our country has moved away from religion, and our constitution is no longer working effectively, as evidenced by statistics on all charts. Each of these areas were stable before 1962.
• The USA leads in: Violent Crimes, Divorce, Teenage Pregnancy (in Western World), Voluntary Abortions, Illegal Drug Use, and Illiteracy (in Western World).

Anonymous said...

To 1:58:00

That is no "silly sci-fi movie. That was likely the greatest story ever told.

May the Force be with you........

Carol said...

All this violence is being blamed on video games, music, movies, rap, and above all, DRUGS. Well not having God in our schools anymore,not being allowed to spank our kids and our fast society is what I feel is the problem. Anything else is an EXCUSE! There are few family reunions, if any. There are few times people just go to family & friends houses to visit(minus the cell phones & texting.)Of course we can't spank our kids or we may get arrested. Society is SO different from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, & 90's. And I feel as we continue to invent & modernize it is only going to worsen. Family value is LONG gone & it is really sad.There may never be a true solution, & this too, is very sad.May God bless us!

Anonymous said...

We can blame medication, we can blame movies, we can blame music, we can blame tv, we can blame gun control. When do ppl take responsibility for their own actions? I grew up listening to heavy metal, watching Tim Burton films and more. I don't believe in "god". I am a "normally" functioning person. I have a job, a family, and a happy marriage. Stop questioning why why why all the time and be responsible and stop blaming. sometimes ppl are just wired the wrong way. You can't always blame the parents either. some ppl come from a great home and are just "sick" in the head.
stop blaming everything, and please stop this "god is not allowed in school" crap. if you/ your kid really believes in god, then don't you believe he is "always with you". you have to respect the state/religion separation. i for one don't' want my kids learning about someone else's " god" when they are suppose to be getting an academic education.
raise your kids, take responsibility for your actions

Chris Foust said...

I would just like to clarify my writing since I wanted to keep it short so I wouldn't lose anyone's attention with a long reading. The purpose wasn't to blame any one particular subject or to judge. I am 34 yrs old and cannot help but take a casual observation. In my view society has changed(ing). It seems the moral judgement and character of today's youth is not what it was when I was younger. I'm sure my parents and grandparents said the same of my generation.

So my point would be, mentally something has changed. As one critic said "Fear". On a psychological basis almost every action we take or lack of action, fear can be the ultimate basis. I am not blaming all divorces or single parents or all video games and movies. So I would say some, all, or maybe none are a contributing factor. I'm not the expert only a casual observer. But, something has changed in the minds of our youth and also parents. I can feel the temperature of the water by how some have responded.

I am not an advocate for ramming religion down anyone's throat as well. It's a choice and should be. So I ask again, what gives. These acts of violence seem to only increase.

My email is fouchis@yahoo.com for anyone who wants to vent. I enjoy the conversation, not so much the subject. Just be civil, I try to be.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 1:58:00 and 2:00:00 are the same person. I suspect as much but I think you are pretty close to the mark. It is comments like yours that make SW comments worth reading.

The sad part is your rational response narrows down who you are to only a small handful of possible people.

Anonymous said...

Sure...lets blame the drugs now. Better yet...lets take everyone off em and see what happens then. But I havent heard anyone blame the media ever except for recently an actor supposibly said that its cuse of the media basically glorifying the suspects and such. And frankly I have to lean more towards that being the right thing then anything, cuse its giving these sick people ideas that they probably wouldnt of had to begin with. But frankly I dont think any one thing is gonna truely solve these horrendous acts. What people fail to realize that it isnt only ONE thing that contributes to it. U can put a gun in any one persons hand...say 5000 peoples hands, and chances are that most of the 5000 wouldnt even think of hurting anyone else with their gun. Really, I think the blame should be with the media for glorifying the suspects. Also on society (peers and whatnot) picking on people and saying its ok because "Sticks and stones might break bones but words never will" mentalities and people thinking theres nothing wrong with picking on one another or such. Also it doesnt help that these people that do have problems get picked on and put down for having problems, and plus they get easy access to guns thru relatives or whatever. Society dictates who believes what and whats ok and whats not ok (ie religious groups or praying and so on in schools and so on...). Theres other things as well that I cannot think of atm but im sure theres plenty of other contributions. But it all comes down to this. DONT BLAME JUST ONE THING OR ANOTHER. Many things are left to blame.

Dem said...

If you take away ALL guns, it will only give the gangs/mobs/crooks the upper hand over the innocent.

Here's a thought ... ever think some of the things (shootings) are "planted" by our leaders to get the public to want all guns baned so the government can have complete control over us?

Anonymous said...

About being selfless.

I guess i am going to take a stance. Everyone is searching for answers.
While i am not a religious, bible pusher..to my credit i have always used the 'good book' as a standard by which a person should live and conduct themselves. It just makes so much sense, the bible you know. To live purposefully and to fear the 7 vices.
A lost soul with no purpose in life. What does he do? You just cant plan,or predict. There isnt any reasoning when they are that far gone.
In the next few days,months,&years...Let us all try to be more polite,helpful,compassionate,etc. Change a tire for someone w/a flat. Accept it as your obligation, because it is the right thing to do. Let us come together as a neighborhood. Earn Trust and be honest. Speak our mind as individuals with personalities. Go out of your way to be selfless. We are getting more crowded on earth. Let us come together more and learn to respect and understand each other. Let the little ones know what is right, because of the examples we show them daily.

Anonymous said...

4 words. Come and take them....

Anonymous said...

We need God in our lives huh? Thats the answer? Really? Because the church has done horrible things to people in the past. And violent video games? Please. You need to be not of sound mind to think that violent video games make people more violent.

Heres something you might not know. all video games, movies music and songs now a days are all representations of 1's ons 0's. These stand for on and off. If you slaughter someone in the game, and turn it off and back on again.. they are back, but a sane person would know that, right??

"Chris" started off in the right direction with the talk of medication. Nobody really knows for sure what any type of drugs do to any one individual. Thats why the list of side effects is so large.

I just can't believe the amount of ignorance there is out there. I really want to believe there is a God. Dont you? But it's kind of har to fathom why a being so powerful would allow 20 children to be murdered by a psycho. Or did the Devil make the shooter do it?

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Completely agree with Comment 6:44
Also Comment 10:07 you have got to be kidding!!?

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As a reply to 8:10

I did not say we need churches in our lives. I said that we need GOD in our lives. How else are you going to live your life? Laws according to Star Trek, Gilligans island? Instead of Judeo-Christian beliefs.
As for the whole medication thing. I do believe that-played a role here. But in my eyes a competant parent, who researches what their kids watch,eat,& do...Wouldnt have him on these pills, because of the known side effects. Listen there was a reason he was on meds..he was crazy-mentally ill.
Maybe a spanking once in awhile would have helped, but now you cant touch your kids.
Video games, movies,& media..are also a non-issue to me 8:10. Because as a competant parent would not let their kids to be totally emcompassed in fantasyland.
The other thing i dont get is how on earth does one find it smart to own automatic guns when your child is a psyco. And a danger to everyone.
Realize everyone has and opinion, listen to everone..have patience.We all can learn from this.
Godbless the kids lost. Godbless the 6 adults, that acted like heroes. Godbless the 1st responders. It could have been much worse, if they hadnt acted heroically.

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Poster 9:26-

NO, I am not!

Remember the "made up" WMD a few years back to get his way???

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10:07 is just a troll. Let him fumble around in his troll-dom.

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In a response to 8:10. (Christian Religion Response)

Why would God allow twenty children to die. The answer is to your question is easy. God allows death and destruction to bring you to him. The concept is too complicated and deep to understand for some, so they simply go the opposite. There is simply not enough room on this blog to explain in writing. I know some of the local ministers, priests and pastors will speak soon on this.

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There is no one answer to our social decline over the past several years but on this you all agree on is that there is social decline. I would challenge you all to study history. Great civilizations (Rome) have come and gone. Our country is a great social experiment. Dictatorships last for a thousand of years. But democracies only hundreds. They implode from within because of moral decay. We are all to blame. Chris is very right when he states we must have the mental health debate. Thirty years ago this poor evil being would have been institutionalized, not being taught to shoot by his misinfomed mother. Until we face our bad decisions and start telling the truth about mental illness these incident will continue to happen at a much more frequent rate I fear. The media wants you to beleive that the guns are the problem. I think you are all wiser than that. Merry Christmas!

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12:27: Its 8:10 again. Maybe its because I have had my daily dose of caffeine, but I'm 100% behind you right now. She knew her boy had problems. She could have done more to protect herself and the public.

I got a good smack when I was misbehaving. It worked. sometimes thats exactly whats needed. Hopefully after the dust settles America can come to a sensible decision on the matter.

I hope America can clean her act up . I honestly hope the families of the dead children find peace. I hope there is a heaven, I really do. Thats what those children deserve right now.


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Yeah.....Gee thanks god, your a swell fella