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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Corbett--Cut Pension Costs Or Cut Education & Welfare

Corbett: Pa. must address pension woes now
By Brad Bumsted and Mike Wereschagin
Trib Live
With Pennsylvania having a crisis from spiraling public pension costs, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett on Tuesday outlined potential fixes he will offer to legislative leaders in January before presenting his 2013 state budget.

Corbett told the Tribune-Review that options include increasing the state retirement age, which varies by agency, and changing how pension benefits are calculated by not including overtime and adding lower-salaried years into the formula.

Corbett said tax hikes are out of the question. If costs don’t come down, money would have to come from education and welfare spending, he said — two of the largest line items in the general fund.

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Anonymous said...

oh yea take money fom the people who worked for a living and just want to retire and give it to the one who are to damned lazy to work great idea NOT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if the governors pension will be cut also?

Anonymous said...

Ok all the cracks about people on welfare being lazy is really starting to get old.
i have worked since I was 12... yes i said 12...
I had a job untill September... and now I need assistance till i can get another job... i am by NO MEANS LAZY thank you very much. Just because SOME are doesn't give you the right to Judge and call all that.

Anonymous said...

when welfare first came out it was to be just a temp. help to people but most not all but most make a living out of it that is what has me pissed

Anonymous said...

How about taxing all the PA businesses that make their corporate homer in Delaware, where there's no tax on businesses?
The teachers and state workers have made their payments on time, every time. It's the state who took the money they were supposed to put in the pension fund and spent it somewhere else. You can blame Rendell all you want, but the state is and was controlled by a vast Republican majority when it all happened too.
Now thwy're taking from the kids and those sick, weak, and out of work.
This is disgusting. These people should be tried for treason and given the same penalty they're giving tons of our elderly, our parents, aunts, uncles, etc; and our children..... gradual expiration.

Anonymous said...

The pensions that are paid out to the individuals are much more than was ever paid in by the individuals. Do the math, how was that ever going to work without being subsidized by taxes?
Simple math. But what do I know, the politicians just want to make sure they get a nice fat pension and if they have to pay the teachers and state employees the same way then so be it. They have never cared about making anything balance.