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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Corbett Questioned About Free Vacation/Airplane Flights

While Touting Transparency, Corbett Declines to Explain Free Vacation

December 20, 2012
By Marie Cusick
State Impact

At a press conference to promote a new government transparency website, Governor Corbett was reluctant to answer questions about a free vacation he took to Rhode Island last year, paid for by a friend who does business with the natural gas industry.

StateImpact Pennsylvania first reported the trip, which was originally omitted from Corbett’s filing with the State Ethics Commission in March. Instead, it was added as an amendment to the filing last month.

The updated document shows that a central Pennsylvania businessman, John Moran Jr., paid for the governor’s and First Lady Susan Corbett’s air transportation and lodging for a long weekend to Rhode Island in July 2011. Moran also paid to fly Corbett on his private plane and helicopter to events in Pittsburgh and Williamsport in September 2011.

Moran and his wife donated generously to the governor’s 2010 campaign. Shortly after the trips, Corbett appointed Moran to a 24-member advisory panel he created to look into privatizing state services.  Read More...


Anonymous said...


You are a theif and a liar!

Anonymous said...

He is so certain he will be re-elected too, with comments about upcoming opponents such as, "Well, anyone can dream." That man is going to destroy this Commonwealth if we do not vote him out of office. He has already gotten a very good start on it. He works for the gas industry, not the taxpayers. Not the citizens of PA.

Anonymous said...

At least he isnt taking MY guns like our fearless leader...

Anonymous said...

You people that get on your knees and worship obuma shouldn't make comments about anyone's actions! Corbett is bringing our state back after the out of control Rendell years!

Anonymous said...

If he was going to take your guns, he would begin doing so and only admit it after he got caught.

"Yes, I was taking your guns, but due to a clerical error, I didn't mention it. What? Why yes, I did do the same thing with that guy who paid for my vacation, and gave me lots of campaign money. What did I do about it? I put him on an 'advisory board' to regulate the privitization of government services. I am now putting James Brady's widow on the gun taking board, if she offers me enough money." PS "I'll try to remember to put it on the public information form, but if I don't I'll blame a 'clerical error'. BWHAHAHAHAHAH BWHAHAHAHAHA"

Anonymous said...

Typical of Tom Corrupt. People tried to warn the voters. Sam Rohrer is a man of integrity and could have bean our governor.
Speaking of transparency, what ever happened to the federal corruption charges, against TC that seemed to disappear after the election in 2010?