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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Potter County offices open at 10 am

County offices open at 10 am

The Potter County Commissioners and the Department of Emergency Services have announced that all Potter County government offices (Courthouse, Gunzburger Building, Human Services and satellite locations) will open at 10 am today (Thursday, Dec. 27). 

PennDOT and local road crews confirm that the majority of state and local roads are being plowed and cindered/treated, but drivers are urged to proceed cautiously.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see the county commissioners and EMS are back in business. Below is an interesting video of local officials in counties just over our NY border. Note the concern over trucking hazardous waste (@4:45).

What public hearings have been held about the PERMANENT HAZARDOUS WASTE facility being built in Ulysses Twp. soon? Considering this facility produces SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT via trucking of radioactive and other toxic wastes along public roadways, to the tune of up to 700 truck trips per day according to one report, I'd think that a lawyer might have a field day with the Hoope$ clan should something happen. And accidents do happen...

If I were a resident and not just a visitor I'd be at every county and township meeting I could, demanding public hearings about this PERMANENT HAZARDOUS WASTE facility.

(After the Hoope$ facility is in operation, I plan to start traveling to places where there's isn't an increased chance of breathing in aromatic hydrocarbons or drinking spring water that's been silently contaminated. Not due to the wastewater facility, but it's construction will be the first of many nails in Potter's coffin. I want out before too much developemnt. I want to remember God's Country the way she is, was, and will forever be in my memory.)

Once this facility goes in, Potter Co. is going to become a prime location for refineries, and yes - jobs. But it will be an industrial county, no longer a pristine one. The visitor/tourism economy, which is naturally sustainable with the right imagination and energy, will disappear. People will move onward to greener, cleaner climes - to towns that are taking precautionary, active approaches to preserve the clean water, air, and land they've inherited.

It's sad to see Potter in such straits - dying and desperate for industry. I can envision so many other, more suitable things in Potter - adventure camps, private schools, alternative ag programs, water research facilities (not "wastewater recycling" ones)...but it takes courageous, creative leadership and civic-minded residents. And I don't know enough about the people of Potter to know if it's possible (I'm kind of a hermit). But I am ever hopeful, for both selfish and selfless reasons.

Speak now - or forever lose your peace.

Here's the video:

Anonymous said...

No one wants to do business in Potter county because of the negative attitudes and protests that happen everytime some new business venture even thinks about coming here! The town i live in sometimes seems to be the worse! The council will do absolutely nothing to attract or help anyone that has new ideas! In fact i have seen people ridiculed for trying! So sad!

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing comments on here about the waste water treatment planned for Ulysses Township. It is important to point out that the Ulysses Township Supervisors decided to basically secede from Potter County so this industrialization could move forward to benefit the few. That's right, the township appointed its own Planning Commission and adopted its own land development ordinance. The residents of Ulysses Township are now stuck with whatever decisions the Supervisors and Township Planning Commission make. The county does not have any authority now. A lot of these projects are actually controlled by the state DEP. Counties and townships do not have much control for oil and gas drilling and for waste water treatment plants.