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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thompson Talks About The Fiscal Cliff

Published on Dec 12, 2012
Welcome to the first edition of "5th District Mailbox," a periodic update from Washington where I will choose a notable piece of constituent mail and share with you my response through online video. This week's topic is an important one that I've heard from many of you on: the so-called "Fiscal Cliff."


Anonymous said...

Q:How can you tell if a politician is lying?

A:His lips are moving in his youtube video.

As a VET I can assure you, those Pentagon cuts won't hurt our troops. You politicians like to parrot that line every time a citizen mentions maybe we shouldn't be spending more than the next 25 nations on earth put together on our military. It will hurt drone manufacturers, makers of 1/4 trillion dollar 5th generation fighter aircraft that DO NOT WORK.

As for the fiscal cliff itself, maybe if you and yours weren't holding our nation's economy for hostage unless we meet all of your demands we wouldn't be in this boat.
Odd... we never had government shutdowns over budgets or raising the debt ceiling when Bush was president.

Funny, (R) never want to have these discussions when they are in power.

And remember when you could pass a bill with a majority? Not a super majority? Yeah, those were the days (because Democrats weren't being obstructionist bastards putting party before country and economy)

When Republicans are in power, all the tax cuts are "temporary"
(the word you left out of your description of the Bush tax cuts) "we assure you, these cuts are a temporary measure only"
9 years later
"we will ruin the economy and the nation unless you give the upper 1% these tax cuts!!!!"

When (R)s are in power, cutting checks to the entire nation (remember that?) is valuable stimulus and in no way a handout.

Wars get put on the credit card not on the budget, and entire crashes of the stock market, real estate markets and destruction of millions of retirement accounts all gets blamed on either the president 9 years before or the next one taking office (Obama OWNS our mess now! Just keep repeating it!)

Glenn, your spin is laughable.

Maybe next video you can explain how patriotic it is we extended FISA again, shredding the 4th amendment and giving the thumbs up for 5 more years of spying on the American public overseen strictly by secret courts.

Glenn, you and yours are responsible for my complete cynicism regarding the future of our nation and my complete lack of respect for our legislative process and our "justice" system. So, cheers.

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy that comfy government job you have ZERO chance of ever being challenged for. Live it up! I'm paying for it.

oh, and keep the videos up!

You can pretend they matter

and we can pretend we believe you.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't all fall off the fiscal cliff!1!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the VET above for telling it like it is and thank you for your service.

Anonymous said...

we need more teabaggers and more norkissers.

Anonymous said...

I have not paid taxes in 10 years. I don't have a job. Welfare is where its at.