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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scouts Sell Cookies At Coudersport Sheetz Saturday

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

Top photo--Girl Scout Brownie and Daisy Troop #21980 members braved the cold winds Saturday to sell Girl Scout cookies at Sheetz in Coudersport. Jaden Studer is shown, complete with red nose & cheeks, doing her part in the annual cookie sale effort.

If you didn't get your cookies yet, there will be other opportunities to buy them watch for the ads.

Special Movie Release blood drive at Mansfield U. Tuesday Feb 28th 11-4PM

Special Movie Release blood drive at

Mansfield U. Tuesday Feb 28th 11-4PM

The Community Blood Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are teaming up to save lives at an Immortals Blood Drive on Tuesday February 28th in at AHSC Multipurpose room at Mansfield
University from 11-4pm. Photo I.D. is required but no appointment is needed
to save a life.

There will be some terrific giveaways generously provided by Twentieth
Century Fox Home Entertainment as part of the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the
film 'The Immortals'. All donors will receive a free ticket to a special
pre-release screening of the film the same day, February 28th at 9pm in the
AHSC Room 317. So share your vitality by giving blood.

One Vehicle MVA On Rt. 46

Crash on Smethport side of hill
At 6:04 pm on Saturday, Otto Township Fire & Ambulance, Medic 1 and Smethport Fire have been dispatched to a one vehicle MVA on Route 46 on the Smethport side of the hill. A vehicle is reported in the ditch.

Multi-vehicle crash on I-80 kills at least two

Multi-vehicle crash on I-80 kills at least two
Saturday, February 25, 2012

At least two people were killed in a multi-vehicle, chain-reaction crash on Interstate 80 in Venango County this afternoon during a whiteout.

The interstate was closed for a 10-mile stretch, from mile marker 32 to 42 after the crash about 2:20 p.m., said county 911 supervisor Mary Beth White.

"We actually had multiple calls at multiple mile markers within two seconds of each other," she said.

Ms. White believes at least 20 vehicles were involved -- sliding both into each other and into the median. Officers on the scene are still checking for patients, and at least six people are reported injured.

The highway is expected to be closed into the evening, Ms. White said.

Read more:

Live Scanner

Live Scanner 2


Rt. 219 Reopened in Bradford

MVA On Rt. 219 South Of Tack's Inn

MVA On Rt. 219 South Of Tack's Inn
At 5:28 pm on Saturday, Lafayette Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Rt. 219, 2 miles south of Tack's Inn for a non-injury MVA. Vehicle is off the roadway.

3 Vehicle Accident On E. Main In Bradford

3 Vehicle Crash In Bradford
At 5:15 pm on Saturday, Bradford Fire & Ambulance have been called to East Main Street in front of the Eagles Club for a 3 vehicle accident.

40-Vehicle Crash On Rt. 79 in Mercer County

Whiteout blamed for 40-vehicle crash in Mercer County
Saturday, February 25, 2012

Interstate 79 has reopened in Mercer County after being closed for about three hours following a snowy pileup involving about 40 vehicles.

Mercer County emergency officials said whiteout driving conditions were to blame for the chain-reaction accident.

No fatalities have been reported in the accident that occurred about noon on the southbound side of the road in Deer Creek Township, said Dennis Winger, a 911 supervisor.

State police from the Mercer barracks are still tallying the damage, but, but a several mile stretch of the interstate was closed in both directions so emergency crews and tow trucks could respond.

Read more:

MVA On Rt. 219 Bridge In Bradford

MVA On Rt. 219 Bridge In Bradford
At 5:00 pm on Saturday, Bradford Fire Rescue and Ambulance have been dispatched to the bridge on Rt. 219 Northbound, near the refinery, for a MVA.

Traffic Control For Stuck Tractor Trailer

Traffic Control For Stuck Tractor Trailer
At 4:55 pm on Saturday, Rew Fire Dept. was called out for traffic control on Rew Hill for a stuck tractor trailer in the roadway.

AP Picks Up Story Of Drilling Apparently Polluting Drinking Water In Butler County

W. Pa. wells had casing failures in complaint area

Wires Down In Roadway On Rt. 646

Wires Down In Roadway
At 2:18 pm on Saturday, Hilltop Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Rt. 646, just past Pithole Road for utility lines down in the roadway.

Thompson Letter Urges Timely Implementation and Coordination as DoD Moves Forward with Service Member Health Care Initiatives

Thompson Letter Urges Timely Implementation and Coordination as DoD Moves Forward with Service Member Health Care Initiatives

Encourages Full Utilization of STEP Act Law in Achieving Goals of Departments’ Recently-released Joint Strategic Plan

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson this week sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) urging a sensible timeline and greater collaboration and coordination between the DoD and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as they move forward with implementation and planning for the Servicemembers Telemedicine and E-Health Portability (STEP) Act, a bill introduced by Thompson that passed into law in December, 2011, as part of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. The letter emphasizes the aim and objectives of the law, as well as the critical roll the new law can play in meeting the goals of the recently released DoD-VA Joint Strategic Plan (JSP), which identified the expansion of telehealth practices – the primary intent of the STEP Act – as an essential component in meeting future Servicemember and Veteran health care needs.

“The recent release of the DoD/Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Joint Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2011-2013 highlights many of the goals proper implementation of Section 713 can achieve,” wrote Thompson. “For example, included in the ‘Goal 2: Health Care section,’ it is clearly stated that DoD/VA ‘improve access, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of health care for Service Members, Veterans, and their beneficiaries’ through major collaborative efforts on ‘Integrated Mental Health Strategy, Health Information Sharing, and Expanded Telehealth’ initiatives.”

While telehealth has been known as an effective medium for delivering a wide range of health care, especially for those located in geographically isolated areas, it’s expansion has been limited due to state laws that require health care professionals to hold licenses in the states where the care is received. Many health care professionals were required to get licenses in multiple states, burdening both the patients and providers, and bogging down the DoD credentialing process.

Thompson’s STEP Act, now Public Law 112-81, Section 713, expands federal exemptions for telehealth consultations across state lines by removing the individual state requirement. DoD credentialed health care professionals will no longer need multiple state licenses, and will be able to offer services regardless of the patients physical location.

Thompson’s letter urges wide implementation across the entire Military Health System and inter-departmental coordination in order to take advantage of the law’s new authorities. “By expanding the definition of health care professionals eligible for this exemption, Section 713 provides broad discretion to the DoD for implementation, without additional limiting restrictions, in order to better facilitate the inclusion of more health care professionals to fill shortages in key areas and specialties, especially in behavioral health,” the letter states.

Since becoming law, officials have praised the STEP Act as a significant contribution to the Departments’ long-term planning strategy. “It’s the biggest step forward we’ve seen in two years,” stated recently retired Army Vice Chief of Staff General Peter Chiarelli, in a February 7th interview with Army Times. “For me, it is huge. We have just to take advantage of it,” Chiarelli added.

The DoD-VA Joint Strategic Plan, issued on January 31, 2012, is an annual report used to identify current and emerging challenges to guide the Departments’ long term joint strategic planning efforts. Thompson’s letter concludes by offering his assistance as the Departments works to ensure the goals of the JSP are met and the full intent of Section 713 is reached.

Yogurt Plant To Offer 186 New Jobs In Batavia, NY

Pepsi, German firm to open yogurt plant in Batavia

By Matt Surtel

BATAVIA — A partnership including PepsiCo and a German dairy business has selected the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park for a $206 million production facility, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office announced Friday.

The decision by Wave LLC means 186 new manufacturing and support jobs. It will be the venture’s first yogurt production facility statewide.

“This is the largest manufacturing project that’s come to Batavia and Genesee County since Sylvania committed to building televisions here in 1953,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Hyde of the Genesee County Economic Development Center. “We’re really excited.”

Project Wave will include a 363,000-square-foot food processing facility at the 81-acre site off Route 5 near the county fairgrounds. Site preparation is already under way and Hyde said construction will accelerate dramatically in spring. More...

MVA In Richburg Area

MVA On County Road 40 near Richburg
At 1:38 pm on Saturday, Richburg Fire & Ambulance has been dispatched to a one vehicle MVA on County Road 40 near the tree farm. Car reported in the ditch. One patient with back & elbow injuries.

Use Caution Traveling Today

Sweden Township Police Department along w/Twp Supervisors have checked roads throughout the nite and this morning, all are open and passable.

Due to the continued high winds and the possibility for limbs/trees to be in the roadway **** USE CAUTION**** while traveling.

accident:US 15 northbound North White Deer/Watsontown

511PA StateCollege
accident:US 15 northbound North White Deer/Watsontown
40 minutes ago

CLEARED:accident:US 15 northbound North White Deer/Watsontown at 6:05 pm

Rex Energy Announces Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2011 Operational and Financial Results

Rex Energy Announces Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2011 Operational and Financial Results, Provides Revised 2012 Capital Budget and Operational Update

  • Full-year 2012 capital expenditure plan reduced by 18%
  • Dry-gas capital expenditures reduced by 65%
  • Voll Compressor Station commissioned, increases Sarsen Plant capacity to 40 MMcf/d
  • First Utica Shale well in the Warrior Prospect expected to be spud in April
  • Cheeseman #1H Utica Shale well recently connected to pipeline, first sales expected March 1st
  • ASP injection of Perkins-Smith Unit on schedule for second quarter

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., Feb. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rex Energy Corporation (Rex Energy or the company) (Nasdaq:REXX) today announced its fourth quarter 2011 and full-year 2011 operational and financial results and provided its updated 2012 capital budget and revised guidance. More...

MLK Essay Contest Winners Share Their Work

MLK Essay Contest Winners Share Their Work

DuBOIS – Winners of an essay contest in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. were announced during a luncheon at Penn State DuBois on Wednesday. The first place winner is Helen Oswalt, who received a $100 cash prize. Jaci Gordon took second place and received $75, and Ashley Meyer came in third, taking home a $50 prize.

The contest was held as part of a month-long celebration of King and his legacy. Entrants where asked: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his last speech, "We shall overcome." What do you think he meant by that? What adversity or challenges have you had to overcome?

The winning authors each read their essays to the group gathered at the luncheon. All told deeply personal stories noting their own struggles and how they have overcome them.

"My mother spoke to me about how change occurs. She explained that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stopped people in their tracks and silenced them with his words. She said everyone listened and heard what he said," Oswalt read from her paper. She then related her own battles.

"I was born with many health problems in life to overcome. I was born with club feet and needed an operation. I was born smaller than most babies and I suffered numerous ear infections, which caused me a hearing impairment. I don’t remember having leg operation or wearing braces, fortunately. I do recall not being able to hear. While I attended grade school I was held back several years," Oswalt said. Then, she recounted how she overcame her personal hurdles and fostered her own determination to succeed and to help others overcome their own struggles. She said, "I underwent several ear and sinus operations. After these procedures I was able to hear and acquired the love of learning.
I have received an undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and I’m working on an undergraduate degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences. I am also determined to earn a minor in Psychology and look forward to the day when I can help shape someone else’s life."

Chancellor Anita McDonald noted King's legacy during the program, and how his work set the stage for change and acceptance of people from all races and backgrounds. She said, "I used to cry when I heard the song We Shall Overcome, because we did have so much to overcome. Now, I don't cry when I hear it, because we have come so far. While there still are many challenges, we have already overcome so much."

Photo: First place winner in the MLK Essay Contest, Helen Oswalt, reads her essay to an audience gathered at the MLK Luncheon on campus.

Middle School Students Explore College, Careers at Penn State DuBois

Middle School Students Explore College, Careers
at Penn State DuBois

DuBOIS – Approximately 30 eighth graders from Ridgway Area Middle School recently got an up-close look at some options they'll have when choosing a career, and a college to attend. The group toured Penn State DuBois and sat in on sample classes during a field day, when they also visited DuBois Business College, Triangle Tech, and The Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology.

"This gives students examples of what career choices they may look forward to, and gives them an idea of what to expect," said Mark Heindl, an eighth grade Social Studies teacher from Ridgway who accompanied the students. Heindl noted that even for students in middle school, it's not too early to consider their options. "Students change their minds so many times about what they want to do, and there are so many things to choose from today," he said. "The more opportunity they have to see their options, the better. Then, hopefully they'll have their mind made up on a college and a career by the time they're a senior."

At Penn State DuBois, the students experienced college classes in the Wildlife Technology, and Information Science and Technology (IST) programs. For the Wildlife portion, Forestry Instructor Aaron Stottlemyer introduced students to dendrology, or the science of studying trees. He showed specific examples of various tree species and taught students different methods for identifying those species. It's the kind of education that is necessary in careers such as forestry, biology, and more.

In the IST Lab, Instructor Jason Long introduced the eighth graders to computer networking, and had them logon to the lab computers where they could work on network connections first-hand. This gave students a glimpse into the life of a computer networking professional, or information technology manager.

Enrollment Services Director Melissa Duttry said she and other campus representatives were happy for the opportunity to help the Ridgway students explore careers, and to showcase the campus.

"We welcome area students to Penn State DuBois any time. We want them to visit us and see what we have to offer. We have such a talented and diverse faculty that we want others to have the opportunity to see and hear about what they teach," said Duttry. "Attending a field trip or visiting a class gives area students the chance to see what exciting careers and opportunities are out there for them in the future."

Photo: Penn State DuBois Forestry Instructor Aaron Stottlemyer introduces eighth grade students to the science behind tree identification in the campus Wildlife Lab.

Roulette Ambulance To Laninger Creek Road

At 12:26 pm on Saturday, Roulette Ambulance has been dispatched to Laninger Creek Road for a woman ill.

Next Work Day For Habitat Volunteers

Good Morning, Habitat Volunteers:

Our next workdays will be: Thursday, March 1st, 2012 and if need be, Friday, March 2nd, 2012. We will be hanging the drywall on the ceiling. If you can help us with this part of the work, please plan to start about 8:00 a.m. You will need to bring lunch with you. To make it easier, we will be using drywall lift jacks.

The rough electric has been completed and will be inspected by Code Inspections hopefully on Monday or Tuesday. This inspection will then allow us to work on the ceiling drywall. Once the ceiling drywall is complete, we will have the insulation work done by Dave Saulter.

There are several other areas of the house that can be worked on:
Start to install the heating system
Finish the rough plumbing
Run the gas line

Thank you again for your help as a Habitat Volunteer!

Jim and Charlotte Blain

David Lyon Candidate for CLASS AWARD

David Lyon Candidate for CLASS AWARD

Thirty NCAA baseball student-athletes who excel both on and off the field were selected as candidates Thursday (Feb. 23) for the 2012 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award. Among the elite? Kent State senior co-captain and catcher David Lyon (Emporium, Pa.). Read more.....


Girl Scout cookie sale this Saturday @ Sheetz

Girl Scout cookie sale this Saturday @ Sheetz

What can a cookie do? Girl Scout cookies help girls do great things!

Girl Scout Brownie and Daisy Troop #21980 will be selling Girl Scout cookies at Sheetz in Coudersport Saturday February 25th from 12:00 - 4:00.

We have 8 varieties- The classics; Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos and Trefoils. The crisp oat & cranberry Thank You Berry Munch, sweet Dulce De Leche, and the all new lemon Savannah Smiles (ask for a free sample).

Our troop is looking forward to many fun and enriching activities including summer camp, an overnight zoo experience and 100th anniversary celebration.

With this year's cookie sale, not only does your purchase help the scouts, but also empowers them to help others. As we learned about philanthropy and addressing needs within our community the girls decided to raise money for Teacher's pet rescue. A portion of our troop proceeds will be donated to our local no-kill shelter. In addition, we are holding a pet supply drive- collecting items that the dogs at Teacher's Pet Rescue may need (blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, treats & toys).

Hope to see you there!

Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson Meet & Greet In Gaines Saturday at 12:30 PM

Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson Meet & Greet

At Log Cabin Inn In Gaines Saturday at 12:30 PM

Stop In And Welcome Kathleen & Christian To Port Allegany's Main Street

Now Open In Port Allegany

Kathleen's Vintage Gifts
Now Open In Port Allegany

MVA OnRoute 49 Near County Line


MVA reported at county line--
2 adults, 2 children self extricated--
Harrison Valley, Ulysses, Westfield dispatched

Units Recalled
It was determined the accident was in Tioga County in Deerfield Township.

Tioga County Units are responding

Fire Call In Coudersport


Situation under control.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Help Wanted In Coudersport & Galeton Areas

Hay Bale Fire across from the Northern Tier Children's Home


Hay Bale Fire across from the Northern Tier Children's Home In Harrison Valley.

Harrison Valley & Ulysses Dept. due to respond.

Esther M. Hudson, 92, of West Sixth Street, Emporium, PA

Esther M. Hudson, 92, of West Sixth Street, Emporium, PA, died Friday (February 24, 2012) in the Elk Haven Nursing Home, St. Marys.

Born August 26, 1919, in Emporium, she was the daughter of the late Otto and Lucy Burfield Edelman. On January 16, 1946, in Bradford, she married C. Wilson Hudson, who died September 8, 2010.

A lifelong resident of Emporium, she attended Emporium public schools and Sisters of Charity Nursing School. During WWII she worked at Sylvania Electric, Inc. and later the Rydesky-Malizia Law Offices until her retirement.

She is survived by: two sons, Craig W. (Carol) Hudson of Emporium, and Jeffrey J. (Pam) Hudson of Okeechobee, FL; two grandchildren, Shawna (Troy Claar)Hudson of Bedford, PA, and Zack Hudson of Okeechobee, FL, and ten nieces and nephews.

In addition to her husband and parents, she was preceded in death by a sister, Lucille Smith and a brother, Mark (Bud) Edelman.

Esther was an active member of St. Mark Catholic Church of Emporium, Emporium Country Club and was an avid bridge player.

The family will receive friends Monday, February 27 from 4-7 p.m. in the Coppersmith-Condon Funeral Home, Emporium and a Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in St. Mark Church, with Fr. Paul Siebert, pastor, as celebrant. Prior to the viewing hours, a Wake Service will be held Monday at 3:45 p.m. Interment will be in St. Mark Cemetery,Emporium.

Memorials may be made to the charity of the donor’s choice.

Posted by Cameron County

RFL Special Report: Hydrofracking

RFL Special Report: Hydrofracking

Watch natural gas industry insider go to head-to-head with their toughest opponents as they debate the future of hydrofracking in NY

Also, please continue to share my email address with people so that they can send me their thoughts on fracking. We are measuring the success of this series on the number of comments and feedback that we receive. The response was good but we'd like to have more.

Kimberly Lengle

2 Dogs Missing In Port Allegany Area

A Port Allegany resident is missing his two dogs.

One is a black & white Springer Spaniel type.
The other is a redish Shepard style dog.

Both have blue collars.

If you have them or have seen them, please call

New School Opening in Smethport

New School Opening in Smethport
A new Preschool through 12th grade Christian school will be opening in the Smethport area for the 2012-13 school year.

An informational meeting for prospective students and parents will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2012, at 6 p.m. at the East Smethport United Christian Church.

Call the church or 814-558-8900 with any questions. Anyone interested in Christian education is welcome to attend.

Pennsylvania receives additional funding for home heating program

Pennsylvania receives additional funding for home heating program

By The Patriot-News

LinkHARRISBURG — Pennsylvania will receive an additional $52.3 million in federal funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to aid those struggling to pay home heating bills, the Department of Public Welfare said.

The federally-funded program provides cash grants to eligible low-income households to help pay for home heating fuel. It also provides crisis grants to address heating emergencies such as furnace failures or unexpected fuel shortages.

The additional $52.3 million brings the state’s total to $209.5 million for the current season, which began last Nov. 1.

Since then, the program has helped 269,777 households pay heating bills. More than 54,412 households have received crisis grants.

The minimum cash benefit recipients may receive is now $100, and the maximum crisis grant amount is $300.

To apply for the program visit or apply in-person at county assistance offices.

Roulette Ambulance To Oak Lane

At 8:46 pm on Friday, Roulette Ambulance & Medic 6 have been dispatched to Oak Lane for a medical emergency.

DEP Advises Some Residents to Remain Indoors Due to New Jersey Refinery Spill

DEP Advises Some Residents to Remain Indoors Due to New Jersey Refinery Spill

The Department of Environmental Protection announced today that as a result of wafting odors from a New Jersey oil spill, persons with respiratory problems, as well as young children and the elderly, should limit outdoor activities for the next several days until the oil is cleaned up, at which time the odors are expected to dissipate.

The oil leak was detected Thursday, Feb. 23, at the Paulsboro Refining Company in Greenwich, which is located along the Delaware River in Gloucester County, New Jersey. Odors have been detected in Pennsylvania’s Chester, Delaware, Lancaster and York counties.

Local air monitoring shows no indication of health effects from the odors, but DEP urges people with respiratory sensitivity living in the state’s southeast and south-central regions to be cautious.

Respiratory problems include asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and heart or lung conditions. The Department of Health advises anyone who has inhaled the oil fumes and feels short of breath, has chest pain or tightness, or experiences dizziness to seek medical attention immediately.

The refinery reported to New Jersey officials an oil leak of approximately six million gallons, all of which has been contained and is being pumped out of the containment structure surrounding the refinery. The cleanup is expected to last several days.

For more information about the spill, the refinery has established a community information line at 856-224-6177.

For more information about the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, visit

For more information about the Pennsylvania DEP, visit

Statewide Roadside Cleanup Planned, Volunteers Needed

Statewide Roadside Cleanup Planned, Volunteers Needed

Harrisburg – PennDOT is seeking volunteers for this year’s Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania, which begins March 1 and runs through May 31.

“Cleanup events like this have been a great success in improving the quality of life for Pennsylvanians by creating cleaner roadsides and communities,” said Secretary Barry Schoch. “Many dedicated residents return year after year to show their support, and I encourage more Pennsylvanians to show pride in our state through these great opportunities.”

Interested volunteers can find a listing of cleanup events, resources for organizing a cleanup group and other information at

Many of PennDOT’s 7,100 Adopt-A-Highway groups, who collect trash year-round, also join in this event. Visit and click on “PennDOT near you” for the phone number of the nearest PennDOT District Office to sign up for Adopt-A-Highway.

Last year, more than 159,000 volunteers collected 7 million pounds of trash from 13,140 miles of roads, trails and shorelines during the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania. Additionally, PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway volunteers picked up more than 3.5 million pounds of trash along more than 10,000 miles of roadway during the cleanup event last year.

PennDOT provides gloves, trash bags and safety vests to cleanup volunteers.



BRADFORD, Pa. – The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has canceled its series of classes on Alzheimer’s disease.

Remaining sessions were to have taken place March 7 and March 21.

For more information, contact the Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development at (814)362-5078 or

Firefighters Respo9nding To Barn Fire In Jones Township

Address: 7350 GLEN HAZEL RD

2/24/2012 5:04:10 PM


Officials Discuss Drilling 2nd Gas Well In Scarnati's Home Town Aquifer

Aquifer breach on Brockway watershed detailed at meeting

DuBois Courier Express

Incidents involved in the drilling of one well were explained Wednesday as state regulators consider an application for a second well.

Members of the Department of Environmental Protection's Northwest Regional Office, Flatirons Development LLC, the Brockway Borough Municipal Authority, state Reps. Sam Smith and Matt Gabler and state Sen. Joe Scarnati met with about 100 concerned citizens Wednesday to discuss Flatirons' application.

Flatirons wants to drill another well on the Rattlesnake Watershed.

The proposed well was permitted Dec. 27, 2010, and expired a year later. The new application was submitted Dec. 27 and is under review.

DEP Oil and Gas Regional Manager Craig Lobins traced the history of Flatirons' first well, which was permitted Jan. 10, 2011, and drilled in February.

During the drilling process, Flatirons pierced the freshwater aquifer and interrupted the water flow of the authority's Well No. 5, an artesian well, for 29 hours. More...

Anne N. Beyer, 73, of Columbus, OH, formerly of Gifford , PA

Anne N. Beyer, 73, of Columbus, OH, formerly of Gifford passed away, Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at Select Specialty Hospital in Columbus, OH.

Born June 19, 1938, in Bradford, she was a daughter of the late Millard A. and Hester G. (Geer) Niver.

On February 9, 1963 at the First Methodist Church in Wasbash, IN, she married Donald G. Beyer who died on March 31 2010.

Mrs. Beyer was a 1956 graduate of Bradford High School and also graduated in 1960 with a Registered Nurses degree from Reading Hospital School of Nursing. She was a nurse for over 50 years. She started working in hospitals and ended her career with a passion to help with the care of the elderly in skilled nursing homes. She was an accomplished artist and enjoyed painting and ceramics. She also had hobbies of sewing and needle work.

She was a former member of the Gifford United Methodist Church.

Surviving are two sons Mark (Kim) Beyer of Johnstown, OH, and David (Robin) Beyer of Canal Winchester, OH; two sisters, Martha Clever of Cambridge Springs, and Kathy M. Keyes of Dallas, TX; two brothers, Millard B. Niver of Navarre, OH, and Lewis E. Niver of Portville, NY, four grandchildren; Ashley, Ryan, Abigail and Rachel and several nieces and nephews.

Family will be receiving friends on Monday, February 27, 2012, from 4:00 to 6:00PM in the Hollenbeck-Cahill Funeral Homes, Inc. East Main Street, where funeral services will be held at 11:00AM on Tuesday, February 28th, with Rev. Max Miller, pastor of the Bradford Area Parish officiating. Committal services and burial will follow McKean Memorial Park.

Memorials, if desired, may be made to the Wycliffe Bible Translators, % Ken and Kathy Keyes, P.O. Box 628200, Orlando Fl, 32862.

On line condolences may be made at

Citizens & Northern Bank has donated two large murals

Citizens & Northern Bank has donated two large murals, painted by local Athens artist M. Louis Gore, to the Tioga Point Museum in Athens. The murals were painted by Mr. Gore specifically for the former Farmers National Bank, now the C&N office at 428 Main Street in Athens. They are approximately 14’ x 5’ and 13’ x 5’ and have hung in the Athens office since 1950 and 1951.

The murals were removed from the flood-damaged Athens C&N branch office Thursday morning. Workers from Naglee Fine Arts Moving and Storage of Elmira, NY. handled the mural removal and transported them to the museum where they will be temporarily housed in the manner recommended to best structurally support them. Museum Director Valerie Jacoski said museum officials hope to repair some minor damage before moving them to their permanent home on the stairwell wall leading up to the museum, located upstairs in the Athens Public Library.

“We’re very excited to receive these murals, which fit in so well with the quality of our other collections,” Jacoski said.

One mural was painted from Round Top looking south towards Milan, and the other was painted from Prospect Point (Sheshequin narrows) looking north towards Athens. The murals were damaged by flooding in 1972, causing the bottoms to bow. They were not adversely impacted by the September 2011 flooding, but the Athens office was severely damaged and is undergoing extensive renovation. C&N officials felt the murals should be moved to a safer location and knew the museum would be an excellent steward for them.

Ginger Reap, Athens branch manager, said the branch will retain a large mural of the old Athens Academy Mr. Gore donated to the bank on behalf of Farmers National Bank President Stanley Burns and a self-portrait of Mr. Gore in Paris donated to the bank by his niece. The Athens office is expected to re-open this spring.

M. Louis Gore died in December, 1967 at the age of 90. A member of one of Bradford County’s first families, he studied art in Paris and did sketching and painting in France, England and Scotland. His murals and paintings are featured in many public buildings and homes throughout the Valley area. He was also an accomplished photographer.

The 117-year-old Tioga Point Museum ( is located in the Spalding Memorial Building. It houses an extensive collection of rare and historic items, including original George Washington and Abraham Lincoln signatures, an extraordinary rare book collection with elaborately decorated bindings, Revolutionary and Civil War collections, local and non-local Native American exhibits, portraits of early Valley settlers and many souvenirs from local residents who traveled the world. The museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon to 8 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Possible abduction attempt in Cuba

Possible abduction attempt in Cuba
Police in Cuba are looking for help from the public finding a white male in an older model two-door Jeep who may have tried to abduct an elementary school student on Valentine’s Day in Cuba.

Police Chief Dustin Burch said a 12-year-old girl was approached by a man 45-50 years old with red hair and a beard…just a block from school. Police say he attempted to lure the girl to his vehicle. The 12-year old ran away and told her parents.

Cuba police traced leads and searched the area…then a similar abduction attempt in Ellicottville this week caught their attention…but Chief Burch said the suspect descriptions don’t match…so he turned to the media for help…anyone with information should contact the Cuba PD.
Posted by WVTT News Radio

EPA Administrator Jackson Supports Hydraulic Fracturing

EPA Administrator Jackson
Supports Hydraulic Fracturing
Lisa Jackson waded further into the gas wars in an appearance in New Jersey, where she both supported state regulation of hydraulic fracturing and said: "I believe fracking as a technology is perfectly capable of being clean. But it requires people who are doing it and the innovators who create technology to make sure it be done right." Her words stirred critical comments at the paper and challenge those who wish to ban the practice or federalize regulation.

Meanwhile, in Houston at the Winter NAPE conference, various speakers in the oil and gas industry turned the conference into a session of bashing President Obama.

Perhaps someone at NAPE thanked Lisa Jackson for her support of hydraulic fracturing, when it is the object of concerted attack. Or perhaps someone at NAPE thanked Lisa Jackson and the President for their support for both the Cross State Air Pollution and the Air Toxic Rule that will increase natural gas demand more than any other policy decision and that have been attacked rabidly by Congressional Republicans.

Right now, the biggest problem facing the gas industry is not production but demand for gas. It is too low, given the huge supplies. President Obama has done more to support using more gas than any other President ever.

While the President's administration is being attacked from both the Ban Fracking and Drill Baby Drill camps, even though US gas production is at record levels and oil production is rising, the President's poll ratings today are strong and getting stronger. Possibly most Americans are in the middle of the road--not comfortable with loud extremes.

Posted by John Hanger at Facts of the Day

New 911 Dispatch Center For Elk & Cameron Counties

Elk County 911/ Emergency Services moved into their new quarters Wednesday and settled in with a busy day on Thursday.

Ribbon cutting for the new 911 Center on Montmorenci in Ridgway will be on March 19, 2012, at 1400 hours. An open house will be held in April for those who would like to tour the Center. Details will be furnished as they become available.

The center was previously located in a house on Boot Jack Hill for over 20 years. The center dispatches fire, police and EMS calls for Elk and Cameron Counties.

Stay tuned! Click the photo to see more on the Elk 911 Facebook Page.

Photo courtesy Mt. Jewett Echo.

Accident Near 204 Rt. 16 In Knapp's Creek

Otto Township Ambulance Dispatched To Crash
At 9:42 am on Friday, Otto Township Ambulance has been dispatched mutual aid to Rt. 16 in Knapps Creek to assist Knapp's Creek Ambulance with an MVA at that location.

Penn State DuBois, High School Students Collect Items for Injured Veterans

Penn State DuBois, High School Students Collect Items for Injured Veterans

DuBOIS – This month, Occupational Therapy (OT) students at Penn State DuBois doubled down on service projects while also gaining some valuable experience in their field. The students collected comfort items to donate to injured veterans at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Erie. Then, to assemble care packages with the items, the Penn State students enlisted the help of Life Skills students from DuBois Area High School. The Life Skills program is made up of young people with developmental challenges, ages 14 through 21. Overall, the project benefits the veterans who will receive the packages, the Life Skills students who had the experience of helping with the project, and the Penn State students who had the opportunity use their education to guide the high schoolers through preparing the care packages.

Beginning in early February, OT students placed donation boxes around campus to collect items for injured veterans who are currently hospitalized, who don’t have the resources to obtain the items themselves. They asked for things like shaving cream, tooth paste, tooth brushes, combs, hand sanitizer, and other comfort or personal hygiene items.

"We did this to give back to people who have served our country," said OT instructor LuAnn Demi. "It's important for students to see that there's a lot to do beyond doing your job; that you should reach out and help others in the community."

The OT students said they did learn that lesson, through working with the Life Skill students, and by knowing they will provide comfort to veterans. Student Chelsea Rearick of Byrnedale said, "It makes us realize why we're here, and that we can really help people."

Rearick also said the experience provided valuable insight for the careers that lie ahead of the students. She said, "I think that everything we do like this helps prepare us. In the medical field, you never know what you'll encounter from day to day."

Classmate Stacy Otto of Curwensville agreed, saying, "This has given me a lot of help preparing for what I'll see when I graduate. I'm dealing with people and really loosening up around them. It's good practice."

According to Gretchen Clark, a Life Skills teacher at the high school, arrangements like this are working for everybody.

"Some of the Life Skills students do receive occupational or physical therapy, so these Penn State students get the opportunity to work with people who have the kind of disabilities that they might work with in the future. Our students also have a great time coming to the campus, working on project like this, and having this interaction. It's great for our kids in and the Penn State students."

Photo: Penn State DuBois OT student Anita Johnston, of Punxsutawney (left), works to assemble care packages for veterans with DuBois Area High School Life Skills student Courtney Huey.

Accident Reported On Rt. 66 South of Kane

MVA On Rt. 66 In Highland Township
At 1:35 am on Friday, Kane Ambulance has been dispatched to Rt. 66 in Highland Township for a report of a MVA.

Girl Scout Celebration Sunday At Sweden Valley

Girl Scout cookie sale this Saturday @ Sheetz

Girl Scout cookie sale this Saturday @ Sheetz
What can a cookie do? Girl Scout cookies help girls do great things!

Girl Scout Brownie and Daisy Troop #21980 will be selling Girl Scout cookies at Sheetz in Coudersport Saturday February 25th from 12:00 - 4:00.

We have 8 varieties- The classics; Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos and Trefoils. The crisp oat & cranberry Thank You Berry Munch, sweet Dulce De Leche, and the all new lemon Savannah Smiles (ask for a free sample).

Our troop is looking forward to many fun and enriching activities including summer camp, an overnight zoo experience and 100th anniversary celebration.

With this year's cookie sale, not only does your purchase help the scouts, but also empowers them to help others. As we learned about philanthropy and addressing needs within our community the girls decided to raise money for Teacher's pet rescue. A portion of our troop proceeds will be donated to our local no-kill shelter. In addition, we are holding a pet supply drive- collecting items that the dogs at Teacher's Pet Rescue may need (blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, treats & toys).

Hope to see you there!

Hazels Auto Sales On Rt. 44 In Hebron Center, PA

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Check Out The Used Equipment At BG's Engine Clinic In Roulette

Help Wanted In Coudersport & Galeton Areas

Kathleens Vintage Gifts In Port Allegany

Kathleen's Vintage Gifts

Now Open In Port Allegany
On Main Street in Former Take 2 Video Location

Kathleen's Vintage Gifts
Now Open In Port Allegany



Multiple Cars & Trucks Off The Road Due To Ice

Slippery Road Conditions are making it difficult for vehicles to stay on the roadway. If you don't have to go--Best to stay home. Multiple accidents are reported throughout the area.

Port Allegany has been dispatched for a vehicle blocking the roadway on Route 6. REPORT PICKUP UNABLE TO MOVE DUE TO ICY ROAD.

Disabled Tractor Trailer On Rt. 219

Disabled Tractor Trailer On Rt. 219
At 12:15 am on Friday, Mt. Jewett Fire Dept. has been dispatched to Rt. 219 near the Lafayette Township line for traffic control for a disabled tractor trailer.


Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1-800-652-0562

Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1-800-652-0562

crisishotlinePotter County Human Services has established a toll-free telephone service available 24/7 for anyone in need of mental health services. The “hotline” at 1-800-652-0562 was established to provide prompt, professional and coordinated services to those experiencing a mental health emergency, needing someone to talk to about a personal crisis, or feeling depressed or suicidal. Mental Health Director Melissa Gee discussed the new “hotline” as guest speaker at the Feb. 23 meeting of the Potter County Board of Commissioners.

Potter County Human Services contracted with Clarion Psychiatric Center to assure a qualified first point of contact for callers. After an assessment, the caller is then directed to specific service providers, which could range from law enforcement and drug/alcohol intervention to child protective services and emergency medical personnel. Gee explained that referrals can also be made for homelessness, eating disorders, domestic violence services, in-patient mental health hospitalization and suicide prevention services.

Gee advises Potter County residents to place the toll-free number near each telephone in their homes. Anyone with questions should contact Melissa Gee at 1-800-800-2560 or 544-7315.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slippery Roads Reported

Slippery Roads Reported
At 11:51 pm on Thursday, Emergency responders in Elk County and State Police at Ridgway are reporting extremely slippery road conditions in that area.

Deadline Nears for Conservation Grant Program

Deadline Nears for Conservation Grant Program

Deadline approaches to submit project proposals under the the 2012 Northeast Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) Grant Program. Proposals must be submitted by March 1

The RCN grant program is sponsored by the Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (NEAFWA). More information about the program can be found at:

No Injury In Marsh Creek Road Crash

A Mills resident was not hurt Thursday morning when his 1994 Ford F-150 went off SR 1010 in Harrison Township and struck a utility pole.

Carl R. Hand, 53, of Mills, PA, was traveling east on Marsh Creek Road in Harrison Township when his pickup hit a slush spot in the road which pulled the vehicle into a small ditch on the right side of the roadway. The truck exited the ditch, crossed the westbound lane and struck a utility pole.

Trooper Mark A. VanVolkenburg said Hand was wearing his seat belt and was not injured. No charges are being filed.

Firefighters Called To Search Reservoir Area/Recover Fisherman's Body

Cross Streets: LAUREL MILL RD
2/23/2012 10:08:53 PM

Ridgway firefighters have been conducting a search-recovery operation since being dispatched at 9:15 pm. They are reported to be looking for an ice fisherman who failed to return.

State Police, Ridgway Police and the coroner were called to the scene at about 11:30 pm after the body of Leslie Haas, 64, of Ridgway was recovered from the water. He had apparently fallen through the ice between noon and 6 PM.

Truck Into Pole In Mt. Jewett

MVA On Main Street In Mt. Jewett
At 10:08 pm on Thursday, Mount Jewett Fire Rescue & Ambulance have been dispatched to Main Street near the Pizza Shop for a truck into a pole MVA.

On scene reporting one occupant self extricated. Unknown injuries.

Gabler Calls for Moratorium on Injection Wells; Asks for Further Examination

Gabler Calls for Moratorium on Injection Wells; Asks for Further Examination

State Representative Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk) is backing legislation that would place a two-year moratorium on the drilling of any new wells used for disposal of oil and gas waste. He is also calling for the prevention of any new wells drilled after Jan. 1 of this year from accepting any oil or gas waste during the moratorium.

“My primary concern is the safety of our citizens, and in particular, the residents of Brady Township, where there is talk of constructing a new injection well.” Gabler said. “We need to make sure the Federal government and our state Department of Environmental Protection are ‘on the same page,’ in order to ensure that our citizens and our water supplies are protected.”

The bill would require new injection wells to maintain setbacks from private and public water supplies, trout streams and High Quality/Exceptional Value waterways.

“I believe this is a very responsible step to take,” added Gabler. “Recent cases in Ohio have provoked discussion on this topic, and we need to pause and closely examine the process to make sure new wells do not place Pennsylvanians at risk or damage our infrastructure. Under this legislation, our job creators and energy producers will continue to recycle and treat wastewater, and will still have existing sites available for disposal activities. Furthermore, I believe that the future success of the industry will be dependent upon recycling and treatment of wastewater, rather than the deep injection of these fluids.”

More information on this or any other legislative topic may be obtained by contacting Gabler through his website,

No Injuries In Early Morning Crash On Thursday.

Three Cyclone residents were unhurt in a two vehicle crash Friday morning at 6:00 AM at the intersection of SR59 and SR3009.

Trooper Daniel J. Woods, of the Kane Barracks, who investigated, said in a news release that the accident occurred
as Brian A. Frontino, 43, of Cyclone, PA was driving a 2005 Mack CV 713 west on Rt. 59. Bonnie M. Lechiara, 49, was
driving a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, also traveling west on Rt.59 following the Mack. Frontino slowed his truck to make a left turn onto SR 3009 when Lechiara passed him on the left, striking the plow portion of the truck.

Christopher Kohler, 36, of Cyclone, was a passenger in the Monte Carlo. Everyone was wearing seatbelts and no one was injured in the crash. The Monte Carlo suffered moderate damage to the right side.

Lechiara was issued a citation for over taking a vehicle on the left within 100 feet of an intersection.

Police Investigate Criminal Mischief

A Criminal Mischief incident on an oil lease road off of Lindholm Rd. in Hamlin Township, McKean County, that occurred between 2-21-12 and 2-23-12 is under investigation by State Police in Kane.

Trooper Mary Gausman said in a news release that the incident occurred when unknown actor(s) damaged the cross rails and lock of a gate owned by Quail Energy of Mt. Gilead, Oh. which blocks an oil lease road.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please call the PSP Kane at 814-778-5555