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Friday, January 18, 2013

$400,000. In Grants Awarded To Area Fire/EMS Providers

Causer Announces Local Fire, Ambulance Grants

BRADFORD – Volunteer fire and emergency response organizations in Cameron, McKean and Potter counties have been awarded more than $400,000 in grants from the state, Rep. Martin Causer (R-Turtlepoint) announced today.

“We have so many dedicated volunteers who willingly give of their time to respond to emergencies and serve our communities, and I am very grateful to them for their work,” Causer said. “I am pleased we were able to expand this year’s grant program to better support them in their mission of protecting the public.”

Last fall, lawmakers voted to both extend and expand the decade-old program by increasing the total grant funding from $25 million to $30 million. The new law also provided financial assistance to some paid municipal fire companies, such as the City of Bradford Fire Department.

The funding comes from an ongoing grant program created by the Legislature and administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner. All funding comes from the proceeds from slot machine gaming, and not general fund tax revenue.

Since its inception, the program has provided more than $3.2 million in funding to fire and ambulance companies in the three-county area. Projects eligible for funding include: construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training, or reduction of existing debt.

Following is a list of local fire and ambulance companies and the amount of their grant awards:

Cameron County
  • Cameron County Ambulance Service Inc., Emporium – $6,651.49.
  • Emporium Fire Department Inc., Emporium – $11,500.
  • Mountaineer Search and Rescue, Emporium – $11,500.
  • Sinnamahoning Volunteer Fire Department, Sinnamahoning – $11,500.

McKean County
  • Bradford City Fire Department, Bradford – $12,954.87
  • Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bradford – $13,116.29.
  • Corydon Township Volunteer Fire Department, Bradford – $11,500.
  • Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department, Derrick City – $11,500.
  • Eldred Borough Volunteer Fire Department Inc., Eldred – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,500 for fire company operations.
  • Eldred Township Volunteer Fire Department, Eldred – $11,661.42.
  • Hilltop Volunteer Fire Department Inc., Cyclone – $11,500.
  • Kane Volunteer Fire Department, Kane – $11,500.
  • Lafayette Township Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis Run – $11,661.42.
  • Lewis Run Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis Run – $11,822.84.
  • Ludlow Volunteer Fire Department, Ludlow – $11,500.
  • Mount Jewett Area Ambulance Association, Mount Jewett – $6,651.49.
  • Mount Jewett Fire Department, Mount Jewett – $11,661.42.
  • Otto Township Volunteer Fire Department, Duke Center – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,500 for fire company operations.
  • Port Allegany Fire Department-Star Hose Company No. 1, Port Allegany – $13,116.29.
  • Rew Volunteer Fire Department, Rew – $11,822.84.
  • Smethport Fire Department, Smethport – $10,118.

Potter County
  • Austin Volunteer Fire Department, Austin – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,500 for fire company operations.
  • Coudersport Volunteer Ambulance Association, Coudersport – $6,651.49.
  • Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department, Coudersport – $11,500.
  • Gale Hose Company No. 1 Inc., Galeton – $6,651.49.
  • Genesee Volunteer Fire Department, Genesee – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,661.42 for fire company operations.
  • Goodyear Hose Company No. 1, Galeton – $11,500.
  • Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Company, Harrison Valley – $11,601.14.
  • Kettle Creek Ambulance Association, Cross Fork – $6,651.49.
  • Kettle Creek Hose Company No. 1, Cross Fork – $11,500.
  • Roulette Chemical Engine Company No. 1, Roulette – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,500 for fire company operations.
  • Shinglehouse Volunteer Fire Department, Shinglehouse – $6,651.49 for EMS operations; $11,822.84 for fire company operations.
  • Tri-Town Fire Company, Ulysses – $11,984.95.


Anonymous said...

Hope Austin uses the money wisely !

Mike Bacon said...

The money will go towards the principal on the tanker loan the same as it has in the past couple of years. Other years this money was used to purchase a thermal imaging camera and an utv with a trailer. Both items have more than paid for themselves. In the past both items were called in with mutual aide some 20 to 30 minutes away. Since you’re so quick to criticize what do you suggest the money go to.

Anonymous said...

What no EMS money for tri-town?

Anonymous said...

It nice to see moNew given to the countys up north and just giving grants to the big city's now only if the government would see that many of the companys in North need new building to house the equipment

DT DAVE said...

Anonymous (Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 10:30:00 AM EST) said:
...need new building to house the equipment

The City of Bradford's 2 Fire Stations(Central & East) are so OLD that the 10 year old "Tower 1" - 70 foot Pumper/Ladder - couldn't Fit without Raising the Stone Lintel several feet Higher! The Chestnut (historical brick) Street is so Narrow that the Rookies have to Practice, Practice, Practice just to Back Up the Truck & NOT Scrape/HIT the Bay Walls! The Central Fire Station NEEDS To Be REPLACED...should have happened Years Ago! THANK YOU, Rep. Causer!

Anonymous said...

Yea I here u Bradford I know Genesee pa could use a new one they out grew there they have a truck they have to park in another building and coudersport could use one to I think causer should walk in the fire departments and see for himself what us northern departments have to work with for storage of fire equipment

Anonymous said...

What a shame that our government still caves to the fire company lobbyists who say they need the money more than ambulance companies. Call volume, the ambulance run way more calls over more distance every year than the fire companies. With Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement falling every year, ambulances need help to keep their doors open. If Galeton's ambulance goes belly up, would you want to wait for Coudersport or Wellsboro to come if you were having a heart attack or major trauma? Thank Heaven that Ken Wingo is out there getting us grants so that Gale Hose can stay open and serving our community.