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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buchsenschultz Charged Again With Scam

A Harrison Valley man has been charged with Theft By Deception again by State Police when another man came forward after being scammed.

Robert Lance Buchsenschultz, 66, of 220 Lot 1, Iva-Gen Rd., Harrison Valley, PA, is accused by State Police with scamming Clifton Wayne Saulter of Peet BrookRoad, Coudersport, PA, out of $50.00.

Trooper Matthew Montag, said Buchsenschultz approached Saulter at his residence on January 8 at 9:00 AM and asked for money to help bury his wife who had recently died. Saulter gave Buchsenschultz $50. Saulter later discovered it was a scam and that Buchsenschultz had done this several times before.

Buchsenschultz will be charged with one count of Theft by Deception (M3).

Buchsenschultz was previously charged in January with scamming two men with the same ruse for $60.00 on Pusher Siding Road.


Anonymous said...

We were suckers for this guy too when he came to our home and said his wife had just died and he needed $40 to open her grave for burial- Tom gave it to him and after he left Tom said "Ya know- he didn't look very sad"- but he sure gave us a story about how they'd been married for 35 years and he'd sat beside her for months at Roswell until she passed away. when we read about the two Ulysses men we contacted the State Police

Anonymous said...

Was he charged with anything ???

Anonymous said...

That was my uncle who got scammed!!! I wished i could have been there when this idiot did this, i guarentee, Mr. Buchsenschultz would be running for his life, i would have taken him down and hog tie him till the police showed up, what a crook, GET A JOB MR. B when your butt gets out of jail!!!!!

Anonymous said...

post 11:46 he was also my uncle. it is very sad that people over that way in genesee and ulysses, gotta steal. i do not have mercy on buchsenschultz,i would of done more than hog tied him. put him in pasture with a bull. taking advantage of people is bull shit. i just wonder.

Anonymous said...

He was my uncle too. He's also my cousin and half brother. Back in the day he used to sit on the porch with his brother, who also happened to be his uncle, and play banjos. What a time that was. Was a little too familiar with the chickens but hey nobody is perfect.