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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'll say it again

Good by old friend
You’ve got gas
With this disease
You can not last

100 years ago
you gave us your pine
your hemlock and even some oil
Somehow you survived
Though we scared your soils.
This country was built from your uncommon wealth.
With no regard for your beauty or your health

You brought forth great hardwoods that loomed
Generating jobs with a second timber boom.
We have finally learned sustainable ways
To harvest your timber for years to come
Although some still to practice harvesting dumb

We’ve sunk our plow deep in your soil
Harvested crops from your hillsides and flats
Poisoned your water to accomplish that.

You’re an uncommon lady with riches abound
But now they have discovered gas in the ground
They are pumping poison deep in your bowels
For profits untold and good jobs for all are gold diggers howl

The poison comes back to the top with a gush
And down your valley and rivers the poison will rush
When it’s all over and the butchers a gone
I’m afraid this time you won’t last long

With out a doubt I will go first
But you old friend will suffer the worst
Your death will be slow it will not be fast



Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me. Your soils.
And yes, you DID scare me. Frightened me until my dil drifted far away from my dine.

Unknown said...

Very powerful and so sadly
true! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the guy from Nantucket???

c. said...

Sounds like Vogon poetry.

Anonymous said...

I am the man from Nantucket.

Anonymous said...

Just keep listening to fracknation and the drillers, there's nothing wrong with what they're doing, it won't pollute or harm anything.
Why listen to the people who live where they're drilling? Those people are whiners, what, with their tall tales of bad water and houses blowing up. Those things only happen to a small (10-40) percentage of homeowners.
So what if they light up Cherry Springs, the stars aren't going anywhere. Come back and look when they got all the gas out!
Don't worry about all the out-of-staters coming here to drill, party, stab, and otherwise harrass the locals, it's making some politicians rich!

Anonymous said...

Good "BYE"

Anonymous said...

This is routinely published and I'll be real honest with you. It sucks...

Anonymous said...

WE DO NOT live in the GARDEN of EDEN Anymore...GOD gave US these Natural Resources for a reason...

Anonymous said...

As you sit downstate and enjoy the benefits of gas but you dont have to live here with the negative impacts right?

Anonymous said...

Tree Huggers!!!

Anonymous said...

Freakin water drinkers!!! Think they own the world!

Anonymous said...

When you drillers move on and leave us I wonder where you will go to find clean drinking and cooking water, not to mention bathing and laundry and the thousands of other things we take clean water for granted. We have the headwaters of 3 rivers in this area and that water doesn't just sit here it flows south to cities and the Mississippi River and all the areas that covers. So next time you think getting rich is ok because it doesn't matter how it affects the rest of us, just stop to think some of those may be you daughters, sons, grandchildren, mothers and fathers. If we listened more to each other and tried to help one another maybe our government could get it right as well.